Cube optics - AG France IX - 30 Septembre 2011


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Presentation done by Cube Optics, one of France IX's suppliers in WDM modules, during the IXP's general assembly in September 2011.

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Cube optics - AG France IX - 30 Septembre 2011

  1. 1. Good Things Come in Small Cubes Cube Optics Assemblée Générale France-IX 30 septembre 2011 VO0030_2.0 16.06.2010
  2. 2. Page 2 CONFIDENTIAL Cube Optics: Transport Solutions Provider Headquartered in Mainz (Germany) Presence in US, CA, France, IL, ES, SE, NL, NR, IT, UK, JP, SL, AT, MX, PR, PT, … Only EU fiber-optical component and WDM system manufacturer Access and Transmission Solutions for OEMs and Network Operators
  3. 3. Page 4 CONFIDENTIAL CUBO’s Product Portfolio Engineered Components for OEMs Access Network Solutions for Operators Passive components Active components Passive Transport Solutions Active Transport Solutions CWDM / DWDM /  Multi-lambda detectors  Passive W/C/DWDM systems  Active transport solutions for WWDM / LAN-WDM for T&M for rack mounting, splice metro core to long haul with Customized lambda enclosures or line cards, highly optional amplification  4x10 Gbps CWDM ROSA grids customizable & TOSA  Conversion, Repeaters, Ultra-compact, OSP  Full suit of Transceivers, as well Aggregation  4x25 Gbps LAN-WDM 3rd party compatible Couplers, switches, ROSA & TOSA  Metro Access Demarcation attenuators, etc.  PON Solutions Private labeled line  Consulting, Network Planning cards, modules and  Installation, Provisioning assemblies  Service and Support
  4. 4. Page 5 CONFIDENTIAL Technical expertise and strengths Technical expertise:  Network design  Network Integration  Network Services  Optical design  Thin Film Filter specifications Our strengths: based on a patented  Micro injection molding manufacturing process for WDM components  Ultra precision engineering  Very compact components  Passive fiber assembly  No assembly material in optical path  Automated production  high performance  Passive assembly  low labor to capital ratio, enabling competitive manufacturing in Europe  “Lego-like” injection molds  ability to customize products even at low Fiber in passive assembly structure volumes
  5. 5. Page 7 CONFIDENTIAL CWDM TOSA & ROSA 4x10 Gbps for QSFP  4x10Gbps CWDM TOSA & ROSA TIA for QSFP Transceivers TIA  Including optical mux, demux, laser, TIA detectors, laser drivers and limiting TIAs TIA  Complies to IEEE 802.3ba and QSFP Multisource-Agreement LDD LDD LDD 4 Channel CWDM TOSA LDD & ROSA inside of 40G LR4 QSFP Transceiver
  6. 6. Page 8 CONFIDENTIAL Applications  Dark Fiber Metro Access / Core Networks  Passive WDM Transport Solutions and Transceivers  Reach Extension / Media Conversion  10G Transport for Metro Core to Long Haul Networks  Passive and Active Transport Solutions  Aggregation, Media Conversion, Protocol Conversion  Ethernet overlay on legacy SDH Networks  Dark l-lease  FTTx  Direct Ethernet and PON solutions  CATV overlay for PON or Direct Ethernet networks  xWDM in point-to-point FTTx structures
  7. 7. Page 10 CONFIDENTIAL Network Cubes : systèmes WDM passifs Très large gamme de multiplexeurs C/DWDM passifs (> 600 références)  Système modulaire : chassis 1U 2 ou 4 emplacements + modules C/DWDM  Densité la plus élevée du marché, profondeur réduite (12 cm), 19” / ETSI  Connecteurs, contenants, structure de multiplexage, performance optique totalement personnalisables même en série limitée  Contenants : cassettes Tyco, fermes 3M, modules LGX, chassis divers…  Multiplexage : taps, mixtes C/DWDM et WDM/PON, ports d’extension, double étage, 1:N-p:N, …  Produits certifiés Telcordia (-40 / +85 °C)
  8. 8. Page 11 CONFIDENTIAL Transceivers All formats (GBIC, SFP, XFP, XENPAK, X2, SFP+, QSFP+, CFP, CXP…) All data rates and protocols (SDH, Ethernet, Fiber Channel up to 120 Gbps) “Grey” and “colored” (CWDM, DWDM, customized), Industrial Temp Ranges Customization to be compatible with 3rd party switches, routers, DSLAMs etc. Extensive transceiver qualification and test capabilities: BERT, Laser Rise / Fall times, Stressed Sensitivity Tests, Stressed Eyes (Optical and Electrical Input and Output Eyes), up to 100 Gbps, over temp ranges up to –40 to 85°C, accelerated aging at humidity and 10°C/min temp cycling ramps
  9. 9. Page 12 CONFIDENTIAL Sujet du jour : overlays 40G / 100G  40G / 100G technology is appearing on the market and growing  40G / 100G LR4/ER4 modules for 1310nm transmission are coming  40G / 100G services have to be integrated with solutions with existing 1.25 ... 10G services
  10. 10. Page 13 CONFIDENTIAL Setup: 40G / 100G with C/DWDM overlay  New 40G / 100G technology can be transported over 1310nm channel  Overlay of up to 40 standard 10G over C/DWDM (or lower-rate services)  Up to 500 Gbps  Rack space only 1 HU per site
  11. 11. Page 14 CONFIDENTIAL New product for 500 Gbps transmission  40G / 100G with 40ch DWDM overlay  New DWDM MUX-40+1310 Unit (C-2481-Rev.A)  Based on (athermal) AWG technology  Enables transport of up to 500Gbps on one fiber pair > Up to 100Gbps over 1310nm + … > … Up to 400Gbps over DWDM  Other relevant products include:  40G / 100G with CWDM overlay > C-1708_Rev.B CWDM-MUX-4+1310 > C-1706_Rev.A CWDM-MUX-4+EXP+1310 > C-1651_Rev.B CWDM-MUX-8+1310  40G / 100G with DWDM overlay > C-2401_Rev.A DWDM-MUX-8+1310
  12. 12. Page 15 CONFIDENTIAL Cube Optics : votre partenaire WDM de long terme • Maîtrise complète de la chaîne de production • Personnalisation totale des produits et de la solution • Des experts mondiaux de l’optique pour les télécoms • Fournisseur des plus grands fabricants de transceivers • Fournisseur de très nombreux opérateurs de réseaux, du plus grand au plus petit • Outil industriel de conception, de développement, de test et de fabrication de composants et systèmes optiques • A votre service • Accompagnement dès la conception de votre projet • Support avant-vente / après-vente • Conception de solutions
  13. 13. Page 16 CONFIDENTIAL Contact us! A votre disposition pour plus d’information, votre contact en France : Thierry SAMAMA +33 6 76 34 64 86 @Cubo_France