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QUIX Art Of Inspiration [english version]


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QUIX Art Of Inspiration [english version]

  2. 2. Building QQUIX is headquartered in a reconstructed boiler house. The building houses not only offices and storage space, but alsopremises for development and testing of technologies, rehearsal rooms and studios for rehearsing or filming or for creationof various tailor-made projects, as well as a versatile showroom .
  3. 3. Summary COMMUNICATION  UNIQUE PROJECTIONS  MULTIMEDIA ENTERTAINMENT AND PRODUCTION Building mapping Photo studioCommunication strategies Object mapping Infra cameraEvent marketing Outdoor water screen projections Human JoystickPromotion Indoor water screen projections Sand drawingProduction FogScreen QUIXIANOGuerilla marketing DrinkorganUnconventional media  LASER TECHNOLOGIES Fresh CubeExhibitions LaserShow Vote PhotoTeambuilding LaserMan Reactable LaserNet DJ Emulator EVENT EQUIPMENT LaserGraffitiStage LaserHarp  SPECIAL PRESENTATION TOOLSDecorations Interactive floorVideo Interactive CLV Holographic stand  GADGETS Draganflyer Mobileman Robocop
  5. 5. Communication strategyCommunication strategy is an integral part of our work, whether we are presenting a particular product or creating an event,congress or corporate event. Looking for and, in particular, finding a communication path to the client or customer is the keyto success. Every face has its name. And every company has its corporate name. Everyone of us has their way of thinking.And every company has its vision. Everyone of us is a unique personality. And every company has its own identity. Everyoneof us will die some day. However, the company can live on. Everything depends only on the strategy.
  6. 6. Event marketingEvent marketing is simply a ‘fun’ activity which attempts to draw the attention of potential customers through unconventionalevents. Emotional stimuli triggered by these events are aimed to support the image of the product being offered. In addition,these events usually garner considerable media attention.
  7. 7. PromotionWe specialize in unconventional, often one-time distributions and ad hoc promotions at places which are difficult to reach throughofficial distribution channels or where it would be too complicated and ineffective to create a long-term distribution andpromotion network, e.g. because of the seasonality of the site or product concerned. Such sites may include outdoor swimmingpools, university dormitories, shopping centers, etc.
  8. 8. ProductionWe produce events, unconventional media or multimedia shows. We can also produce various water structures, whether basedon scaffolding platforms or connected pontoons. So if you invent something without our help we will be pleased to at leastprovide you with seamless production of your show.
  9. 9. Guerilla marketingGuerilla marketing is a provocative, controversial and aggressive form of advertising which does not rely on the use of standardadvertising channels or which use these channels in an unconventional fashion. People are oversaturated with advertisingand they avoid it successfully. Only the unexpected can catch the public interest or shake people out of lethargy.
  10. 10. Unconventional mediaAccording to our classification, unconventional media are especially the carriers whose primary function is not the communicationof advertising messages. These include for example the equipment and facilities that are used by people on various locationson a daily basis, such as barrels with drinking water, snack or coffee vending machines, as well as trash bins at bus or tram stopsacross Prague. The better combination of the primary function of these carriers with a creative concept, the bigger advertisingimpact of these carriers.
  11. 11. ExhibitionsWe provide end-to-end solutions for exhibitions or trade fairs. Our full range of services spans from on-site examination, creativeproposal and 3D visualization to implementation and insurance of the project. We design presentation booths both for smalland large companies. We operate in the Czech Republic and in the whole of Europe. Our professional team will be happy toadvise you and take care of your exhibition or trade-fair implementation needs.
  12. 12. TeambuildingOur company owns a trademark for an event called ‘Secret Race’ (in Czech ‘Tajný závod’) which we organize for companieson a bespoke basis. We also organize traditional outdoor programs (we have our own equipment), sport competitions, eventswith a variety of themes (culture, knowledge, fantasy, etc.).
  14. 14. StageWe can deliver traditional roof structures, as well as unconventional arc-shaped solutions. We can build stagesup to 16×12 meters, including sound and lights. We can provide sound equipment for small events as well as for big bands.Our light equipment includes light decorations, wireless lights and other unconventional light design features.
  15. 15. DecorationsTo create scene design and decorations we have a well-equipped workshop of our own and a studio even for large-scaleinstallations. We use well-proven decoration modules, or we create stage and event design on a bespoke basis.
  16. 16. VideoFor video purposes, we use various types of unconventional screens, including round-shaped and panoramic screens,or we deliver projection solutions by using foils and focusing screens. We also have plasma screens, LED walls(both LED modules and trucks) and strong projectors. During implementations, we rely on the WatchOut system.
