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Summit2013 john domingue - horizon2020


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Summit2013 john domingue - horizon2020

  1. 1.  Copyright 2007 STI - INTERNATIONAL Horizon2020 Hardcopy
  3. 3. 1.A.3.3 Advanced Cloud infrastructures and Services • A. Research – High performance, heterogeneous cloud infrastructures – Federated cloud networking – Automated service composition – Cloud security • B. Innovation platforms for trusted cloud systems • C. Coordination and support actions – Common reference models for SLAs in the cloud – Support collaboration • A. CP funding level: 100%, budget: 58M • B. CP Innovation, funding level: 70%, budget: 5M • C. CSA funding level: 100%, budget 2M
  4. 4. 1.A.3.4 Boosting Public sector productivity and innovation through cloud computing services • A. Pre-commercial procurement for public sector cloud computing services (PLP) • B. Joint procurement of innovative cloud computing solutions (PPI) • A. PCP funding level: 70%, budget: 9 million of which maximum 30% for the coordination part of the activities. • B. PPI funding level: 20%, budget: 14 million
  5. 5. 1.A.3.4 Tools and Methods for Software Development • Software tools and methods for large, complex and data-intensive systems • Software architectures and tools for highly distributed applications • CP, funding level: 100%, budget 22M
  6. 6. 1.A.3.6 Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation • Challenge is to harness the collaborative power of ICT networks (people, knowledge and sensors) to create collective and individual awareness of the multiple sustainability threats our society faces. • A. Collective awareness pilots: bottom-up participatory innovation paradigms • B. coordinating pilots and research activities in the area of collective awareness platforms • C. Provide seed funding for emerging ideas for collective awareness platforms • A. CP funding 70%, budget 30M • B. CSAs budget 3M • C. CP funding 100%, budget 4M
  7. 7. 1.A.3.7 FIRE+ (Future Internet Research & Experimentation) • A. Coordination and Support Actions: Identification of European, national and regional experimental facilities, testbeds and laboratories available for integration into FIRE+ in a heterogeneous but reconfigurable and evolving arrangement. • B. Research Actions: – Projects with an experimentation aspects that will leverage Europe's Research and Education Network Infrastructure (GÉANT). Major emphasis: real-world devices – Creation, reconfiguration and/or extension of experimental infrastructure • C. Innovation Actions: Collaborative Projects that would identify, evaluate and select ideas for experimentation, testing and validation and enable the step towards into actual experimentation planning and execution on top of FIRE+. • A. CSAs: 1 M€ • B. CPs, funding level: 100%: 26 M€ • C. CPs, funding level: 70%: 5 M€
  8. 8. 1.A.3.9 Web Enterpreneurship • Europe needs more entrepreneurship … • A. Accelerate web entrepreneurship in Europe: online platforms with new services • B. Coordination activities in the area of web entrepreneurs • CP funding level: 70%, 6M • CSA: 4M
  10. 10. 1.A.4.1 Big Data Innovation and Takeup • A. Collaborative projects establishing a European open data integration and reuse incubator for SMEs to foster the development of open data supply chains • B. CSAs laying the foundation for the effective exchange and re-use of data assets across: i) industry sectors, national boundaries and languages, iii) public and private sectors • C. CPs focused on innovation and technology transfer in data analytics solutions and services • D. Capacity building • A. and C. CP, 70% funding budget 43M • B. and D. CSA 100% funding budget 7M
  11. 11. 1.A.4.2 Big Data Research • A. Research – CPs novel data structures, algorithms, software architectures, optimisation and language technologies for data analytics, prediction, visualisation at extremely large scale. – CPs for relevant benchmarks. • B. Support actions for challenges and prize schemes • A. CP 100% funding, budget 38M • B. CSA, 100% funding, budget 1M
  12. 12. 1.A.4.3 Cracking the language barrier • A. Machine translation • B. Innovative pilots for optimising translation quality • C. Coordination actions benchmarking • A. CP, 100% funding, budget 4M • B. CP, 70% funding, budget 10M • C. CSA, 100% funding budget: 1M
  13. 13. 1.A.4.4 Support the growth of ICT innovative creative industries SMEs The scope is to stimulate the adoption and development of ICT- intensive innovation solutions by the creative industries SMEs. • A. Innovation projects to support creative industries SMEs to advance emerging ICT technologies for the development of innovative products, tools, applications or services with high commercial potential. • B. Coordination and support actions: accelerating and supporting the growth of European creative industries exploiting advanced ICT for the development of new products and services and ICT SMEs innovating in the field of creative industries. • A. EUR 14 million – SME instrument • B. EUR 1 million for CSA
