STI2 Board Meeting 2012


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STI2 Board Meeting 2012

  1. 1. STI Board Meeting John Domingue STI Board Meeting @ ESWC, Crete, May
  2. 2. Agenda for Today• 10:30am Welcome (15 min) (including agreement on the agenda; actions from last meeting)• 10:45am Events (1 hour 15 mins) (including ESWC (current conference, 2013, 2014), FIS, Summit, Summer School)• 12:00pm On-line strategy (30 mins) (including Web 2.0 and Web 3.0)• 12:30pm Buffet Lunch (30 mins)• 13:00pm Organization (40 mins) (including admin and finances)• 13:40pm STI Company Report (20 mins)• 14:00pm Coffee Break (20 mins)• 14:20pm STI Membership status and possible growth (20 mins)• 14:40pm Report from the Fellows (10 mins)• 14:50pm Closing (10 min)• 15:00pm Close 5/12/2007 - Vienna
  3. 3. 5/12/2007 - Vienna
  4. 4. Summer 5/12/2007 - Vienna
  5. 5. Summer 5/12/2007 - Vienna
  6. 6. The Tutors Aiden Hogan SW Languages andStandards, Large-scale Denny Vrandečić Dan Brickley Sem. Data Mngt Linked Open Data Linked Open Data Elena Simperl Barry Norton Building and SW Languages and Standards, Matthew Rowe Using Ontologies Large-scale Sem. Data Mngt, Social Semantics Building Semantic Applications
  7. 7. Keynote Speakers Enrico Franconi John Domingue Spyros KotoulasFree University of KMi, The Open University & IBM Research Bozen-Bolzano STI International Lora Aroyo Chris Welty Marko Grobelnik Free University of IBM Research Jozef Stefan Institute Amsterdam
  8. 8. ESWC Summer School Facts • Relatively low registrations – 37 applications – 24 attendees • Synergy to ESWC low • Recommendation – Remain in Kalamaki – Move date to 1st week of September for 2013 – Advertise with greater 5/12/2007 - Vienna
  9. 9. ESWC 5/12/2007 - Vienna
  10. 10. ESWC 2013 • Montpellier – Voted best place to live by the French – Separate location for main conference and workshops/tutorials • Dates: May 26-30 2013 • Local organisers – François Scharffe and Clement Jonquet of LIRMM • Chair: Philipp Cimiano • PC Chairs: Oscar Corcho and Valentina 5/12/2007 - Vienna
  11. 11. ESWC 2013 • Montpellier – Voted best place to live by the French – Separate location for main conference and workshops/tutorials • Dates: May 26-30 2013 • Local organisers – François Scharffe and Clement Jonquet of LIRMM • Chair: Philipp Cimiano • PC Chairs: Oscar Corcho and Valentina 5/12/2007 - Vienna
  12. 12. ESWC 2014 • Free vote by ESWC 2012 attendees • Presentation by proposers at opening ceremony • Financial check by 5/12/2007 - Vienna
  13. 13. Summit 2011 Wednesday, July 6, 2011 - Friday, July 8, 2011 • Riga, 5/12/2007 - Vienna
  14. 14. Summit 2013? 5/12/2007 - Vienna
  15. 15. FIS 2012 Report• Organized with 15th BIS Programme: – Vilnius, Lithuania – BIS small, well-organized• 4 submissions, 2 papers accepted• 2 keynotes – Good, well-received• Discussion panel• Audience of 10 people
  16. 16. Keynote 1: Stephan Haller SAP Research Zürich, Switzerland Future Internet: A Cloud full of Things-related Services and Processes The Internet of Things is a much talked-about concept with an enormous potential for enterprises. Not only can business processes be better aligned with what happens in the real world and enable enterprises to respond more rapidly, more accurately and more adaptively, but it also brings changes in the way businesses collaborate and even the opportunity for novel business models. These potentials will only be realized in combination with services and Cloud approaches, forming thus the "Future Internet". The presentation will show how these concepts fit together using current examples, highlighting also some of the main challenges that need to be
  17. 17. Keynote 2: Darius ŠilingasNo Magic Europe, LithuaniaModel-Driven Service Choreographiesfor the Future InternetWhile service oriented architecture (SOA) is already a mainstream softwaretechnology, the Future Internet raises a number of challenges such as serviceheterogeneity, service governance, dynamic composition of services, servicescalability, and user-centric service development that need to be addressed inresearch and implemented in industrial practice. The Future Internet should shiftfocus from service orchestration to service choreographies that may provide abetter answer to the mentioned challenges. Model-driven development (MDD) isa technology that aims to handle software development at a higher abstractionlevel using models as the main development artifact. However, there is noagreement on how service-oriented systems should be modeled – multiplemodeling languages such as BPMN 2.0, UML, SoaML, and SysML providefragmented support but fail to cover the challenging aspects of serviceengineering in the Future Internet. In this keynote, we will present a visionaryapproach to model-driven service choreographies in the Future Internet poweredby a combination of modeling standards, user-centric service engineeringprocess, and integrated development and runtime environment. This approach isunder research in ongoing FP7 project CHOReOS – Large ScaleChoreographies for the Future Internet.
  18. 18. Next FIS • 16th BIS, Poznań, May/June 2013 – W. Abramowicz eager to continue the cooperation – Location in Poland better for participation – We need to do better in attracting submissions – We should aim for a full-day size • Topics: – More focus on IoT, networks – Practicalities of standardization for
  19. 19. ONLINE 5/12/2007 - Vienna
  20. 20. MEMBERSHIP 5/12/2007 - Vienna
  21. 21. PartnersSTI InnsbruckAIFB KarlsruheWon Kwang UniversityUniversity of SheffieldFree University of BolzanoFZI Forschungszentrum InformatikOpen UniversitySaltlux Inc.IAIS - Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information SystemsMIMOS BHDUniversity of MalagaFree University of AmsterdamTU ViennaJozef Stefan InstituteOntotextKnow-Center GmbH GrazGerman National Library of EconomicsUniversity of Aberdeen 5/12/2007 - Vienna
  22. 22. MembersFranz Inc.University of Economics, PragueFriedrich-Schiller-Universitätseekda GmbHUniversidad Autonoma de BarcelonaBeInformedOntonymiQser AGinteract SpAA.P. Ershov Institute of InformaticsInfAI LeipzigRECOGNOS Romania SRLOntoprise GmbHModul University Vienna GmbHeoweoUniversidad Politécnica de MadridInstitute for Infocomm ResearchPoznan University of EconomicsFORTHTXT e-Solutions 5/12/2007 - Vienna
  23. 23. 5/12/2007 - Vienna
  24. 24. Summary • Continuation of a breadth of activities • Adjustment needed – Due to popularity of certain events – Changes in field and 5/12/2007 - Vienna