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Customer Experience Design Strategy


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An overview for creating Exceptional Customer Experience Strategy to delight your customers.

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Customer Experience Design Strategy

  1. 1. Customer Experience Design Strategy
  2. 2. What is Customer Experience Design? Customer Experience (CX) Design is based on your customer’s journey from an internet search to landing on your website, ordering a product, receiving your email promotions, posting reviews and feedback on social sites or calling your customer service helpline. CX also includes what type on experience your customer will have when they visit your store. Consumer behaviors are constantly changing as they engage with new technology and social media platforms. The old model of building awareness, interest and pushing messages is not an effective strategy in today’s digital arena.
  3. 3. Customer expectations are rising and they expect every interaction they have with your brand to be a positive and pleasurable experience. Research from McKinsey found that 70 percent of the buying experience is influenced by how the customer feels they are being treated. The Temkin Group’s 2016 Customer Experience Rating study showed a major decline in customer experience. The percentage of good and excellent companies dropped from 37% in 2015 to only 18% in 2016 – which is the lowest rating since 2011. Customer Expectations
  4. 4.  Effective CX strategy focuses on creating customer experience designs that put the customer first and aims to delight.  Brands have to go above and beyond to understand what their customer is looking for and what they expect to receive from interacting with your product or service. Strategies for Designing CX *Image source: DrewLepp
  5. 5. 1. Your vision statement: Create a vision of what your values and goals are as a company and ensure every employee in your company supports your vision and values. Example - The American Express blue box values states that it aims to be the world’s most respected service brand by supporting team members so that they can in-turn provide exceptional service to their customers. 2. Know who your customer is: Understand what your customers are looking for and what rewards they will get when they interact with your brand. Having empathy for your customers will help you connect with them and build a loyal relationship. Basically you have to demonstrate that you care about your customers and your company puts them first. Key Strategies for Designing Exceptional CX
  6. 6. 3. Create Seamless Experience: Your brand vision should be communicated at every step of the customer experience including your products, packaging, delivery, policies, on your website, apps, shopping online down to how your customer service staff talks to your customer. In terms of digital strategy ensure Exceptional customer experience is integrated across all platforms such as your mobile site and apps, emails, SMS marketing, and social media channels. 4. Constantly measure how you are doing with customer experience: Make feedback an easy process and respond to customers in real time. Keep track of your Net Promoter Score (NPS) by asking direct questions such as - Would you recommend this product? Is this information helpful? Key Strategies for Designing Exceptional CX
  7. 7. When you build Exceptional Customer Experience, you put your customer first. This will help you create services and products that are needed. What can be more effective than having your customers become your loyal brand ambassadors? CX Design Strategy
  8. 8. EXCELLENT CX DESIGN = CX Design Strategy Exceptional Customer Experience Design will help your brand build loyal relationships with your customers by delighting them Visit: