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What Can Heatmaps Do For Your Website?


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If you're not doing heat mapping on your website and key web pages, you are missing a big opportunity to make them better in terms of bringing your closer to your business objectives. Here, we'll teach you what heat mapping is and how you can use the date you'll get from heat maps to make your web properties better.

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What Can Heatmaps Do For Your Website?

  1. 1. What Can Heatmaps Do For Your Website?
  2. 2. What Is A Heatmap? • A heatmap tracks the movement of the mouse on a particular page • It’s not 100% accurate data, but it’s enough to let indicate which areas of the page people are most interacting with
  3. 3. Heatmap analytics give you more qualitative information that measures how users interact with your page: − Areas of your landing page that get the most clicks. − Sections of your page that get most hovers − Specific parts of the page where page visitors tend to focus their attention on.
  4. 4. Where On The Page Visitors Click Heatmaps can show if visitors are clicking on areas of a page that are meant to be clicked (i.e. call to action buttons)
  5. 5. Sections That Visitors Don’t Care About • Rearrange your pages so that items that catch visitors’ attention are in the right areas • Minimize clutter and increase engagement
  6. 6. Draw attention to relevant information You can adjust the location of particular sections of a page to get more engagement
  7. 7. A Reminder That Navigation Is Important Clicks on your navigation can tell you what your visitors are interested in…
  8. 8. Your Seriously Simple Marketing Hack 1. Sign up for CrazyEgg’s free trial. 2. Be sure to use Google Analytics to get even more information (like Time On Page). 3. By the end of your trial period, use the results you have (with your Google Analytics data) to see which areas you can improve on.
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