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RE/MAX Realty Review- August 2013

This is a monthly newsletter on real estate information from the industry as well as RE/MAX. We welcome your feedback!

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RE/MAX Realty Review- August 2013

  1. 1. REALTY REVIEW – August 2013 I am sure you are keeping a check on our state political situation as well. It is a welcome decision. It clears the path and the doldrums scenario which has been glooming since last 4 years. Our industry has faced biggest burnt of this hanging situation so far. It’s a welcome relief. Activities have been a part of our daily life. It can be divided into several parts, mainly what gives us revenues and some are keeping us busy and some waste our time. When situation becomes tough, simple rule is to just double the activity which produces revenue. There is a famous story in which a well doing business man was told by his friend that recession is here, things are slowing down. He immediately slowed down, fired his good performing people and reduced the production. When people and material were not there, business slowed down. He looked at the numbers and said to himself, the friend was right, recession is here. This story tells us two important things -.slowing down is a state of mind and secondly it also directly impacts the revenues. My observation and advice is "double your activity". When you double your activity, then you are so busy that you don't have time to think about any other thing. And activity will bring you results definitely. I wish everyone a very successful month ahead. Do keep a look at our announcement of conducting a first open education seminar for real estate professionals in the city soon in September. Happy reading A Balajee Kumar Dear Readers, Greetings of the season! Hope you are enjoying the extended spell of rains. It is required especially when our USD rates are going high and GDP is slowly coming down.
  2. 2. REALTY REVIEW – August 2013 RE/MAX INTERNATIONAL NEWS August is RE/MAX Month of Miracles! During this month, RE/MAX Miracle Agents and Offices will raise more awareness for the need to help local kids, as well make additional donations to CMN Hospitals after each transaction. RE/MAX also is hosting a Snap, Share and Win photo contest throughout the month of August. Entering the contest is easy. Simply take an image of a Miracle Home or Miracle Property sign and share it on Twitter or Instagram with hashtag #MiracleProperty or #MiracleHome. RE/MAX Sees Growth in Recovering Market Liniger also presented the results of U.S. and Canadian surveys that showed consumers had the highest unaided awareness of the RE/MAX brand and reported using RE/MAX agents more often than agents with other real estate franchise brands. Year round, RE/MAX Associates help sick and injured children in their communities get better by making donations to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals and doing since more than 20 years! At its annual Conference of Broker/Owners and Office Managers, RE/MAX announced the addition of more than 3,000 new agents since the first of the year, as the real estate market and consumer confidence continues to strengthen. Nearly 800 attendees from North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Caribbean gathered in Ottawa for the event, many who are seeing pent up demand in their local cities from homebuyers who are now competing for the homes that are up for sale.
  3. 3. REALTY REVIEW – August 2013 RE/MAX INDIA NEWS RE/MAX India Monthly Webinar To make education the core importance to this business, it just does not end here. Various other RE/MAX tools and systems allow the affiliates a 365 days and 24/7 access to learn, like – Mainstreet, RE/MAX University, Sales Chatter platform etc. To know more connect with us. RE/MAX India Announces Top Transactors in July 2013 Are you working hard to be the next? Are you happy with what you are doing? Looking to get recognised? So here it is very close to you, follow it, do it! Competition helps you to raise you higher!! While Webinars allow specialists to broadcast what they are good for in a company, it shows their expertise in the niche which compels the end user. The RE/MAX organised webinars have become so convenient and popular due to the ease of attending and continuous connectivity to the large network and targeted segments, including session related to- Technology & applications, Business related activities, Best practices, new joinee introductory program and more such every month.
  4. 4. REALTY REVIEW – August 2013 RE/MAX India Announces Top Recruiters in July 2013 In the real estate business, when there’s so much unstable economy and finding a job, role and trust is difficult, sharp Sales leaders sell the dream of entrepreneurship. Being in control of your own destiny is compelling opportunity today. Are you offering the dream in your sale? Are you looking to be the next top Recruiter? So you know it all, follow it, do it! Competition helps you to raise you higher!! RE/MAX India Regional Owner’s Review Meet The 2nd Quarter review meet of Regional Owners happened in the National headquarter, bringing in 100% representation from all regions pan India. The day-long review had huge brain storming discussions and sharing’s on best practices and methods which had helped the regions & offices do better. The review meet also had presence and presentation by some of the prominent businesses like - a brokerage firm from Delhi BOP, an eminent builder group Purvankara and delegates from an efficient online real estate portal Property Feast. RE/MAX International Vice President Mr. Larry Oberly who also gave an online presence during the review meet all the way from the International Headquarter shared few tips on Sales & growth strategy along with the Vice Presidents of RE/MAX India to the participants.
