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SEO News Roundup FEB 2015


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All the major events related to marketing and SEO from the previous month.

We talk about this in the Melbourne SEO Meetup

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SEO News Roundup FEB 2015

  1. 1. SEO News – Feb 2015 By : Saijo George Twitter : @Saijo_George Web :
  2. 2. .. and you are ? • I am Saijo George. I work as an internet marketer at Envato , the folks behind sites like ThemeForest. • You can follow me on @Saijo_George and on LinkedIN. • I have also launched some cool stuff like a list of SEO tools ,, Collection of StyleGuides Twitter : @Saijo_George Web :
  3. 3. • Make sure you update your canonical links when you switch to HTTPS • Mobile SEO – make sure you do it right Twitter : @Saijo_George Web :
  4. 4. Make sure any rel=canonical you specify matches one of the URLs you use for the hreflang pairs. Twitter : @Saijo_George Web :
  5. 5. • if Google algo tip in favour of good links, then you are going to see a penguin recovery even without disavowing or removing links – THAT SAID please do remove the bad ones and disavow – Hangout • Google PageSpeed Insights API updated to v2 - adds support for rule groups, such as 'SPEED' or 'USABILITY'. • Now Google News can index images hosted on 3rd party domains. Twitter : @Saijo_George Web :
  6. 6. Updates to Structured Data Testing Tool – support for JSON-LD syntax, Syntax highlighting of markup issues - Google • Googlebot added support for TLS version 1.2 Twitter : @Saijo_George Web :
  7. 7. Include your social profile in branded search results on Google Knowledge panel – Google • Locale-aware crawling by Googlebot - Accept-Language HTTP request, Geo distributed crawling Twitter : @Saijo_George Web :
  8. 8. Event based knowledge graph can now show official ticket links, Delegated Event Listings, Comedian Event, Venue Events - Google Twitter : @Saijo_George Web :
  9. 9. WMT warnings for non-mobile friendly sites Query Word Count dimension for AdWords search queries in Analytics G+ Twitter : @Saijo_George Web :
  10. 10. • Google AdWords Planning For 2015 : Location / Device based reporting, Ad Scheduling, etc - Official Google Video • Reach and frequency reports dropped from Dimensions tab, will be available from the Campaigns tab – G+ • Starting on February 11th, 2015, you will no longer be able to share ads across multiple ad groups or campaigns using the Shared library. No change required as the assets will be copied across – G+ • Google Trusted Stores no longer need to submit a shipment and cancellations feed to Google to be approved Twitter : @Saijo_George Web :
  11. 11. Google re-brands city experts as Local guides – encourage users to write review • CTA buttons on FB - Book Now, Contact Us, Use App, Play Game, Shop Now, Sign Up, Watch Video Twitter : @Saijo_George Web :
  12. 12. All The Free Stock . com FREE stock images, videos, icons and more Twitter : @Saijo_George Web :
  13. 13. Twitter : @Saijo_George – I usually tweet about #SEO and #design Site : Twitter : @Saijo_George Web :