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2016 EN quixevent.com_technology_small


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Updated presentation of agency based in Prague, Czech Republic.
See some of our Interactives, tangible installations, custom visual performance s and A / V technology for rent. provide worldwide live marketing services from A-Z.

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2016 EN quixevent.com_technology_small

  1. 1. About QUIX For more than 10 years now, our creative tribe has been exploring the possibilities of fantasy, limited only by physics and technology. We make an art of adapting the latest scientific advances into mind-blowing events, performances, and advertising solutions. We started as an A/V company, so we are able to provide professional services and operators and state-of-the-art technology worldwide. We are a full-service agency, and we prefer to participate in all aspects of our clients’ projects, from concept development and location scouting to video and interactive content creation and event production. We are event management professionals from the realms of design, ar- chitecture, scenography, video and music editing, programming, dance, digital and modern art, choreography, and drama. We are artists who love to combine today’s technology with human feel- ings to deliver new and unique experiences. — — —
  2. 2. 01 /SPECIALPRESENTATIONTOOLS Holographic stand | 1 Walled description / A portable projection shop window where a logo or a product is displayed as a 3D virtual object - Can be set into motion or made a part of a complex animation - An elegant presentation medium during events, as well as a spectacular item to be displayed in office space - The stand can be rented or manufactured on a bespoke basis according to the required dimensions
  3. 3. 02 description/SPECIALPRESENTATIONTOOLS Holographic stand | 3 Walled / A portable projection shop window where a logo or a product is displayed as a 3D virtual object - Can be set into motion or made a part of a complex animation - An elegant presentation medium during events, as well as a spectacular item to be displayed in office space - The stand can be rented or manufactured on a bespoke basis according to the required dimensions
  4. 4. 03 Invisible TV | Screen /SPECIALPRESENTATIONTOOLSdescription / A portable projection shop window where a logo or a product is displayed as a 3D virtual object - Can be set into motion or made a part of a complex animation - An elegant presentation medium during events, as well as a spectacular item to be displayed in office space - The stand can be rented or manufactured on a bespoke basis according to the required dimensions
  5. 5. 04 description / As a part of the gala dinner with our partner, Zátiší Catering, we surprised the guests at Sacre Coeur with a short mapping show on their plates and tables - After the show, a 5-course dinner was served - The event was rather demanding, we only had 4 days to bring it off and the client was delighted - We were in charge of the technical production of the event and video-data production TABLE MAPPING | Dinner /UNIQUEPROJECTIONS
  6. 6. 05 Interactive floor | Projection description/SPECIALPRESENTATIONTOOLS / The floor as a projection surface with visual content which reacts to steps - Can be used as a ground-based tool to present a logo, a new product or any other message, but it can also serve as a simple game application - Is both an entertainment and communication technology
  7. 7. 06 Touch screen | Touchpad description/SPECIALPRESENTATIONTOOLS / The touch-screen surface allows for browsing and working with the inserted content with no need for a keyboard or mouse - It is a simple, interactive tool which captures attention, informs and entertains- Is both an entertainment and communication technology - The program content of the device can have many forms – from a virtual catalogue (ideal for conferences or exhibitions) to a game application or a virtual contest
  8. 8. 07 Flying DECORATIONS | Shapes / Logos /SPECIALPRESENTATIONTOOLS / Flying shapes, logos, letters - 100% environment-friendly material - After take-off to the skies, it then disappears responsibly like steam over a boiling pot description
  9. 9. 08 description / An impressive outdoor presentation of logos and animations which will draw attention even at a long distance - Images can be screened by using both traditional and laser projection techniques - The connection of modules / screens is based on the WatchOut system offers an exceptional image quality - Thanks to edge blending, it is possible to create a projection surface of virtually infinite length - The projection take place directly from a car so the preparation is very quick special projections | Mobile & Panoramic /UNIQUEPROJECTIONS
  10. 10. Virtual promoter | Presenter /SPECIALPRESENTATIONTOOLSdescription 09 / Virtual, efficient and dynamic communication instead of common infoproducts - Futuristic and attractive design - Available on a 24/7 basis, remotely controlled - Perfect as a non-traditional presentation tool as an infopoint - Visual appearance is not pre-defined and can be modified at will
  11. 11. SAND DRAWING | Fragille /SPECIALPRESENTATIONTOOLSdescription 10 / Fascinating and fragile, the art of hand drawing in sand - The skilful moves are captured by camera in real time and transmitted into devices of all kinds e.g. plasma screens, bare walls, any other imaginable screens as well as the water wall - You can choose from a variety of eye catching and dynamic shows or let us design your own custom made performance for you. If this is not enough, we can incite audience participation letting them experience the magic of sand drawing
