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Definisi, fungsi, dan aplikasi dari penggunaan noun

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  1. 1. * Denti Denita Putri Janwari Farqi Saptio Rusyda Nabila Teknik Informatika 1B
  2. 2. Name person Place Thing Animal Abstract thing *
  3. 3. Modifier Noun *
  4. 4. * Noun collaboration with part of speech * Example : water + fall = WATERFALL road + show = ROADSHOW *
  5. 5. Subject of a sentence Subject complement Direct and indirect object Object of preposition *
  6. 6. * WHAT or WHO discussed in the sentence * example: the very big school in this country was built in 1980 *
  7. 7. *
  8. 8. * Direct object * Can answer WHOM or * Indirect object * Can answer FOR WHOM * Example: * Example: rizky teached math my uncle donated his salary to charity WHAT * or FOR WHAT
  9. 9. * Preposition : in, at, during, about, into, since,etc * Example : * I don’t believe in zodiac * yulia is really into Ninjutsu *
  10. 10. Countable Noun is a noun that can be counted. The noun is divided into two kinds, namely: Singular (singular noun can be calculated) and Plural Countable (plural noun can be calculated). In the plural, change the form of the noun following the rules of regular (irregular pattern) or irregular (irregular pattern). *
  11. 11. * Countable and uncountable: a countable noun that can be counted (~ tomato tomatoes, man ~ men), on the contrary, can not be counted uncountable (cheese, sugar). * Proper and common: proper noun is a specific classification which use capital letters at the beginning letters (Jakarta, Gramedia), while common in general (city, shop). * Abstract and concrete: an abstract noun that can not be observed with the senses (love, romance). In contrast, the concrete can be observed with the senses (book, fluorine). * Collective: to declare a group or collection name (class, deer). *
  12. 12. Examples No. Condition Regular Rules singular plural nouns ending in -o, and the added the suffix -es letter before vowel tomato tomatoes potato potatoes noun ending: -s, -x, -ch, -sh, -ss gas gases box boxes added the suffix -es punch punches dash dashes loss losses 3. nouns ending in -y and the previous letter consonant Suffix -y removed and country added the suffix -ies 4. Syllable one noun (oneSuffix -f or -fe removed syllable nouns) ending in -f wife then added the suffix -ves or -fe wives 5. Other nouns books 1. 2. added the suffix -s book countries
  13. 13. * Irregular Noun singular plural Singular plural singular plural child children Mouse mice tooth teeth
  14. 14. * Uncountable noun is a noun that can not be calculated. Uncountable or mass noun is mostly just have a singular form (singular), but there are some who just have a plural form. If you want to form the plural of a noun sense, then in the plural it is measuring. Many mass noun formed from the adjective derivation, derivation verb, noun or derivation.
  15. 15. * Category Example food noddle, meat, bread liquid coffee, milk, oil, honey powder grain, sugar, rice, fluor, salt
  16. 16. * Some have uncountable plural form (plural) without singular form (singular) even with the same meaning. Plural uncountable can not be added determiner number. Example : two pants. Plural Uncountable Examples : • arms, clothes, customs, glasses, goods, groceries, jeans, pajamas, pants, scissors, spectacles, thanks, trousers.
  17. 17. * Definition Common Noun Common noun is a noun classification for person (people), place (where), and the thing (object, thing, etc.) in general. Nouns do not use capital letters at the beginning he said, except if the word begins a sentence or the title of a post. Common Noun example : house, sandals, apartment, children, & town.
  18. 18. * Definition Proper Noun Proper noun is a noun categorization for the person (people), place (where), and the thing (object) specifically. Nouns, among others, are used to name the institution, organization, day, month, nation, religion, and place. Proper always use a capital letter at the beginning he said. Proper Noun example: Sea World, Mohammad Hatta, Bandung, Gramedia, and Dagadu.
  19. 19. * Abstract noun is a noun group that can be understood and imagined but can not be observed by the senses. The five senses include: see (see), touch (touched), smell (smelled), hear (heard), and taste (tasted). Abstract Noun example : happiness, freedom, imagination, realist, feminism, hate, love, sympathy, ideas, and romance.
  20. 20. * Definition Concrete Noun The opposite of abstract, concrete noun is a noun that can be observed with the senses. Both countable noun (nouns that can be counted) or uncountable noun (nouns that can not be calculated) is part of a concrete noun. Concrete Noun example : sugar, bread, boy, ball, bag, car, cheese, building, wall, gold, water, flour, & furniture.
  21. 21. Collective Noun Definition Collective noun is a noun that is used to declare a group name or group (consisting of more than one member). This can be either a noun person (person), animal (animal), or thing (object, abstract).
  22. 22. Collective Noun examples of various groups : Group group of people (orang) Examples of Collective Noun audience, army, class, committee, couple, crew, gang, family, jury, navy, police, senate, society, staff, team
  23. 23. Noun subtitute is some construction functioning such as noun,some example as follows : * Noun clause * Gerund * Infinitive *
  24. 24. * Noun clause is a group of words functioning such as noun, this clause can serve as the subject or object in a some clause or other phrase. Because it serves as a noun , it can be replaced with a pronoun Example : * I forgot the fact. (noun) * I forgot it (pronoun) * I forgot that the fact was very important (noun clause)
  25. 25. Noun clause proceded by noun clause markers a question word, if or whether and that *
  26. 26. Subject of a verb : * What she cooked was delicious * That today is his birthday is not right Subject Complement / pelengkap : * The fact is that she is smart and diligent * A teacher must be whoever is patient Object of a verb : * Diana believes that her life will be happier * I want to know how Einstein thought Object of a preposition : * The girl comes from where many people there live in poverty. * He will attend the party with whichever fits to his body. *
  27. 27. Gerund is some words formed from verb( noun ) with added suffix (-ing) and serves as a noun . This words is verbal is a word formed from the verb,but serves as another part of speech. The more common word to name the action (the action) or a state of being (state). This words can be combined with a modifier or without additional noun(s),pronoun(s), or noun phrase gerund phrase formed, because serves as noun then there must be another verb in a sentence. *
  28. 28. * swimming * walking * playing * building. Example Of gerund sentences : * I hate waiting. * My bestfriend’s favorite activity is shopping. *
  29. 29. This word usage should be avoided when there is noun relevant based noun on the same. Example : * Your designs need some improving -> your designs need some improvement. * The activating may take up to five minutes -> the activation may take up to five minute. *
  30. 30. Infinitive is a verbal consisting of to and simple formed from verb particle where can serves as noun,adjective or adverb. Infinitive be accompanied by object(noun and pronoun),modifier, or object and modifier(noun phrase) so that be infinitive phrase. Example : * To run * To be * To lunch * To talk Example of infinitive sentences * I want to come tomorrow. * The best time to talk with him is at night *
  31. 31. * *
  32. 32. *