  14. 14. 1.A.4.5 Technologies for creative industries, social media and convergence The focus is on research, development and exploitation of new emerging technologies for digital content creation, distribution and use to support the creative and media industries. • A. Research in new technologies and tools to support creative industries in the creative process from idea conception to production • B. Demonstration of the viability of new technologies and validation of innovative solutions through large scale demonstrations, pilots or testing of use cases as to guarantee sustainable deployment that facilitate convergence and integration between broadcasting broadband Internet-based services, audiovisual and social media. • C. Coordination and Support Actions on Convergence and Social Media • A. Collaborative projects, funding level 100%: 19 M€ • B. Collaborative projects, funding level 70%: 22 M€ • C. CSAs: 2 M€
  15. 15. 1.A.4.6 Adaptive and cognitive systems for human learning Based on technological advances underpinned by research carried out so far, activities will support networking, capacity building and experimentations in methodologies and tools for data-drive, non- linear approaches to adaptive learning and remediation technologies and cognitive artefacts for effective and efficient human learning. • A. Facilitate fast and agile joint technological research experimentations on smart learning environments providing students with adaptive and personalized learning and assessment. • B. Establishing a technology platform on adaptive learning technologies and analytics for learning to provide a framework for stakeholders, led by industry, to define research priorities and action plans, developing and updating research roadmaps on learning technologies and analytics. • A. CP – funding level: 100%, budget: 9 million. • B. CSA – budget: 1 million
  16. 16. 1.A.4.7 Advance digital gaming/gamification technologies • A. Create an environment enabling fast and agile multidisciplinary research experimentations and collaboration on advanced digital gaming technologies and components produced by and for the traditional digital game industry but applied into a wider scenario of use in non-leisure contexts. • B. Stimulate technology transfer and new non-leisure applications by SMEs traditionally working on digital games thus underpinning new market developments on digital games for learning and skills acquisition. • A. CP, funding level: 100%, budget: 9 MEUR • B. SME instrumented budget (Phase 2): 4MEUR (up to 350.000 EUR per project)
  17. 17. 1.A.4.8 Multimodal and Natural computer interaction • A. The aim is to develop and validate innovative multimodal interfaces to deliver more efficient and natural ways of interacting with computers and improving users’ experiences. • B. The objective is to provide interactive information retrieval systems with more efficient and natural ways of delivering answers to users’ queries especially in unexpected and/or difficult circumstances. • A. Collaborative projects with funding level of 70% and an overall funding of EUR 10 million • B. Collaborative projects with funding level of 100% and an overall funding of EUR 10 million
  19. 19. 1.A.8.1 Internet of Things and Platforms for connected smart objects The scope is to create ecosystems of “Platforms for Connected Smart Objects”, integrating the future generation of devices, network technologies and other evolving ICT advances. These environments support citizen and businesses for a multiplicity of novel applications • A. R&I projects focuses on – Architectural and semantic concepts – Dynamically configured infrastructure platforms – Reference implementations incl. proof-of concept, large-scale demonstrations and validation driven by innovative use scenarios, also leveraging on platforms developed elsewhere in the program. • B. Support Measures • A. CP, funding level 100%, budget 52.5 M€ • B. CSA, funding level 100%, budget 1 M€
  20. 20. 1.A.8.2 Human-centric Digital Age • A. The research activities should aim at in-depth exploration of the development of fundamental notions such as identity, privacy, reputation, motivations, responsibility, attention, and fairness, in the hyper-connected age where the limits between offline and online are blurred in numerous ways. • B. The coordination and support activities should facilitate community building between ICT developers, researchers in SSH and other disciplines, and stakeholders. • A. CPs budget: 7 M€ • B. CSAs, budget: 1 M€
  22. 22. 1.A.10.1 International partnership building and support to dialogues with high income countries • Organisation of events synchronised with dialogue meetings • Strengthening cooperative research links, setup of sustainable cooperative mechanisms • Target high income countries/regions • A. North America (canada, USA) • B East Asia/Oceania (Australia, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan) • 89M in total for 2014 and 2015 in continuously open call • Small collaborative project for innovation (up to 2M up to 5 partners) funding level 70% • CSA 4M