  19. 19. Building mappingFascinating projections on buildings during which the house gets a brand new façade or during which the house collapsesin a split of a second (only visually of course). Compared to traditional projections, mapping is unique by making maximum useof, and putting maximum emphasis on, architectonic elements and features of the building concerned. Thus, building mappingis a very sophisticated type of projection which is based on a detailed prior survey of the building in question. The scriptand content of each projection is always based on the message to be communicated or on the type of the event.
  20. 20. Object mappingSpecial projection which is tailor made to particular objects whose characteristic elements and shapes are dealt with in detailduring these visualizations. This technology makes use of e.g. cars, stages/scenes or people to create yet another type of spatialillusion via laser or projection.
  21. 21. Outdoor water screen projectionsProjections on a water screen create a very impressive scenery charged with emotions. The images make an impressionas if they were rising directly from the water surface or as if they hovered right above the water. It is possible to project separatevisuals as well as continuous animations, whether through traditional projection or in combination with lasers. A water screencan be easily installed even on dry land by installing a pool – an artificial water reservoir. The image quality is naturallydependent on the current weather conditions.
  22. 22. Indoor water screen projectionsImpressive projections of images on a gentle ‘waterfall’ artificially created for indoor applications. From a distance,the transparency of the water screen creates an impression of images freely levitating in space. The water screen is assembledfrom three-meter modules. Therefore, it can be 3, 6, 9… meters wide. Water can fall from a height of 2 – 10 meters (accordingto ceiling height) into the pre-installed pool, from where the water is circulated back by a pump. Thus, the device constitutesa closed circuit with no need to supply new water.
  23. 23. FogScreenA see-through and walk-through projection wall from a thin layer of dry fog which creates an illusion of images flying in the air.Most frequently, it is installed directly in the premises where the event is held or as an entrance to the main hall so that theguests can or must pass through it. The amazing images created by FogScreen will arouse the interest of everyone. Therefore,the FogScreen technology is used so often at product launches, trade fairs, corporate events, fashion shows, in restaurants,cinemas, night clubs, museums…
  25. 25. LaserShowA fascinating space show as the highlight of your events. You can choose from several types of laser projections, from laser beamshows (which make use of lines and trajectories of laser beams) and 3D visualizations and animations, which will highlightyour logos and product visuals, to projections into a laser net, with the projected images looking like as if they were flyingin the air right above your head.
  26. 26. LaserManWhen an illuminated figure appears in absolute darkness in front of the audience, nobody has an idea of what is going to happenin the next several minutes. The man on the stage, who rightfully calls himself ‘LaserMan’, moves vertical beams with his ownhands to create various patterns. Moreover, he can also break laser beams, tear them from the ground or transform theminto a hi-tech musical instrument – a laser harp. In 2012, QUIX upgraded this technology and created the blue LaserMan,the world’s unique concept.
  27. 27. LaserNetA light maze made up of laser beams that are able to detect movement. We are all familiar with captivating scenes from actionmovies where the main hero appears a few meters from some precious statue, but to get it the hero needs to pass througha security laser net. You can experience this action-packed entertainment live thanks to our LaserNet. When detectingmovement, lasers can change colors or give voice or sound signals. We can teach them everything you wish. It’s obviousthat this show must take place in darkness.
  28. 28. LaserGraffitiLight pictures and writings painted by using a laser pointer on both near and distant walls or buildings. In case of outdoorapplication on distant surfaces, LaserGraffiti meets the purpose of a mobile medium which can address and captivatethe unsuspecting public situated far away from the center of action. At the same time, LaserGraffiti is a great entertainingactivity for guests at your events, who can paint pictures for fun or have a go at designing any types of products. This makesthe technology suitable for both outdoor and indoor events.
  30. 30. Photo studioA technique of composition of a person and one-color background which allows for subsequent incorporation of the personinto any environment. You can choose any atmosphere into which your guests or clients will be incorporated after the photois taken. The photographs can be branded or unified by corporate identity design. The photos can be collected during the eventor can be subsequently sent by e-mail.
  31. 31. Infra cameraA camera that gives no regard to image or styling, but penetrates under the skin. The resulting photograph will show you in thermalscale colors according to heat intensity distribution. The infra camera does not take photos in a visible spectrum, but in a spectrumof infra rays, which have a different wavelength than the rays perceived by our eyes. At night, in total darkness, people can be seenthrough the infra camera, because their bodies are warmer than the surroundings. Infra photographs can serve as an originalkeepsake from a corporate party.
