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Application Note: Broadband Backhaul


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Application Note: Broadband Backhaul

  1. 1. BROADBAND BACKHAUL THE FIBER SERVICE PLATFORM The continuously increasing demand for next-generation broadband services in support of new web applications in both residential and The FSP product family provides comprehensive Optical+Ethernet business sectors is driving service providers to heavily invest in evolving networking solutions for access, first-mile access technologies. Expanding their broadband services metro core and regional networks. portfolio is seen as a major business opportunity for many carriers, ADVA Optical Networking is focused challenging access providers to leverage existing physical transmission on the needs of enterprise and service provider customers deploying data, media to the fullest extent. Across the spectrum on copper, coaxial cable, storage, voice and video applications. fiber or radio access, new technologies including VDSL2, DOCSIS 3.0, FTTx, WiMAX, HSPA and LTE are being adopted quickly to gain RELATED PRESS RELEASES competitive advantage in terms of bandwidth to the end user. ADVA Optical Networking’s solutions Bandwidth demand of residential users will inevitably continue to increase provide foundation for triple-play in the coming years, reaching the 100Mbit/s mark in both downstream explosion at Italy’s FASTWEB and upstream direction for efficiently supporting applications such as high-quality video distribution, peer-to-peer online gaming and remote ADVA Optical Networking expands Neuf Cegetel’s national broadband hosting of applications and storage. In the business segment, bandwidth network requirements will be even higher, reaching 1Gbit/s for medium sites and exceeding 10Gbit/s for larger corporate locations. In addition, various CERTIFICATIONS levels of service quality will need to be supported in order to enable cost- efficient business connectivity. The ADVA FSP is compliant with the following industry standards: Business challenges To remain competitive and profitable, service providers need cost- effective and scalable second mile transport network solutions enabling flexible backhaul of broadband services from access aggregation sites to service edge router locations. Service transparency, resiliency and the support of varying network topologies are key requirements. In addition, for WDM-enabled networks, optimizing wavelength utilization keeps costs low by efficiently using scarce fiber resources in the second mile network. With the growing amount of bandwidth and service complexity, special attention must be drawn to operational simplification which has a direct impact on reduction of network operating costs. Automatic service provisioning features combined with flexible node processing and rich OAM components for service monitoring and assurance allow network operators to significantly reduce complexity and effort in network operations. Consequent migration to a single converged technology platform for access and metro core transport networking also improves time-to-market and further reduces operational costs. Solution Next-generation optical networks based on ADVA Optical Networking’s Optical+Ethernet technology are the ideal solution for deploying cost- effective broadband backhaul networks, which will scale with the tremendous bandwidth growth expected over the next decade. The FSP 3000 WDM transport solution provides intelligent transport for any Ethernet service. Providing advanced sub-wavelength functionality, such as Gigabit Ethernet ADM capability, on top of a scalable and flexible C/DWDM optical layer, transparent Ethernet services can be cost-effectively aggregated and transported through the backhaul network. Pass-through, add/drop and drop-and-continue operation allows minimizing connection end points
  2. 2. ABOUT while preserving flexibility to access traffic at any location in the ADVA OPTICAL NETWORKING backhaul network. In addition to the Gigabit Ethernet ADM functionality, ADVA Optical Networking has implemented Layer 2 ADVA Optical Networking (FSE: Ethernet packet aggregation technology into the FSP 3000 WDM ADV) is a global provider of telecommunications equipment. system. This fully integrated packet transport solution allows further With innovative Optical+Ethernet increase in wavelength utilization via flexible and granular transport solutions, we build the aggregation. This capability represents an important cornerstone of foundation for high-speed, next- generation networks. Our FSP a seamless Optical+Ethernet backhaul network architecture. product family adds scalability and intelligence to our customers’ networks while removing complexity and cost. Thanks to reliable per- PCA-10G formance for more than 15 years, we have become a trusted partner for more than 200 carriers and 1 ..... 10 10,000 enterprises across the globe. Metro core TCA-4G ADVA AG Optical Networking Framer Campus Martinsried FTTCO Fraunhoferstrasse 9 a 82152 Martinsried / Munich ADSL Germany DSLAM FTTC ADVA Optical Networking North America, Inc. 5755 Peachtree Industrial Blvd. HFC VDSL Norcross, Georgia 30092 DSLAM USA ADVA Optical Networking (Shenzhen) Ltd. Room 901-917, Xi Hai Ming Zhu, Building F Taoyuan Road FTTB Nanshan District 518059 PR China Figure 1: Optical+Ethernet technology in broadband backhaul With the combination of sub-wavelength aggregation functions, the utilization of optical interfaces can thus be significantly increased, resulting in capital and operational savings due to the lower number FSP 3000 of wavelengths required. With its Optical+Ethernet technology, the ADVA Optical Networking’s FSP 3000 enables tight integration of backhaul networks into the Optical+Ethernet transport solution Carrier Ethernet domain from an aggregation and OAM perspective. is a modular WDM system specifically designed to maximize the bandwidth and service flexibility Benefits of access, metro core and regional The FSP 3000 Optical+Ethernet transport platform with integrated networks. The unique optical layer design of the FSP 3000 supports in- Ethernet ADM and aggregation functionality enables access network service CWDM to DWDM migration operators to deploy scalable and transparent broadband backhaul as well as the hybrid implementation networks. Total cost of ownership is minimized by: of static and dynamic photonic components, including :: Wire-speed Gigabit Ethernet aggregation onto 4Gbit/s and Reconfigurable Optical Add/Drop Multiplexers (ROADM). Integrated 10Gbit/s wavelengths for lowest transmission latency and Ethernet multiplexing and highest quality of service aggregation functionality provides the most cost-effective solution for :: Integrated 10GbE Layer 2 aggregation for optimal network packet optical transport. resource utilization and seamless integration into switch and router networks   :: Fast and automatic protection options for increased network availability with guaranteed quality of service :: Rich Optojack® and Etherjack® functionality for intelligent next-generation optical and Ethernet demarcation, including service monitoring and assurance :: A single platform solution for backhaul, metro core and regional networks for streamlined network operations through common operational processes, spares and network management :: Energy and space efficiency due to highly integrated design with flexible customization capability May 2009