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The ACCORD Project: Cara Jones (Archaeology Scotland)


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The ACCORD Project: Cara Jones (Archaeology Scotland)

  1. 1. With Dr Mhairi Maxwell, Dr Stuart Jeffrey, Prof Sian Jones & Dr Alex Hale The ACCORD Project Archaeology Community CoProduction of Research Data Cara Jones Archaeology Scotland
  2. 2. Brave New [digital] World?
  3. 3. The ACCORD Project AHRC Funded, 2014/15 (15 Months) Connected Communities and Digital Transformations programme Partners: - Digital Design Studio, Glasgow School of Art - University of Manchester - Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland - Archaeology Scotland Investigators: - Dr Stuart Jeffrey – PI - Prof Sian Jones and Dr Alex Hale – CIs - Dr Mhairi Maxwell – PDRA - Cara Jones – project partner
  4. 4. Research Questions • The value of coproduction; how does this change peoples’ relationship to the site or object? Does it give people a different sense of ownership? • What are the barriers to digital technology? • How are forms of existing community- based social value associated with sites and places addressed and transformed through engagement with 3D digital technologies?
  5. 5. Project Aims The ACCORD project is working together with communities across Scotland to co-design and co-produce 3D digital models of heritage places and monuments. ACCORD is taking the technologies of 3D modelling, recording, visualisation and printing out of the domain of specialists and experts. Together we seek to explore how forms of community-based social value associated with sites and places are addressed and transformed through engagement with 3D digital technologies (photogrammetry, RTI, 3D printing and sometimes Lidar).
  6. 6. ACCORD Activities: together we create • 3D records; RTI, Photogrammetry, 3D printing • Using consumer level technology • Integrated with user generated contextual content and statements of social value in an open access online archive (at the Archaeology Data Service).
  7. 7. ACCORD Workshop • Photogrammetry • RTI (Reflective Transformation Imaging))
  8. 8. ACCORD Projects Camas Nan Geall, Ardnamurchan Glendaruel, Argyll and Bute Glasgow Necropolis Cullingsburgh, Shetland
  9. 9. Glendarual – rediscovering a cup-marked stone “It’s like magic!” Cathy, CGDT archaeology group member.
  10. 10. Glasgow Necropolis “The process itself forces you to examine the monument in detail” [the results] “focuses attention, enhances what is already there, made things visible [that I had] not seen before”
  11. 11. Ardnamurchan Copyright: RCAHMS 1976 Group felt that the results could not replace the original but could be used as an objective analytical tool
  12. 12. Cullingsburgh “[this process] allows for more possibilities for interpretation”
  13. 13. Sharing the results
  14. 14. Sharing the results
  15. 15. Conclusions?
  16. 16. Thank you! • Ardnamurchan Community Archaeology Group • Bressay Local History Group • Friends of Glasgow Necropolis • Glendaruel Community Woodland Archaeology Group • AHRC, Glasgow School of Arts, Archaeology Scotland, RCHAMS