  5. 5. REALTY REVIEW – August 2013 The meet was over with a recognition done for Quarter-I performers along with the regional owners and RE/MAX India headquarter staff. Other RE/MAX Regional Activities By Affiliates Open House for a property in Dwarka Open House for a property in Ahmedabad Mr. Rakesh Sharma, Business Associate Mr. Devansh Kothari, Business Associate RE/MAX Realty Investment, Delhi-NCR RE/MAX Synergies, Gujarat Wide Response at RE/MAX Chhattisgarh organized Seminar for Real Estate Opportunities
  6. 6. REALTY REVIEW – August 2013 RE/MAX ANDHRA PRADESH NEWS The RE/MAX Hyderabad Referral Exchange Meet Networking is the Essential Part of Building wealth. An indirect marketing of yourself, your uniqueness and all what you stand for. To be successful, you have to be able to relate to people; they have to be satisfied with your personality to be able to do business with you and to build a relationship with mutual trust. So it was time to Get Together, Know Each other and NETWORK. With a good participation from majority offices, this meet had more than 70+ affiliates comprising of Owners, Associates and staffs. The event was co-ordinated by Ms. Pallavi, Mr. Jagadeesh, Mr. Tirupalu and Mr. Ravi and every other participant who gave their 100% participation in terms of presenting their listings and investors along with some practice sharing. New members were introduced to the forum by doing a self-introduction. Regional and national updates where shared. Building business initiatives was
  7. 7. REALTY REVIEW – August 2013 spoken by few of them. Special tie-ups and exclusive projects were promoted by using a property referral form capturing the MLS details of the property. Marketing tool Design center was used to prepare brochure to distribute to the participants by few associates. Special thanks to M/s Sanvi Infra who sponsored the entire event and our Owner Mr. Jagadeesh & Associate Mr. Prakasa Rao who put efforts in taking an exclusive contract with Sanvi for their upcoming venture Spring Woods in Hyderabad. A heart full of thanks to all affiliates who believe in bringing in success and glory by collaborative work and initiatives by attending these monthly meets! On-site Visit to RE/MAX Exclusive Project – S V Avenues RE/MAX Real Estate Solutions organized a Site Visit Meet for all RE/MAX associates to their exclusive Independent house project tie-up in S V Avenues in Hyderabad.
  8. 8. REALTY REVIEW – August 2013 This visit had Owners, Associates from different offices who went in to get to know on how to promote this and accordingly prepare their investor list. The total area of a house is 150 sq.yard and built up is 1200 sq.ft, constructed as per vaastu and ready to be occupied in 6 months time. To read more details just visit the attached link
  9. 9. REALTY REVIEW – August 2013 Exclusive Peacock Paradise Project Comes With Attractive Offer!
  10. 10. REALTY REVIEW – August 2013 Exclusive HMDA Approved Affordable Luxurious Flats by Sanvi Infra These are well designed Vaastu compliant HMDA approved luxurious 2 BHK Flats available for sale at attractive pricing with top class amenities. To read more details just visit the attached link
  11. 11. REALTY REVIEW – August 2013 SOME REALTY TIPS Vaastu tips for your home's main entrance The entrance of the house brings in the main energy. The main entrance of the house is one of the most important areas. The main entrance is the mouth of a house which brings in main energy and here are certain rules about the dos and don'ts regarding the door.  Avoid a property which has a door facing South West as it is the entry of the devil energy and brings in struggles and misfortunes.  If the wealth energy as per advanced Feng Shui of that house is good, the occupant may prosper during initial 3-4 years. But then may face a down fall.  If your house already has a door facing South West, fix 2 Hanumanji's tiles (with the Gada in his left hand) outside the door & see the difference.  Certain gems like Yellow Sapphire, Earth Crystals and Lead with the Expert's advice can also further reduce the severity of this defect. But it is always better to avoid such properties.  The door facing South East is said to be a door which brings in illness, anger and court matters. Two stickers of Gayatri Mantra should be fixed on both the sides of the door from outside.  Use of gems like Coral, Yellow Sapphire etc. and copper with a proper advice will further reduce the defects of this door.  South facing door brings in sharp energy which disturbs positive energy field of the house. Sometimes it may bring in arguments or disagreements. Again fixing two above mentioned Hanumanji's tiles outside the door will help. It can further be protected by using lead, cat's eye etc. But this door if it is in fourth Pada is very good for an occupant.  West facing door is also not bad for the youngsters as it has an active energy & energy of enjoyment.  North West facing door is not so bad. It can bring in health, wealth and prosperity if supported by other vaastu rules. Only thing that the main male member of the house may remain out of the house for a longer time if the door faces west and a female if the door faces north.
  12. 12. REALTY REVIEW – August 2013  Normally doors facing East, North, and North East are said to be good doors. But again there are many other things like Cuts, Extensions, Under Ground Water Tanks, Feng Shui of the house which decide the wealth and health of the occupant. A few words on these topics some other time. We will be happy to get your suggestion or feedback and even give you more realty updates.