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Real Estate – A Referral business

Real Estate Business is a referral business, a business which is majority through word of mouth... It is totally dependent on your service, your behavior, your interest and your value!

Give your best services to the referral you receive and give your best referral to someone you know...

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Real Estate – A Referral business

  1. 1. REAL ESTATE – A Referral Business 5 Pointers on Giving Referrals
  2. 2. Business referrals are the principal tools and the valued currency of networking in Real Estate. Make sure that yours are both timely and appropriate.
  3. 3. Here are 5 important points to consider in giving a good referral
  4. 4. Listen for needs from the people you meet. This helps understanding details well for referring
  5. 5. Ask whether it is okay for the person or business you are referring to call This helps determine how genuine the referral is.
  6. 6. When giving referral be careful not to misrepresent the quality of the referral Your honesty about the prospect will be appreciated, even if the referral is tepid
  7. 7. Whenever you have a hot referral for someone, don’t hang onto it As soon as the referral is accepted, provide details, as they have a way of cooling off quickly
  8. 8. Avoid giving bad referrals Giving same referral to more people in the same profession. Referring someone to prospect without telling the prospect.