  12. 12. Light DRAWING | Disappear /SPECIALPRESENTATIONTOOLS 11/ Painting with light is breathtaking painting technique that uses a light source for emitting area. - This technique created image, or portrait gradually darkens and finally disappear - Ideal to use such a show are parties and parties of all kinds - The technique can be used in two variants ie. a performance and workshop description
  13. 13. 12 description / Afascinating space show - A selection from several types of laser projections - Laser beam shows (make use of lines and trajectories of laser beams) - 3D visualizations and animations – will highlight logos and product visuals - Projections into a laser net – the projected images look as if they were flying in the air /LASERTECHNOLOGIES LaserShow | Space show
  14. 14. 13 LaserNet | Maze description / A light maze made up of laser beams that are able to detect movement - When detecting movement, lasers can change colors or give voice or sound signals - Darkness required for implementation /LASERTECHNOLOGIES
  15. 15. 14 description LaserMan | Performance / LaserMan moves vertical beams with his own hands to create a wide variety of patterns - He can even break laser beams, tear them from the ground or transform them into a hi-tech musical instrument – laser harp - In 2012, QUIX upgraded this technology and created the blue LaserMan, a world’s unique concept /LASERTECHNOLOGIES
  16. 16. 15 description Q-Motion | Music on the move /LASERTECHNOLOGIES / A brand-new entertainment technology made by QUIX - Combines elements of the Vjing projection with electronic music creation - Both the graphics and sounds can be set according to the client’s wish - We recommend checking out the video
  17. 17. 16 LaserHarph | Musical instrument description / A visual musical instrument that can be used both by the performer and the event visitors - Requires a dark space and disabling of fire alarms /LASERTECHNOLOGIES
  18. 18. Laser Graffiti | Laser painting 17 description/LASERTECHNOLOGIES / Light pictures and writings painted by using a laser pointer on both near and distant walls or buildings - In case of outdoor application on distant surfaces, LaserGraffiti meets the purpose of a mobile medium which can address and captivate even the unsuspecting public situated far away from the center of action - At the same time, Laser Graffiti is a great entertaining activity for guests at events - It is possible to paint pictures for fun or have a go at designing any types of products - The technology is suitable for both outdoor and indoor events
  19. 19. 18 description / A remotely controlled mini-helicopter with a built-in camera, suitable for both outdoor and indoor use - Takes full HD photos and videos from a bird’s eye view - Capable of taking photos and videos both in flying and hanging position and can return exactly to a predefined photographing / filming position - It is safe: even if one of its six engines fails, it will land smoothly and in a controlled manner /GADGETS DraganFlyer | Dron
  20. 20. 19 description Personalized access | QR code / Access to events can be personalized in a variety of ways by using codes - It is possible to divide messages into groups or address every visitor by their names - The code can be placed right on an invitation card or on an entrance ticket - Another option is printing the code on VIP bracelets /GADGETS
  21. 21. 20 description / Segway without handlebars - Thanks to a modified chassis you control the machine with your body, without using your hands - Can be also used as a supplementary activity for guests at events or as a ‘hi-tech host’ - Free hands = an ideal mobile means of distribution - Supplied along with drivers, who can be provided with outfits matching the type and character of the event MobileMan | Segway /GADGETS
  22. 22. 21 LED Interactive entrance | LED Gate description / The entrance to a space, the first impression - you enter the gates which will greet you automatically, detect you and, at the same time, display any message on the projection screen /GADGETS
  23. 23. 22 description / A technological bartender who mixes drinks from cylinders according to keyboard instructionsn - The ideal option is to choose drinks in various colors, to make the process more spectacular - The beverage then travels through see-through tubes down to the bottom cup - It’s a sort of color symphony - Can be completed with audio effects or one-liners DrinkOrgan | Technological bartender /GADGETS
  24. 24. 23 description / The only color-keying photo booth on the market - A choice of up to 6 photo backgrounds - Both the kiosk and photos can be branded - Photos can be printed right on the spot or sent by e-mail - Minimum space required: 2 x 5m photokiosk | Instant photos /GADGETS
  25. 25. 24 description / DJ’s mixer as a see-through touch-screen display - The audience will not miss any single movement of the DJ’s hand - Allows the audience to gain deeper insight into this art, thus enriching the music experience with an extra visual aspect - The DJ can be dressed up in an extravagant costume and taught a few dance and movement bits /MULTIMEDIAENTERTAINMENT DJ’s Emulator | Touch-screen display
