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Distributech 2015 - Mobile Work management


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Field work is an aspect of operations and asset management that presents many challenges to utilities. Managers need efficient ways to instruct crews on the location and details of work. Field crews need intuitive and focused software tools that enable them to find and accomplish their work. But paper-based processes are still used for field work at our utility and many others. Why? Because typical mobile solutions are difficult to deploy, license, secure, integrate with enterprise systems, and maintain over time. Our resources are already stretched thin, so adding or expanding a complex solution is just not feasible.
This presentation proposes the mobile work management solution of our dreams. Imagine a solution that is simple to implement and addresses the variety of field work that our organization needs to accomplish. Our field personnel could deploy lightweight apps to their mobile devices in just minutes, log in seamlessly with their existing corporate credentials, and access their work instantly. They could work without internet connectivity, and their updates would be automatically synchronized to the enterprise when connectivity is re-established.
This dream mobile solution would enable the secure, unimpeded flow of digital information between the office and the field, accelerating our essential business workflows. We could quickly add as many users as needed to accomplish the task of the day. The solution would recognize that all field work has a location, and leverage our existing facility GIS to define work locations. Data captured in the field would include the information most relevant to our business, including work status and results, GPS breadcrumb trails, redline sketches of situations, and proposed edits to asset data.
We believe that the mobile work management solution of our dreams is within reach with today’s technology, and that it will truly lower our cost of doing business.

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Distributech 2015 - Mobile Work management

  1. 1. Mobile Work Management – What Do Utilities Dream Of? Darin Warke GIS Supervisor at UniSource Energy Services Jon Fairchild Technical Product Manager for Mobile & Web, Schneider Electric February 4, 2015
  2. 2. Agenda ●Utility Dreams – UniSource Energy Services ●Solution Dreams – Schneider Electric
  4. 4. UNS Energy Overview ●Comprised of 3 regulated utilities ●Approximately 657,000 customers throughout Arizona ●Tucson Electric Power (TEP) – 414,000 ●UNS Gas – 150,000 ●UNS Electric – 93,000 ●Recently acquired by Fortis Inc. of Canada ●Using ArcGIS by Esri, ArcFM by Schneider Electric and Smallworld
  5. 5. Current Field Solution ●Customized GIS Viewer with edit capabilities ●Redlining and Inspections ●Cathodic Protection Annual Survey ●Elevated Pressure Bi-Annual Survey ●Electric and Gas line locating ●Customized searching, reporting and tracing functions ●Fully disconnected via local file geodatabases ●Field data edits synchronized through custom ArcGIS Server feature service
  6. 6. Dream Field Solution ●Reduce or eliminate customizations when warranted ●Robust out-of-the-box functionality ●Configurable for a variety of use cases ●Rapid turnaround of user change requests ●Disconnected and Connected workflows ●Integrations to existing GIS and Work Management investments ●Seamless access to back office resources
  7. 7. Challenges ●Very rural service territory ●Corporate security infrastructure not ready ●Balancing user expectations ●Budget – Capital vs. O&M expenditures ●The industry is driving us toward cloud based solutions ●Our IT infrastructure is currently driven by capital dollars
  9. 9. Mobile Business Drivers
  10. 10. Simple Spatial Secure
  11. 11. Simple… ●to deploy and configure for many scenarios ●to use in the field with or without connectivity ●to build workflows and integrations ●to maintain and upgrade
  12. 12. Spatial… ●Leverages existing GIS investment ●Allows spatial-based dispatch of crews ●Shares GIS information with field crews
  13. 13. Secure… ●Consistency in security policy ●Sensitive data must live on-premise ●Authentication and encryption
  14. 14. Schneider Electric 15
  15. 15. Sensor-driven ●Mobile outage response with photos ●Mobile design and as-builting with GPS ●Predictive maintenance with Schneider Electric ProRelay Box
  16. 16. OpEx savings of a Simple, Spatial, Secure Mobile Solution: ●Reduced maintenance costs for software and servers ●Reduced IT administration ●Reduced or eliminated printing costs ●Significant gains in end-user productivity ●Reduced fuel usage and drive time to work sites
  17. 17. ●Initial implementation of solution in 2 days ●First field user trained in 90 minutes ●Data processing and reporting in less than 1 hour per week ●Multiple enhancement requests for product delivered in as little as 3 weeks ●Product quality improvements reduced LES data plan usage OpEx Benefits at Lincoln Electric System
  18. 18. Simple Spatial Secure
  19. 19. Thanks!