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webinos project overview


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Published in: Technology, Education
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webinos project overview

  1. 1. webinos Launch Day Gent, June 19th, 2012 www.webinos.orgContact: Dr. Stephan Steglich (consortia lead)Head of Competence Center Future Application and Media (FAME)Fraunhofer FOKUS - Research Institute for Open Communication SystemsMail: stephan.steglich@fokus.fraunhofer.dePhone: +49 30 34637373Mobile: +49 175 5271146 webinos meeting, Gent June, 2012 1
  2. 2. Overview What is webinos Who is webinos Milestones & achievements Where is webinos Agenda of the dayJune, 2012 webinos meeting, Gent 2
  3. 3. What is webinos An open source web application platform for multiple devices Supported by Supported by a strong consortiumJune, 2012 webinos meeting, Gent 3
  4. 4. Key Capabilities Offline operation Device APIs Network APIs Secure user identity Inbuilt Functions synchronisation Secure web services Secure Personal Zone Distributed Policy Inter device communicationJune, 2012 webinos meeting, Gent 4
  5. 5. Key features of webinosCross device / Cross platform (Mobile, TV, PC, Vehicle)Standards basedOpen Source Application Execution PlatformSecurity and Privacy by designAdvanced Convergence between devices & cloudCross device use cases – Sharing, Discovery, ContextEuropean Commission FundedJune, 2012 webinos meeting, Gent 5
  6. 6. webinos Deliverables1. Open source Platform2. Specifications (architectures and APIs)3. Apps (demos)4. contributions to standardsJune, 2012 webinos meeting, Gent 6
  7. 7. Who is webinos 25 partners (22 founding) Extended group of interested parties joining meetings, discussions Partners: People: Open consortiumJune, 2012 webinos meeting, Gent 7
  8. 8. June, 2012 webinos meeting, Gent 8
  9. 9. webinos insideWP1: Project Management Stephan Steglich Fraunhofer FOKUSWP2: Use Cases and Requirements Andre Paul Fraunhofer FOKUSWP3: Specification of the webinos system Christian Fuhrhop Fraunhofer OKUSWP4: Development of the webinos system Nick Allott impleoWP5: Development of webinos applications Hans Myrhaug AmbieSenseWP6: Demonstration and Evaluation Andreas Botsikas NTUAWP7: Dissemination and Collaboration George Voulgaris VisionMobileWP8: Exploitation and Standardisation Dave Raggett W3CWP: Work PackageJune, 2012 webinos meeting, Gent 9
  10. 10. Approach The webinos project will progress its deliveries in a phased approach The first platform release and apps in spring 2012 Key Deliverables • Use case definition / requirements • Landscape analysis • Concepts, architecture and key enablers • Open Source Platform specification & development • Application development • Eco-system development • Standardisation September 2010 – August 2013 • Industry alignmentJune, 2012 webinos meeting, Gent 10
  11. 11. webinos timeline June 2009, first meeting @OMTP offices to discuss potential FP7 project October 2009, submission to EU FP7 February 2010, selection of project by EC for funding September 2010, start of webinos project Feb/March 2011, first use cases and requirements published June 2011, first architecture & spec published Feb 2012, first demos shown at MWC (first release of webinos platform) June 2012, launch of webinos platformJune, 2012 webinos meeting, Gent 11
  12. 12. webinos timeline Platform and app development continues – V0.5 March 2012 – V0.6 June 2012 – V0.7 October 2012 – V0.8 February 2013 – V0.9 April 2013 – V0.95 July 2013 – V1.0 August 2013 August 2012, updated webinos spec August 2013, next main release of webinos platform 2013 Setup of webinos foundationJune, 2012 webinos meeting, Gent 12
  13. 13. Where is webinos Project website: – Become affiliate: webinos/ – People: Follow us webinosproject @twitter developer site: – Check – Redmine: – Fork @ GitHub: Platform Contact us: hello@webinos.orgJune, 2012 webinos meeting, Gent 13
  14. 14. Agenda09:30 10:00 Coffee and Networking10:00 10:45 Introduction to webinos Stephan Steglich, Fraunhofer FOKUS George Voulgaris, Visionmobile10:45 11:30 webinos Architecture Dave Raggett, W3C Christian Fuhrhop, Fraunhofer FOKUS Claes Nilsson, Sony11:30 12:00 Coffee12:00 12:30 webinos Architecture John Lyle, University of Oxford Nick Allott, Impleo12:30 13:00 Application and Device Demonstrations Applications running on Cars, Mobile, TVs, PCs and M2M devices will be demonstrated by the webinos partners13:00 14:00 Working Lunch Get hands on experience on the platform14:00 15:00 Continue Application and Device Demonstrations ...15:00 16:00 Panel Session Chaired: Ajit Jaokar, Futuretext Architecture and Demo representatives16:00 16:30 Next Steps19:00 22:00 Networking Dinner