  26. 26. 25 description / A revolutionary instrument for collective music creations - The players place small cubes and plates with various symbols on the top desk and these symbols will be connected by light beams so that it can be seen which objects are reacting to each other at the moment - The cubes represent sounds, while the plates represent effects which allow you to influence the sounds - Can be also ordered as a separate performance by a professional performer Reactable | Music interaction /MULTIMEDIAENTERTAINMENT
  27. 27. 26 description / A camera that gives no regard to image or styling, but penetrates under one’s skin - The resulting photograph will show the person in thermal scale colors according to heat intensity distribution - The infra camera does not take photos in a visible spectrum, but in a spectrum of infra rays, which have a different wave length than the rays perceived by our eyes - Infra photographs can serve as an original keepsake from a corporate party, can be branded InfraCamera | Thermal scan /MULTIMEDIAENTERTAINMENT
  28. 28. 27 description / A technology that allows for controlling the movement of an object projected on film screen by waving hands from side to side - An application designed for collective entertainment - Its principle is based on scanning the hand movements of people in the room - The system will evaluate the movement of the majority and translate these findings into data that controls, in a synchronized manner, the movements of a given object on the screen from left to right and vice versa HumanJoystick | Collective entertainment /MULTIMEDIAENTERTAINMENT
  29. 29. 28 description / An entertaining parlor game for those who still have some playfulness inside - The principle is simple: on a wall, film screen or e.g. a building façade we will project the application’s content where random visual objects are moving and the player’s task is to hit these objects with a laser beam - The visual design and content of the application can be tailored to the client’s requirements SpaceGame | Laser beam /MULTIMEDIAENTERTAINMENT
  30. 30. 29 description / An intelligent robotic sphere controlled by a smartphone or tablet - Can move in any direction, controlling the ball is intuitive: just give the device a tilt and move over the display and the magic ball will response swiftly to everything - Changes its color thanks to built-in diodes - The technology is compatible with operating systems Android, Apple iOS or Windows Phone MagicBall | Intelligent robotic sphere /MULTIMEDIAENTERTAINMENT
  31. 31. 30 description / A truly unique music experience - You don’t disturb the people around without having to wear headphones - You just come and stand up on special boards which, through vibrations, will convey music into your body as if you were standing right in front of a set of loudspeaker boxes SoundFloor | Unique music experience /MULTIMEDIAENTERTAINMENT
  32. 32. 31 description / Fascinating projections on buildings during which a house gets a brand new façade or collapses in a split of a second (visually) - It is unique by making maximum use of, and putting emphasis on, architectonic elements and features of the building concerned - It is a sophisticated type of projection based on a very detailed prior survey of the building concerned - The script and content of each projection is always based on the message to be communicated or character of the event /UNIQUEPROJECTIONS Building mapping | Projections on buildings
  33. 33. 32 description / Special projection tailor made to particular objects - During these visualizations, characteristic elements and shapes are dealt with in detail - This technology makes use of e.g. cars, scenes or people to create yet another type of spatial illusion - Via laser or projection Object mapping | Projections on objects /UNIQUEPROJECTIONS
  34. 34. 33 description / A water screen can be created on rivers, ponds, lakes or even swimming pools - Can be easily installed even on dry land by installing a pool – an artificial water - The images make an impression as if they were rising directly from the water surface or as if they hovered right above the water - It is possible to project separate visuals as well as continuous animations, whether through traditional projection or in combination with lasers (the image quality is dependent on weather conditions) water screen projections | Outdoor /UNIQUEPROJECTIONS
  35. 35. 34 description / Impressive projection of images on a gentle ‘waterfall’ artificially created for indoor applications - The water screen is assembled from three-meter modules - Images can be separated, thereby creating e.g. two side screens on the scene - Water can fall from a height of 2 - 10 meters into a pre-installed pool from which the water is circulated back by a pump - Suitable for traditional and laser projections and their combinations water screen projections | Indoor /UNIQUEPROJECTIONS
  36. 36. 35 description / A see-through and walk-through projection wall from a thin layer of dry fog - Creates an illusion of images flying in the air - It is optimally installed right in the premises where the event is held or as an entrance to the main hall so that everyone has to pass through it and thus no-one will miss the projected message - Ideal as a captivating presentation of products at corporate events, fashion shows, cinemas or other public spaces FogScreen | Projection wall from dry fog /UNIQUEPROJECTIONS
  37. 37. Thank you for your attention Contact: Phone: +420 775 157 630 | |