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Case study of Accenture


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It is a case study on the mini case of Accenture from the Philip Kotler book of Marketing Management.

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Case study of Accenture

  1. 1. Who are we? Accenture is one of the world’s leading management consulting, technology services and outsourcing organizations, with more than 246,000 employees.
  2. 2. Where are we? Has offices and operations in 53 countries around the globe; and revenues of $25.5 billion for fiscal 2011
  3. 3. History Was originally part of Andersen accounting. Split up in 1989 and was named Accenture.
  4. 4. Initially had problems of brand dilution because of its parent company.
  5. 5. After the split ,it raised a need to establish a unique brand value proposition.
  6. 6. As a result launched a global campaign targeting high level executives of its prospects and clients.
  7. 7. • Brand equity increased by 11 percent. • Inquiry rate increased by 350% • Awareness of the company increased by 96 percent As a result All these enabled to successfully complete a $1.7 Billion IPO
  8. 8. It then realised it delivered a Point of Parity which was ,it provided solutions as well as implemented them.
  9. 9. Therefore in 2002.It established a new brand position with “Innovation delivered” as its theme.
  10. 10. With this new position ,Accenture introduced contracts with incentives that is realized only when certain business targets are met
  11. 11. In 2003, built upon the theme to “High Performance delivered” and partnered with Tiger Woods to be its spokesperson.
  12. 12. Over the next 6 years, spent $300 million in ads and featured Tiger Woods with slogans like “Go on. Be a tiger”.
  13. 13. In 2009 Tiger Woods was involved in a scandal and focus groups showed that they were too distracted by the scandal rather than Accenture’s message. Therefore Woods had to be dropped as their spokesperson.
  14. 14. In 2011, Accenture launched a campaign “greater than”. It highlighted successful case studies from a wide variety of companies.
  15. 15. Used its “greater than” symbol as a major element in its campaigns.
  16. 16. CurrentPosition • Its clients include 99 of the Fortune Global 100 and more then ¾ of the Fortune 500. • 2017 fiscal revenues of $37.4 billion. • Brand value close to $9 billion
  17. 17. How does Accenture target its B-to-B audience so effectively? • Prevented itself from diluting being under its parent brand. • Unique value proposition compared to its competitors. • Used an opinion leader such as Tiger Woods. • Incentive based solutions for its clients.
  18. 18. Evaluate Accenture’s history of branding campaigns. What remains consistent throughout? Initially Accenture had focused on top level executives of its prospects and clients Then it focused on bringing in a new value proposition of “innovation delivered”. After the Scandal of its major spokesperson Tiger woods it again tried to provide an unique brand Position through its “greater” than campaign. In all of its campaigns Accenture has always Tried to provide an unique brand value proposition and tries to offer its clients with better Integrated solutions.
  19. 19. Summary • Accenture is a B to B company with its theme “High Performance delivered”. • Due its unique brand value proposition and marketing campaigns it has become one of the big leaders in consulting. • It had used famous opinion leaders such as Tiger woods in its campaigns.
  20. 20. Created by Siddharth JP,IIT Madras as a part of a Marketing Internship under Prof. Sameer Mathur IIM Lucknow