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Cats college presentation

  1. 1. The Best UK Locations London Canterbury 55 minutes to London Cambridge 45 minutes to London CAMBRIDGE CANTERBURY LONDON
  2. 2. CATS College Cambridge
  3. 3. Cambridge University: Opposite Cambridge campus
  4. 4. View: From Cambridge campus
  5. 5. CATS College Cambridge Cambridge University St John’s College Cambridge University King’s College Chapel
  6. 6. Neighbours: St Johns College, Magdalene College, Sidney Sussex College and Kings College
  7. 7. CATS College London
  8. 8. View from the classroom CATS College London
  9. 9. Located in Bloomsbury The academic heart of London RADA SOAS UCL UAL British Museum LSE CATS College, London
  10. 10. In the heart of central London
  11. 11. CATS College Canterbury
  12. 12. Canterbury – Britain's Safest City
  13. 13. Awards What other people say! 2010 High School of the Year 2011 ‘Excellent’ boarding. No less than ‘Good’ in any area – Independent School Inspectors 2012 Award of Excellence – UK Independent Schools Association 2013 Praised as Centre of Excellence in UK Government Handbook
  14. 14. Why CATS College? Our Programmes
  15. 15. Routes to university for international students The UK’s leading university pathways Excellence in English language A level International Baccalaureate Foundation
  16. 16. Education as a Triangle Pre-Degree (School/College) MANY SUBJECTS Degree (Undergraduate) SINGLE SUBJECT (Combined possible) Post Graduate SINGLE SUBJECT IN DEPTH Student Teacher
  17. 17. The right course for you! CATS College LondonCATS College CanterburyCATS College Cambridge Sept, Jan (IELTS 4.0)Sept, Jan, Apr, Jul (IELTS 4.0)Sept, Jan (IELTS 4.0)Pre: Programme Sept (IELTS 5.0)Sept, Jan (IELTS 5.0)Sept (IELTS 5.0)A level (6 terms) Sept (IELTS 5.5)n/a Fast-track A level (3 terms) n/aSept (IELTS 5.5)n/a International Baccalaureate Diploma Sept, Jan Fast-track (IELTS 4.5+) Sept, Jan (IELTS 4.5)Sept (IELTS 4.5)University Foundation Sept, Jan (IELTS 4.0)Sept, Jan (IELTS 4.0)Sept, Jan (IELTS 4.0)High School Term Sept, Jan, Apr, Jul (IELTS 3.5)Sept, Jan, Apr, Jul (IELTS 3.5)Sept, Jan, Apr, Jul (IELTS 3.5)AEP Termly Up to 7 wksUp to 7 wksUp to 7 wksAEP Weekly n/aSept, Jan, Apr (IELTS 4.0+)Sept, Jan (launch date – tbc)GCSE (6, 5 & 4 terms) Sept (IELTS 5.5)n/an/a Fast-track Medics Programme (3 terms) Jan (IELTS 5.0)n/aJan (IELTS 5.0)A level (5 terms) n/a
  18. 18. GCSE Art Business Studies Biology/Chemistry /Physics Drama English Language inc. World Literature Geography History Computing Latin Maths GCSE Year 1 English Language Maths Science Modern Foreign Language Geography/History GCSE Year 2 UFP A levels IB
  19. 19. Why GCSEs? • Full GCSE programme, take 5 to 6 GCSEs • Internationally recognised qualification • Transferable qualification for next stage of studies • Delivered in an international school environment • Tailored for international students
  20. 20. A levels • UK students take two years to complete • Highly specialised and in-depth • Choice of subjects determined by: – GCSE results – career and university aspirations
  21. 21. A levels • Year 1 : AS, Year 2 : A2 • AS + A2 = A Level • Grades A* to E • Need to do well from the start • There will be minimum AS requirements
  22. 22. How many A levels? • The standard is three • Some very good students do four (A2 level) • The fourth subject will not be included in the offer (Oxbridge is different) • Must be able to get all A grades
  23. 23. A wide range of pathways and subjects Pathway CATS College Medicine/Dentistry/Pharmacy  Business, Finance, Economics  Life Sciences  Subjects CATS College students can choose from over 30 subject choices and combinations subject to pathway blocking Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Further Maths, Business Studies, Accounting, Computing, Economics, History, Geography, Psychology, English Literature, History of Art, Sociology, Media Studies, Politics, Photography, French, Italian, Fine Art, Law, Spanish, Chinese and more. Engineering  Humanities, Social Science, Law  Media  Art & Design  Architecture  Languages 
  24. 24. The UK’s leading university pathways Excellence in English language • What are they? – Three term programme of study – Three full A level subjects – Term 1: AS / Terms 2 and 3: A2 – September start only One Year ‘Fast-track’ A Levels
  25. 25. One Year ‘Fast-track’ A Levels – Accounting – Biology – Business Studies – Chemistry – Economics – Fine Art – French – Geography – German – History – Italian – Maths – Photography – Physics – Politics – Psychology – Spanish – Sociology Which Fast-track A level subjects are offered?
