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Hospital catering


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notes for second year bsc hotel management

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Hospital catering

  2. 2. NSK kumars recipe file 2 INTRODUCTION  There are no more possession than good health. We must all eat. There is no other department in the hospital which is called to provide at such a short and regular intervals to both patients and staff through out the day and night.  This very fact brings the caterer into contact with a far greater number of people than any other service operation.  This helps the caterer to power, to guide and to educate the patients in their feeding habits, to give to the ward sister a feeding of confidence and security as far as the food service is concerned.
  3. 3. NSK kumars recipe file 3  Hospital catering is classified as welfare catering the object being to assist the nursing staff to get the patent well as soon as possible. To do this it is necessary to provide good quality food which has been carefully prepared and cooked to retain the maximum nutritional value and presented to the patient in an appetizing manner.  It is necessary that the provision of an adequate diet is just as much a part of the patients treatment as careful nursing and skilled medical attention.  In many hospitals patients are provided with a menu choice .
  4. 4. NSK kumars recipe file 4 Staff Organization in hospital catering… Catering manager ᗊ  Asst.. Catering manager Dinning roomᐉ supervisor ᗊ  Catering supervisor ᗊ  Kitchen superintendents ᗊ  Cooks-----ᐉ Head cook asst.. Head cook asst.. Cook
  5. 5. NSK kumars recipe file 5 Responsibilities of a catering manager…  Plans menu.  Obtain supplies.  Supervise the preparation and cooking.  Responsible of service of meals.  Responsible for training and safety.  Also makes the visit to the wards to advice on the service of food to the patients.  Control the provisions of the catering facilities for the doctors, nurses and other hospital employees.
  6. 6. NSK kumars recipe file 6 Assistant catering manager  Assist and deputize for the catering managers with all or part of their duties.  They are originally responsible for physical supervision of the operation and is responsible to control the pilferage and wastage inside the operational area.
  7. 7. NSK kumars recipe file 7 Kitchen superintendents  They are responsible to the catering manager or the assistant catering manager for running of one or more hospital kitchens.
  8. 8. NSK kumars recipe file 8  Head cook He is responsible for the kitchen under the control of the kitchen superintendent or catering manager.  Dinning room supervisor They are in charge of the staffs during the meal service and they reports to the catering manager.
  9. 9. NSK kumars recipe file 9 DIETITIANS  In many hospitals a qualified dietitians is responsible for …  Collaborating with catering manager in the planning of meals.  Drawing up and supervising special diets.  Instructing diet cooks on the preparation of special diets.  Advising catering manager and assisting on the training of cooks with regards to nutritional aspects.  Advising patents.
  10. 10. NSK kumars recipe file 10 DIET  Information about the type of meal or diets to be given to each patent is supplied daily by the ward sisters to the kitchen.  The information will give the number of full, light, fluid and special diets and with each special diet will be given the name of the patients and the type of diet required.
  11. 11. NSK kumars recipe file 11 ‘When a person is admitted to hospital as an in-patient, the following are identified and recorded within 1 day as part of the medical and/nursing assessment’:  Eating and drinking likes and dislikes  Food allergies and need for therapeutic diet  Cultural/ethnic/religious requirements  Social/environmental mealtime requirements  Physical difficulties with eating and drinking  The need for equipment to help with eating and drinking.
  12. 12. NSK kumars recipe file 12 Hospital routine  Hospital catering has its own problems which often makes it very difficult to provide correctly served meals.  Wards are some time spread over wide area and in large hospital where there are long distance for the food to travel, provision of effective, silent trolley is essential to keep the food hot.
  13. 13. NSK kumars recipe file 13  The routine of the hospital is strictly timed and meals have to fit in with the duties of the nursing staff.  The amount of money the catering manager has to spend on the food and drink is stated so much per head, good wholesome varied meals can be provided by careful buying and elimination of wastage.
  14. 14. NSK kumars recipe file 14 THE PLANNING SHOULD BE….  Efficiency.  Hygiene.  Modern flow production.  The number people to be catered for.  What type of service to be provided for the staff and patients.  Extent of choice.  The type and size of equipment to be installed.
  15. 15. NSK kumars recipe file 15 HYGIENE  The importance of hygiene in a hospital kitchen cannot be over emphasized. We are all susceptible to bacterial infection, but a sick person with lowered resistance is doubly so.  All walls and ceilings should be painted every 2 years and washed down every 6 months. Floor cleaning in the kitchen must be a routine job.  Equipment and personnel hygiene should be stressed.
  16. 16. NSK kumars recipe file 16 Hospital catering services are an essential part of patient care. Good-quality, nutritious meals play a vital part in patients’ rehabilitation and recovery, and limit the unnecessary use of nutritional supplements. Hospital catering services should be cost effective and flexible enough to provide a good choice of nutritious meals that can accommodate patients’ specific dietary requirements and preferences.
  17. 17. NSK kumars recipe file 17 Effective hospital catering services rely on sound planning and co-ordination of a range of processes involving menu planning, procurement, food production and distribution of meals to wards and patients. Many staff groups are involved in meeting the nutritional needs of patients. In addition to the catering service staff who procure and prepare the food, nursing and medical staff play vital roles in assessing and monitoring the nutritional status of patients.
  18. 18. NSK kumars recipe file 18 Dieticians need to be involved in menu planning and in providing expert guidance and treatment for patients with dietary and nutritional problems. Speech and language therapists also have an important role in assessing and monitoring patients with swallowing difficulties and other associated complications. Effective co-ordination and communication they need in hospital.
  19. 19. NSK kumars recipe file 19