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Print advert analysis


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Print advert analysis

  2. 2. GWEN STEFANI – LOVE. ANGEL. MUSIC. BABY The Copy The text in this print advert is old fashioned and old English-like. The writing has a sense of royalty to it; the gold colouring and the patterned design. The words ‘Love. Angel. Music. Baby’ represent her love for music and her young angelic ‘Baby’ look she’s giving off in her CD cover and Print Advert. The same font is used for the artists name, this ensures multi-model continuity. The Graphics The medium shot of the artist is used to show her clothing and mannerisms. She is dressed as royalty in fur and with a crown, she has relaxed manner and looks like a superior figure. This fits in well with the old English typography, which gives the sense of royalty. This is the first album released after she split up with her band, therefore I think the message being shown is that she is now a superior and successful solo artist, almost like a queen. The print advert is a medium shot of Gwen Stefani yet the CD cover is a long shot. The medium shot is used to focus everything on her to draw the audiences attention to her, seeing as in the CD cover there are two other characters involved, taking our focus off Gwen. This print advert overall stands out, attracts her teen/young adult audience and sets a theme for her Album.
  3. 3. FLORENCE + THE MACHINE - LUNGS The Copy The page on a whole is simple, the name of the band along the top and then the album name and details along the bottom of the image. This is a generic convention when producing a print advert as it keeps it clean and simple. The font of the word ‘Lungs’ is contrasted against the black background and written in Upper case to highlight the albums name. The fact is just one word makes it more striking on the print advert, further attracting the audience. The font of the bands name looks hand written and individual – which represents the genre of band they are (indie). The Graphics The reasonably low lighted shot really highlights the chest of the female where the lungs are, this is clearly used on purpose to tie directly with the album name. On this particular advert there is no critics quotes or messages simply the formats available and the company who produced the image in the first place. This minimalistic layout works in favour of the artist and her album and i believe would attract the target audience. As a full page advert it certainly stands out and would definitely attract attention, the short text would also attract people to read on as there isn't a large bulk of text to read through.
  4. 4. BEN HOWARD – EVERY KINGDOM Ben Howard is one of our main influences for our Music Video, so analysing his print advert will help with designing ours. The Copy A typical convention for indie/folk is minimalism. The typography on this print advert is very minimalistic, a simple bold font and a black and blue colouring used to get the point across. There are no critics or quotes on this print advert, but it is however advertising a gig that he will be playing, with the link to the tickets. The Graphics The imagine in the centre is the main focus of this print advert. Just like the typical conventions of an indie folk music video, this is very scenic and appealing to the eye. The black and blue colouring of the photograph links well with the font to ensure multi-model continuity and to once again, attract the audience.
  5. 5. NOEL GALLAGHER – HIGH FLYING BIRDS The copy This print advert is different to the others I have analysed, this one has all his tore dates and critics and quotes from other people. The point of this is to emphasise how good the new album by printing good reviews on the advert. The typography is plain, a messy kind of writing in white – just to get the point across seeing as the main focus is what the text is actually saying. The Graphics It doesn’t look like there is much meaning to the photograph used in the advert. The photo has a slightly grainy and cartoon like filter used, something which is normally used in a postmodern way. The photograph also looks quite dated, which may appeal to his target audience, who are probably of the older generation.