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Main Bearing RCA


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Sentient Science WindEurope 2017 Booth Presentations

Published in: Engineering
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Main Bearing RCA

  1. 1. © 2016 Sentient Science Corporation – Confidential & Proprietary Main Bearing RCA
  2. 2. © 2016 Sentient Science Corporation – Confidential & Proprietary Material Science Differentiation 1. Asset Management for Operators 2. Computational Testing & Reconfiguration for Suppliers ☑ Life Extension☑ Root Causes☑ Predict Earlier Key Industries Served WIND ENERGY • 20,000 assets under contract globally AEROSPACE • Rotorcraft, Fixed Wing, & Defense • (15 Years of R&D) RAIL • 1 Million km Global Railways • Wheel Rail Interface Sentient Science is a trusted third party enabling life extension of rotating equipment through a digital platform, connecting operators and suppliers through asset actions that lowers the cost of energy.
  3. 3. SentientScienceCorp.-Proprietary/PrivateLevel1 Why Investigate Main Bearings? 3 High Risk: Main bearing failure often transfers thrust loads to the gearbox, which can lead to catastrophic damage in the gearbox. High Cost: Main Bearing Replacement ranges from $150K - $300K. In extreme cases can cause upwards of $500K. Uncertainty: Alerted of main bearing failure after SCADA temperature alarms are going off. Supply Chain Control: Lack of control in supply chain due to no lead time for main bearing failures, causing unexpected downtime.
  4. 4. SentientScienceCorp.-Proprietary/PrivateLevel1 Premature Failure in Main Bearings Main Bearing Wear Model Three Point Configuration Spherical Roller Bearing INNER RACE, OUTER RACE, ROLLER CAGE, GUIDE RINGS High Radial load capacity Accommodates misalignments Require relatively high ratio of radial to axial load Increased sliding due to Heathcote slip Thrust Load Bearing Design Low RPM Loss of Lubrication Uneven Load Distribution Surface Roughness Lubricant Viscosity High Pressure High Sliding Low Lambda Low Lambda
  5. 5. SentientScienceCorp.-Proprietary/PrivateLevel1 Failure Modes in Main Bearings Main Bearing Wear Model Wear on Inner Race Micropitting Macropitting Spalling Abrasive Damage Roller, Cage Crack FAILURE PROGRESSION IN MAIN BEARINGS (manifests as early as 6 TO 10 YEARS) Sentient’s Main Bearing Failure model identifies early manifestation of damage in Main Bearings and provides recommendations to slow down damage progression, such that the Remaining Useful Life of the bearing can be extended Asperity Plastic Deformation Adhesive wear, Surface Fatigue Wear Bands on Inner Race Incubates in the vicinity of wear bands Cyclic shear stresses at shallow depths below the asperities Loss of geometry due to significant micropitting High contact stresses, edge loads Debris dents the race and rollers Rapidly evolves and accelerates damage
  6. 6. SentientScienceCorp.-Proprietary/PrivateLevel1 Main Bearing Wear Model DigitalClone Live Main Bearing Model Strategy WIND LOAD MODEL BEARING DYNAMICS MODEL WEAR MODEL SCADA data Turbulence Intensity Windspeed Wind Direction Loads on Main shaft Bearing Configuration Geometry Bearing Clearances Material Elastic modulus Main shaft RPM Contact Pressure Sliding Velocity Material : Hardness, Elastic Modulus, Ultimate Strength Surface topography : 𝑅 𝑞, 𝑅 𝑠𝑘, 𝑅 𝑘𝑢, 𝛽 𝑥, 𝛽 𝑦 Lubricant: Viscosity, PV Coeff Main Bearing Risk Ranking [MTOD] Critical locations Life Extension Action Wear Rate Wear Coefficient Inputs Outputs Local Contact Forces Sliding velocities Equivalent Radii Overturning Moments Thrust, Radial Load
  7. 7. © 2016 Sentient Science Corporation – Confidential & Proprietary Learn More! Sentient Presentation Schedule Wind Europe 2017 1. DigitalClone Live Product Update 2. Why Data Science Wont Lower the Cost of Energy 3. Reducing Costs with Digitalization 4. Duke Energy Case Study 5. Rewitec Additives to Extend Gearbox Life 6. Moventas XL Life Extension Program 7. How to Value Digitalization 8. Sentient in the China Wind Market 9. DigitalClone Bearing Product Release 10. Wind Loads Modeling 11. Drive Train Modeling 12. Data Fusion Materials Science & Data Science Hello 7 Meet the team in the booth for further discussions