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CV-English-Doan Anh Son

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CV-English-Doan Anh Son

  1. 1. Curriculum Vitae 1. PERSONAL PROFILE Full name : Doan Anh Son Date of Birth : 5th February 1979 Gender : Male Marital status : Married Nationality : Vietnamese E-mail : Address : Soc Son, Ha Noi Contact phone : 0975 6446 96 (Cell phone) 2. ABILITIES  Dynamic, enthusiastic, careful, creative, strategic- thinking.  Able to work independently and teamwork  Able to work both business and technic  Have knowledge about telecom – electronic and business job.  Able to work well even under pressure or on far mission.  Much experience working in foreign and manufacture companies 3. EDUCATION BACKGROUND QUALIFICATION 1997 - 2002 − Engineer of Telecom & Electronic. Major: Informatics and radiotelegraphy. Graduated from the University of Communications and Transport in 2002. 2009 - 2010 − Achieved ISO certificates as an auditor of Quality Management System 9001 and Environment Management System 14:001 − Have knowledge about Japanese working management tools such as PDCA, HORENSO, PROBLEM SOLVING, LEADERSHIP, etc 4. LANGUAGES & COMPUTER SKILLS Languages − English: good in communication, reading and writting Computer Skills − Very good at Microsoft Office and others 1
  2. 2. 5. WORKING EXPERIENCE 2002 – 2004 − Working time: Full-time − Company: BNP office equipment Co.,Ltd − Address: No 319, Tay Son str, Ha Noi − Positions: Project staff − Products: Office equipments Responsibilities:  Install office equipments such as Multimedia projector, Electronic board,...  Set up project and make quotation  Take care Customers 2004 – 2007 − Working time: Full-time − Company: Viettel Construction Company. − Address: No 68 Nguyen Hong Str, Ha Noi − Products: Telecom/Electric projects and Equipments − Positions: Sales Engineer Responsibilities:  Do the work with radio trunking systems, optical cable, telecom-electronic equipments and mobile-inbulding systems  Set up and build radio trunking systems  Find and carry out telecom/electric projects  Went almost areas in Vietnam for taking care telecom projects and making good relationship with Customers 2008 – May 2014 − Working time: Full-time − Company: Vietnam Nippon Seiki (Japanese). − Address: Noi Bai industrial zone, Soc Son, Ha Noi − Positions: Marketing – Assistant Manager − Products: Speedometers and Sensors Responsibilities:  Sell and do the work with Bike’s components  Develop New Models  Make out new models working plan for other sections  Leading other sections to follow master schedule of new product development  Coordinate with other sections to fulfill Customer’s requirement  Make quotation and control cost  Control delivery and feedback from Customers  Take care of Customers  Coordinate with brother companies in Japan, Europe, Thailand and Indonesia to specificate in Customer’s design to eliminate competitors  Working as a Window person between Customer and Mother company about product development  Control cost, saving activity, quality issue and delivery  Achievement: successfully to run new products smoothly so that can get Customer’s confidence then make sales expand year by year 2
  3. 3. May 2014 - Jul 2015 − Working time: Full-time − Company: Idemitsu Lube Vietnam (Japanese). − Address: Quang Minh industrial zone, Soc Son, Ha Noi − Positions: Sales & Marketing Assistant Manager − Products: Lubricant − Responsibilities:  Control and promote sale OEM team  Take care of Customers (Honda, Yamaha,…)  Promote sales in manufactures at industrial zones  Promote sales at retail channel; Support Distributors technical/quality issue and expand distribution system  Coordinate with other sections to fulfill Customer’s requirement  Achievement: Expand sales in Honda with 20% increased. Keep stale share (50%) in Yamaha Motor and build a system of manufacturing Customers and Distributors Oct 2015 - Present − Working time: Full-time − Company: Nitto Denko Tape Materials (Japanese). − Address: Thang Long industrial park, Dong Anh, Ha Noi − Positions: Sales & Marketing Manager − Products: Tape and Adhesive products − Responsibilities:  Leading sales and marketing department  Manage over 10 staff in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh sides  Take care manufacturers in some fields such as Industrial, Automotive, Electronic (Offiec/Home equipements), Mobile phone and Construction, etc  Be responsibility to ensure sales result achieving target  Create potential field and drive department following  Driving self-department to find new market, potential Customers and enhance competitive ability  Coordinate with brother companies in all South Asia to concentrate some big fields/big markets with common condition in the area  Achievement: Ensure sales result achieving target. Opening some new markets for compay such as Electric and Agriculture and Distribution channel 3

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