  26. 26. One Year ‘Fast-track’ A Levels Pathway CATS College Medicine/Dentistry/Pharmacy  Business, Finance, Economics  Life Sciences  Subjects All pathways offered in London only Engineering  Humanities, Social Science, Law  Art & Design  Architecture  Languages 
  27. 27. The UK’s leading university pathways Excellence in English language One Year ‘Fast-track’ A Levels • What are the course entry requirements? – IELTS 5.5 (minimum) – Age 17 + – Academic: • Completed DSE Form 6 • Gained DSE Level 4 at least in relevant subjects
  28. 28. One Year ‘Fast-track’ A Levels • Who is it for? – The most academically able students only – Must be highly motivated and dedicated – Credible candidates: don’t want to set up to fail – Future professionals and leaders
  29. 29. One Year ‘Fast-track’ A Levels • What are the alternatives? – Two year A levels – 5 term A levels (January start) – University Foundation Programme
  30. 30. One Year ‘Fast Track’ A Levels The UK’s leading university pathways Excellence in English language • Why do it? – Why not Level 5 then go to Hong Kong university? • May not gain Level 4 Chinese for Hong Kong university entry – Only chance to gain entry to top UK university
  31. 31. One Year ‘Fast-track’ A Levels • How does CATS College help Fast-track students? • Eight hours of study per subject each week (Standard = 5 hours) • Subject surgeries • Weekly testing • One-to-one tuition as needed
  32. 32. One Year ‘Fast-track’ A Levels • What do universities think of Fast-track? – Top ranking UK universities like it – Native UK students take two years to achieve end result – Fast-track students demonstrate: • extraordinary academic ability • determination • ability to withstand pressure
  33. 33. One Year ‘Fast-track’ A Levels For example… Reimi Konda Fast-track student Gained entry to University of Cambridge Veterinary Medicine
  34. 34. The UK’s leading university pathways Excellence in English language • What should you do to prepare for the Fast-track programme? – Your UCAS Personal Statement is all-important – UCAS applications submitted by 15th January – Ideally will provide evidence of: • track record of academic excellence • genuine commitment to intended career • positions of responsibility • voluntary / charitable work • work experience One Year ‘Fast-track’ A Levels
  35. 35. What is the International Baccalaureate? The fastest growing pre-university programme in the world 6 subjects studied offering a broad range of study developing a well-rounded student
  36. 36. International Baccalaureate Diploma Achieve beyond A* at A level with up to 720 UCAS points available, this broad, vibrant study programme is recognised by universities across the world
  37. 37. What is studied? • 6 subjects – a broad range of study – 3 at higher level – 3 at standard level Please Note; Medical students would take two subjects from group 4 and no subjects from group 6 GROUP 4 Experimental Sciences GROUP 3 Individuals & Societies GROUP 2 Language Acquisition GROUP 1 Studies in Language and Literature BiologyEconomicsEnglish First language PhysicsGeography Environmental Systems & Societies GROUP 6 The Arts GROUP 5 Mathematics Theatre ArtsMathematics Visual Arts Mathematical Studies International Baccalaureate Diploma subjects (only available at CATS College Canterbury) students should select 1 subject from groups 1 to 5 shaded gold. Students should select a 6th subject from the grey shaded area of groups 2, 3, 4 or 6 Or another subject from groups 2-4 as follows: Beginners Spanish, French or History or Chemistry
  38. 38. Plus • An extended essay – 4,000 words, based on a subject of your choice, demonstrating skills required to succeed at university • Theory of Knowledge – teaching you to critically evaluate • Creativity, Action and Service – A programme of arts, sports and community service, developing an individual into a global citizen
  39. 39. CATS College Canterbury Results 2012 The average International Baccalaureate Diploma point score 32.5 9% above the world average equivalent to A*A*A* at A level or 466 UCAS points
  40. 40. Ngoc Tram Anh Vo received 34 points and is studying Psychology at Bristol University Suk Yi Chloe Poon received 38 points and is studying Psychology at Edinburgh University Sherry Tsoi Wai Ho received 35 points and is studying Comparative Literature at Kings College London Lok Yan Chu received 36 points and is studying Management Performance at Leeds University Some of our IB Student’s results and destinations
