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Brighton SEO September 2013 - Technical Internet Marketing - Katrina Gallagher @Digitangle


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Tech holes in your reporting, social media, Pay per Click & SEO.
A quick blast of technical bits that you might be missing across your Internet Marketing - e.g. settings in Analytics beyond the basics, structured data, Opengraph & PPC.

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Brighton SEO September 2013 - Technical Internet Marketing - Katrina Gallagher @Digitangle

  1. 1. @Digitangle Technical Internet Marketing Katrina Gallagher Brighton SEO 12/09/2012
  2. 2. @Digitangle Marketing assault course
  3. 3. @Digitangle Marketing Power SEO Content Analysis Design CRM Advertising
  4. 4. @Digitangle SEO Our pie shop in Brighton makes delicious Brighton pies. Come to our Brighton pie shop, and have cheap pies in Brighton. Victims: Engagement, Conversion rate, Brand
  5. 5. @Digitangle Conversion Rate Optimisation Var 1 Person A Person B Person C Var 2 Person D Person E Person F Goal
  6. 6. @Digitangle Conversion Rate Optimisation Tools Live chat (e.g. Olark or Split testing (e.g. Google Analytics Content Experiments) Exit surveys (e.g. Iperceptions) Avoid Duplicate Content Penalties Pick one version & use the rel=canonical tag Use the noindex meta tag on any variant urls Search for your variant urls using the site: search operator… if you find any... Use Google Webmaster tools to remove any variants Check your page load time & whether your pages work with JavaScript turned off. (google page speed analysis)
  7. 7. @Digitangle Restructure/Domain move/Redesign Suggest testing a section first. Tools to assist: • Microsoft IIS SEO Tool (SEO errors, multiple redirects, dupe content) • Majestic SEO (find backlinks to old site – contact to update) • Screaming frog (similar to Microsoft tool) • CRO tools to assess change before rolling out (suggested earlier) • Webmaster tools change of address • 404 pages & 301 redirects
  8. 8. @Digitangle Feedback Rich Snippets / Microformats • Review Text • Review Value / Score • Reviewer Name Aggregate review • Average Review Value
  9. 9. @Digitangle Social Media Likes on your webpage ≠ Facebook brand page likes Google +1’s for a url ≠ Google+ Business Page Followers Tools: • Sharethis • Everpost • Formulists • Pagemondo • Hootsuite
  10. 10. @Digitangle Social Media Embed Twitter mentions and customer comments. More > Embed Tweet
  11. 11. @Digitangle Facebook In the same way, you can embed Facebook customer comments or featured posts.
  12. 12. @Digitangle Opengraph • Add Opengraph so that your titles are a bit more social friendly. • You can also specify an image to pull though. • You can tell open graph what your facebook url is • For Wordpress - use Yoast SEO plugin (this also allows you to add your twitter card)
  13. 13. @Digitangle Auto-posting to social NextScripts: Social Networks Auto Poster PRO Multi Account allows G+ posting($49)
  14. 14. @Digitangle Auto-Publish to Email Great if you’re time starved, but remember that segmented emails drive 18 times more revenue than broadcast emails (Source: Jupiter Research via Hubspot) So you could consider RSS feed by category -> segment of your email list
  15. 15. @Digitangle Analytics - Social Add the following to your social buttons: _trackSocial(network, socialAction, opt_target, opt_pagePath) e.g. _gaq.push(['_trackSocial', 'facebook', 'like', '']); The Google+ Badge & +1 Button, and a lot of social plugins do this automatically.
  16. 16. @Digitangle Analytics – Email & Offline e.g. utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=rss-newsletter + URL Shortener
  17. 17. @Digitangle Analytics –AndroidApps
  18. 18. @Digitangle Website Speed • Gzip Compression • Content Caching • Content Delivery Network • Decent hosting • Limit plugins & scripts • Optimise media • Etc..
  19. 19. @Digitangle Identify your weakness Product Quality
 Brand Design Visual appeal
 Conversion Analysis Tracking
 Customer feedback
 Results Competitors Advertising Tracking
 Brand SEO On-site Content Technical
  20. 20. @Digitangle Further Reading• • gaJSApiSocialTracking • • • • campaigns#google-play-url-builder • • • • • •
  21. 21. @Digitangle Thanks for listening! Katrina Gallagher