NESC ARRA Funded Fiber


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A presentation to the Minnesota Broadband Task Force meeting Oct 2013 in Windom MN

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NESC ARRA Funded Fiber

  1. 1. Northeast Service Cooperative Northeast Minnesota Middle Mile Fiber Project
  2. 2. Middle Mile  The Northeast Service Cooperative designed a broadband infrastructure project, called the Northeast Middle Mile Fiber Project, to make dark fiber, wavelength services available to the public sector and to private sector technology service providers in unserved and underserved rural areas of Northeast Minnesota.
  3. 3. Project Facts  Developed and deployed by the Northeast Service Cooperative  $43 federal investment in Northeast Minnesota (50/50 Grant/Loan)  915 miles of fiber optic cable  14 Optical Transport Network Facilities throughout the region.  Anchors connected with a minimum Gigabit (1000Mbps) Connectivity and up to 10Gbps  2.8 Terabit current core switching capacity using DWDM technology.
  4. 4. Project Map
  5. 5. Fiber Optic Backbone  The Northeast Minnesota Middle Mile Fiber  Project expands into eight counties in  northeastern Minnesota including: St. Louis,  Lake, Cook, Pine, Itasca, Aitkin, Koochiching and Carlton.  The network is designed to provide redundancy and extend connectivity to underserved and unserved areas.
  6. 6. Project Facts  Connects about 250 critical service sites across the region including:  3 sovereign nations  18 college and university sites  8 counties  18 independent school districts  25 health care facilities  26 community libraries  More than 150 state, county and city sites including Duluth and St. Louis County
  7. 7. Regional Fiber Project NSAs – Share of Total Project
  8. 8. Project Facts  Construction will span at least 3 seasons involving 9 regional subcontractors and providing hundreds of seasonal construction jobs at prevailing wages  Scheduled for substantial completion (90%) by November 15, 2013  Full Completion by end of 2014
  9. 9. Last-Mile Connectivity  Long term (20+ year) carrier level public/private partnerships  Agreements are in the form of; joint construction, capacity exchange and Indefeasible Right of Use (IRU).  Allow for extension of cost effective fiber based service to both commercial private business and potential future residential customers.  Private partners include; Frontier Communications , ACS and Compudyne with others pending.  Public partners include ; AEC-Cook County (USDA) and Merit Networks (NTIA)
  10. 10. Planning Goals for NESC  Primary:  Complete construction/connections for the broadband project. Final completion of the USDA project in 2014.  Address immediate requests by current members for network expansion  Network service and support  Continue to Expand both Public/Private Partnerships  Full operations of regional NAP Exchange with connections to MPLS, Chicago and Canada.
  11. 11. Planning Goals for NESC  Secondary:  LAN consulting, design and engineering including cabling integration and deployment and mobile/wireless solution design and deployment  Equipment inventory for purchase, lease, service and support beyond the core  Identify shared resources, best practices and economies of scale in technology among all members of the regional network  Identify and serve new members in the regional network.
  12. 12. Planning Goals for NESC  Tertiary:  Virtualization deployment and management  Data, server and application hosting, storage, transport, licensing and security  Integrated communications at the site, in the community and across the region (distance
  13. 13. Project Questions?  Contact:  Paul Brinkman, Chief Executive Officer  218-748-7603,  Lyle MacVey, Chief Technology Officer  218-748-7623,  Melissa Cox, Communications Coordinator  218-748-7603,