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What is anoun


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What is anoun

  1. 1. A noun is a person, place or thing.NounsCreated by Ruxandra Ghita
  2. 2. A noun is a person, place orthing.Sarah laughs out loud.Sarah is the noun in this sentence, becauseSarah is a person.
  3. 3. Killer whales swim fast in thedeep blue ocean.Whales are a noun because theyare a thing. The ocean is a nounbecause it is a place.
  4. 4. Alright, it’s your turn. I’llAlright, it’s your turn. I’ pizza tastes delicious.Which word is the noun?Pizza is the noun becauseit is a thing.
  5. 5. See if you can find theSee if you can find theunderlined word that is aunderlined word that is anoun in this sentence.noun in this sentence.David is around the corner.1. David2. is3. around
  6. 6. See if you can identify theSee if you can identify thenoun.noun.David is around the corner.Is it #1? David Is this aperson, place or thing?Yes, David is a noun becauseit is a person.
  7. 7. Is #2 a noun?Is #2 a noun?#2. IsIs this a person, place orthing?No, is is not a noun because it isnot a person, place or thing.
  8. 8. Is #3 a noun?Is #3 a noun?3. aroundIs this a person?Around is not a noun becauseit is not a person, place or thing.No.Is this a thing?NoIs this a place?No
  9. 9. underlinedunderlinedword that is a noun in thisword that is a noun in thissentence.sentence.When we got to the park, I couldn’tfind a place to put the pie, so I held it.Is the noun…1.Got2.Park3.find
  10. 10. Which is the noun?Which is the noun?1.GotIs this a person?The word got is not a noun because itis not a person, place or thing.NoIs this a thing?NoIs this a place?No
  11. 11. Which word is a noun?Which word is a noun?2.ParkPark is the noun because it is aplace.YesIs this a place?NoIs this a person?