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STI Summit 2011 - Shortipedia


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Published in: Technology, Design
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STI Summit 2011 - Shortipedia

  1. 1. i shortipedia Second-hand facts. For free.Denny Vrandečić (KIT /, Varun Ratnakar (USC), Markus Kröztsch (Oxford), Yolanda Gil (USC)
  2. 2. What is Shortipedia?o Websiteo Based on Semantic MediaWikio Collects assertions about everything io Provenance of these assertionso Multilingual labels for everythingo Displays data from the Semantic Webo Allows easy integration of that data
  3. 3. What does Shortipedia do?o Creates a page on requested topico Finds Wikipedia (for identity)o Uses and Sindice io Let users bind linked entitieso Displays data from linked entitieso Let users integrate assertionso Let users create new assertions
  4. 4. Demo time! i
  5. 5. Design decisionso Wikipedia / DBpedia as identity providero Don’t trust the tripleso Consistency not required io Triples are immutableo First map, then addo sameAs is different
  6. 6. Lessons learnedo  Data is noSi_yo  Data is hard to understando  Labels are hard to get / unreliableo  The Semantic Web is slow io  No idea how to represent the diverse knowledgeo  Semantics decided by ‘commoners’, not expertso  Semantic Web researchers should build a Semantic Web application
  7. 7. i