I've Installed Connections Now What?


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A presentation by Susan Bulloch from THE VIEW's Admin2013. This is a tip from Susan's presentation, focusing on how to engage your IBM Connections users.

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I've Installed Connections Now What?

  1. 1. I’ve Installed Connections, Now What? Susan Bulloch IBM © 2013 Wellesley Information Services. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. What We’ll Cover … • • • • • • Why are you here? Setting the ground rules Engaging your users Lead from any chair Making it fun Wrap-up 12
  3. 3. Engaging Your Users • • • Now we are talking adoption How do you get users to USE the product? Embed the product into the company If your management wants to be social, do it Example: IBM uses BluePages It lists business and contact information about employees It has been in use for decades All searches for people now default to Connections – Profiles Data was migrated That’s walking the talk! 13
  4. 4. Engaging Your Users (cont.) • • • • Customize the look and feel Add your corporate logos Add familiar and useful items from your existing intranet Then expose the new parts Make the components easy to find If you customized earlier versions of Connections: You’ll be re-creating the customizations We’re assuming you haven’t done this before Best practices recommendations are provided Link provided at the end 14
  5. 5. Engaging Your Users (cont.) • • The easiest and fastest way to engage users Have your executives go first This only works if it is authentic Executives are busy; they don’t have time to blog Use video blogs Easy, fast, and popular Use podcasts Make it easy for employees to know your executives You will get participation 15
  6. 6. Engaging Your Users (cont.) • • Executives need to take time to blog Employees will respond to executive blog postings It may take a while Make sure responses aren’t planted This has to be real! Try it Again, walk the talk 16
  7. 7. Engaging Your Users (cont.) • IBM Example CEO Ginny Rometty posts videos frequently They gets thousands of views She gets her message out 17
  8. 8. Engaging Your Users (cont.) • • Engage social leaders Communities is a great place to build – communities What do users get? Access to other people who do similar work Ideas for working better Files or References that provide better customer service Hire or assign Social roles Consider community managers They manage the human side of communities Enable everyone to use the system That’s what you want, isn’t it? 18
  9. 9. Engaging Your Users (cont.) • Evangelize The term sounds dated, but you need internal cheerleaders IBM calls it your Brand Army How does this work? You find the people who want to use the social networks Preferably ones who are good at it And you reward them Employees notice this And more of them participate • Before IBM had Connections, a few of us were out there blogging We all got extra points at review time No matter what our real job was 19
  10. 10. Engaging Your Users (cont.) • Mobilize The more devices you have your system on, the more it will be used Connections offers apps on every mobile platform 20
  11. 11. Engaging Your Users (cont.) • Recapping Your users have to trust your system Or it will never work The executives who sponsor the “Social” campaign have to play Large You need cheerleaders You can be one of them Other people in your company are ready to help Make it open, fair, and with rules everyone understands And rules that everyone follows 21