  41. 41. International Baccalaureate Point Scores IB Diploma Points UCAS Tariff 45 720 44 698 43 676 42 654 41 632 40 611 39 589 38 567 37 545 36 523 35 501 34 479 33 457 32 435 31 413 30 392 29 370 28 348 27 326 26 304 25 282 24 260 Top score – 45 points (A level equivalent A* A* A* A* A* +) CATS students – 41 points (A level equivalent: A*A*A A A) A*A*A* equivalent at A level
  42. 42. Recent research showed IB students get higher degree results and higher salaries after university Full-time first degree qualifiers by class of degree, 2008 / 09 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% first class honours third class honours / pass upper second class honours lower second class honours International Baccalaureate A levels and equivalent 19.0% 14.5% 55.1% 52.6% 22.5% 27.6% 3.4% 5.3%
  43. 43. Recent research showed Double the number of IB students went to top UK universities as compared to A level students
  44. 44. Universities Applaud the IB “Because the IB differentiates better than A levels… if we are hesitant about making an offer, we would be more likely to make an offer to an IB student than an A level student.” Cambridge Director of Admissions “There is a stark contrast between IB and A level students with the former at an advantage” London School of Economics “We regard the IB as one of the best qualifications. Progression from IB Diploma students is very good indeed.” City University “We hold the IB qualification in the highest regard” University of Edinburgh
  45. 45. University Foundation Programme The FIRST foundation programme in the UK Over 25 years of experience in progressing students to Top 30 universities Durham St Andrews Warwick Bristol LSE
  46. 46. What is a Foundation Course? • A Bridge • Year 12 – 13 • One year, fast track route • Designed for International Students • Language • Academic Content • Cultural Awareness • Study Skills
  47. 47. Why CATS College? The best place for you in every way
  48. 48. CATS College Video
  49. 49. You realise your full potential
  50. 50. Contract of Achievement
  51. 51. ALIS testing, working towards two grades higher
  52. 52. Regular testing & surgeries
  53. 53. Personal Tutor Individual Development Plan
  54. 54. Performance vs targets Parents’ Reports – Twice Termly
  55. 55. Lessons structured to address individual learning styles
  56. 56. Free & unlimited tuition
  57. 57. Over 65 Nationalities at CATS College. Learn English fast!
  58. 58. Small classes: 6 to 12 per class
  59. 59. You develop life skills
  60. 60. The importance of getting a well rounded education • Top universities select students with: – excellent academics – extra-curricular interests – multi-cultural understanding
  61. 61. Extra-curricular activities develop skills • Leadership skills • Communication skills • Work-social balance commitment • Dedication and enthusiasm • Time management • Teamwork • Maturity of thought • Sense of responsibility
  62. 62. Developing the whole student • Learning to lead and motivate others • Work experience • Cultural evenings • Duke of Edinburgh • Drama, music, art and sports
  63. 63. IB students work as a team
  64. 64. IB students on land and water!
  65. 65. IB students at Bewl Water The fastest growing Pre University Course in the World
  66. 66. Cambridge University’s Engineering Education Scheme at CATS College Cambridge • A scheme in partnership with Cambridge University • Opportunity to gain work experience at a high tech company manufacturing specialist integrated circuits • Students work alongside industry professionals • 6 month programme • Students learn technical skills and use Cambridge University’s engineering workshops
  67. 67. Olympiad & challenges • CATS College students take part in: • UKMT Senior Maths Challenge • science and mathematics Olympiads • competitive Summer Schools • essay writing competitions
  68. 68. CATS College Leadership Award - ASDAN • This award is equivalent to a GCSE or an AS qualification • Worth 70 UCAS points • Improves employability, personal and social skills • Students create presentations and commit to group work, problem solving, discussion and research • National qualification
  69. 69. Language leadership awards The chance to win an award and learn more about other languages!
  70. 70. Sports leadership awards Football, basketball, horse riding, tennis – lots of ways to develop your skills and win an award in Sport
  71. 71. Business challenge! Working in teams learning about the future Mock interviews with top international companies
  72. 72. CATS College students win Young Enterprise Public speaking! Well done!
  73. 73. Student leadership at CATS College Leadership Training Day in September – sign up with Senior Tutor or Personal Tutor
  74. 74. Leadership training day Creating Leaders of the Future
  75. 75. Enterprise day – presentations and working
  76. 76. Enterprise day at CATS College! Activities and interviews with local Business Leaders
  77. 77. Student council
  78. 78. Examples of extra-curricular activities
  79. 79. Examples of extra-curricular trips – half term Date Time Activity Cost Saturday 29th October 8am Salisbury & Stonehenge £31 Sunday 21st October 8am Greenwich or Thorpe Park £21 £39 Monday 22nd October 7pm Bowling FREE Tuesday 23rd October 6pm Sports Activities FREE Wednesday 24th October 5pm 7pm Thriller Live or We Will Rock You Cambridge University v Blackheath RFC £39 / £44 £1 Thursday 25th October 9am London £15 Friday 26th October 7pm Cinema – The New James Bond Film, Skyfall £10 Saturday 27th October 8am South Wales & Bath Windsor £99 £33 Sunday 28th October 9am Norfolk Coast Walk £20
  80. 80. You reach the right university for you
  81. 81. Dedicated Higher Ed teams Offering tailored advice from day one Helping with every aspect of university application - Personal statements - UCAS applications - Mock interviews - Additional subject specific reading University visits Seminars by visiting experts On-campus annual university fair How to apply to University: we help
  82. 82. University Fair
  83. 83. Gifted and Talented Programme at CATS College • Enhanced study programme which will stretch students abilities and allow them to achieve additional UCAS points • Develops skills prized by top universities: – Leadership – Critical thinking – Motivation – Management skills • Students are individually tracked and given personalised assistance when applying to university
  84. 84. Gifted and Talented Students • Skills developed through: – Olympiad Challenges, STEP papers, UK Math's Challenge, Science & Math's clubs – Leadership Programmes – Personal Development Awards; Excelsis Awards, Duke of Edinburgh Award – Sports and Clubs; weekly debating club
  85. 85. Oxbridge Programme • The best of the Gifted and Talented group are selected for the Oxbridge programme • Students benefit from: – One-on-one Oxbridge interview preparation – Assistance with writing personal statements – Additional one-on-one tutoring
  86. 86. CATS College Medics Programme • Weekly medic seminars introducing topical issues • Preparation for UKCAT and BMAT (or IMAT) tests • Hospital + Care Home volunteering experience placements • Support with work placements in Home country (holiday) • UCAS: support with Personal statement + university choice and guidance with any additional forms in support of university application • One-one investment in interview preparation: guidance on extra reading + mock interview with in-house experts + occasionally external academics • Seminars led by guest research experts • Summer school: application to Summer Work Placement at Sanger Centre • Olympiads: Biology, Chemistry and Physics “The Medics programme has been very helpful, especially being guided by exceptionally experienced teachers. With the determination and perseverance of myself and my teachers, being accepted into a Medical School seems inevitable” - Luke Poh, currently studying A levels and the Medics Programme at CATS College Cambridge
  87. 87. Key Professions Programme
  88. 88. You feel at home
  89. 89. The UK’s leading university pathways Excellence in English language 24 hour or roaming supervised accommodation Shared twin rooms, single rooms, single en-suite Catered or non-catered All accommodation walking distance or short bus trip Accommodation
  90. 90. House parents to look after you
  91. 91. Supervised prep in evenings
  92. 92. Relaxed friendly environment
  93. 93. Making friends from all over the world
  94. 94. Developing a more rounded you
  95. 95. CATS College Cambridge Canteen
  96. 96. CATS College Canterbury Canteen
  97. 97. Lunch time at CATS College
  98. 98. CATS College Cambridge Personal Learning Centre
  99. 99. CATS College Canterbury Personal Learning Centre
  100. 100. CATS College Canterbury Science lab
  101. 101. Shopping Centre in Cambridge
  102. 102. Streets over 800 years old
  103. 103. Cycle to school every morning?
  104. 104. Famous Museums
  105. 105. Canteen menus
  106. 106. A Listening College Red button on intranet Tell us great things or things we could do better Goes direct to person in charge If no reply within 24 hours you can email or see the Principal!
  107. 107. Welfare and support • Client Care team • Native language tutors • Welfare and Pastoral teams • Nurse • Accommodation Managers • Activities Manager
  108. 108. Ying Hong Wei: Answers any questions Ensures students settle down in their accommodation and in College Contacts parents as required Meets parents who come to visit Liaises with academic tutors and the Welfare Team Listens to students’ concerns and provides advice and guidance Is their emergency contact Assists with Chinese cultural events and activities Support for Chinese students & VIP Service
  109. 109. Peter Zhao Chinese Liaison Officer London Answers any questions Ensures students settle down in their accommodation and in College Contacts parents as required Meets parents who come to visit Liaises with academic tutors and the Welfare Team Listens to students’ concerns and provides advice and guidance Is their emergency contact Assists with Chinese cultural events and activities Support for Chinese students & VIP Service
  110. 110. Liani Saudin Chinese Liaison Officer Canterbury Answers any questions Ensures students settle down in their accommodation and in College Contacts parents as required Meets parents who come to visit Liaises with academic tutors and the Welfare Team Listens to students’ concerns and provides advice and guidance Is their emergency contact Assists with Chinese cultural events and activities Support for Chinese students & VIP Service
  111. 111. Thank you