  32. 32. Human JoystickA technology that allows for controlling the movement of an object projected on film screen by waving one’s hands from sideto side. Human Joystick is an application designed for collective entertainment. The ‘human controller’ principle is basedon scanning the hand movements of people in the room. The system will evaluate the movement of the majority and translatesthese findings into the data that controls, in a synchronized manner, the movements of a given object on the screen from leftto right and vice versa.
  33. 33. Sand drawingAn amazing technique of painting by moving one’s hand in the sand. Smooth strokes and emerging pictures are continuouslyrecorded and displayed in real time on the attached screen. An entertaining and creative way to make your parties more fun.The picture can be projected onto a plasma screen, a film screen or even a water wall.
  34. 34. QUIXIANOQUIXIANO is a giant keyboard which starts to sound under the feet of hopping performers. Just as with a traditional pianoor electric stage piano, the tone generation mechanism is based on pushing or pressing the keys with one’s feet. Thus, playingQUIXIANO combines music creativity and performance with a sport activity. QUIXIANO is a very sophisticated musictechnologyand allows one to play basically any piece of music. Our performers will create and rehearse a playlist of compositions thatare suitable for your event or, alternatively, you may choose yourself which songs should be performed during the event.QUIXIANO is the latest hit from QUIX’s own production. According to availableinformation, QUIXIANO is absolutely unique in Europe both as a technologyand as a performance. It was released at the end of April 2012 and it becameinstantly useful at various events either as a separate show or as a popularworkshop for guests.QUIXIANO also registered success during this year’s popular contest CzechoslovakiaGot Talent, where it has been so far chosen as one of the first 16 semifinalists.
  35. 35. DrinkorganVending machine bartender that will serve you a drink based on a sequence you enter on the keyboard. For the best performancefill up the valves with colourful liquids. The machine will then process them through transparent hoses enabling you to experiencea symphony of colours with tasty ending. Extra features like sound effects and messages can be added.
  36. 36. Fresh CubeA refreshing device that is ideal for summer outdoor events. It can blow wind with the force of a windstorm, it can send waterspray to a distance of 20 meters, it can take photos and then store, display and share these photos on the Internet or Facebook.This device was developed specially for Wrigley as an interactive means of communication during its 5 Gum promo campaign.Fresh Cube was one of the most popular attractions of the 2011 summer festivals, as evidenced by approx. 1 700 photos takenper day .
  37. 37. Vote PhotoAn interactive technology with a touch screen and memory, combining the functions of a browser (browsing through a catalog)with the option to cast a vote. Photographs are transparently ordered on a strip in the bottom section of the screen. By clickingon a photo you will enlarge it and in a similar fashion you can also vote for your favorite photograph. We supply this applicationon a plasma screen or as a kiosk which – just as the virtual background of the touch screen – can be branded accordingto your needs (corporate identity, logo, patterns, color blends…).
  38. 38. ReactableA revolutionary instrument for collective music creations. It can be also ordered as a separate performance by a professionalperformer. Reactable allows several people to come together and simultaneously project their unique ideas into the musicwhich is being born. The players place small cubes and plates with various symbols on the top desk and these symbols will beconnected by light beams so that it can be seen which objects are reacting to each other at the moment. The cubes representsounds, while the plates represent effects which allow you to influence the sounds.
  39. 39. DJ EmulatorDJ panel as a see-through touch screen which allows the audience to follow every single movement of the DJ’s hands.DJ Emulator gives spectators the opportunity to get in-depth look at disk-jockeying skills and enriches the music experiencewith a visual element… Especially when we provide the DJ with an extravagant outfit and teach him a few dance and movementtricks.
  41. 41. Interactive floorThe floor as a projection surface with visual content which reacts to steps on the projection surface. Interactive floor can be usedas a ground-based tool to present a logo, a new product or another message, but it can also serve as a simple game application.Thus, interactive floor is both an entertainment and communication technology which will liven up the boring atmosphereof entrance halls, arouse the interest of visitors in overcrowded shopping centers and entertain people during any type of socialevent.
  42. 42. Interactive CLVA multifunctional advertising medium which will transform passers-by into the face of your campaign. It allows for takinga photograph and writing a message and then displays the resulting ‘calling card’ on the screen. The interactive showcaseis comprised of a plasma screen and an interactive interface with a keyboard and a web camera. And how does the applicationwork? Just come to the showcase, have a photo taken of you and write your message. Both the photo and message will gothrough authorization and will be then displayed on a plasma screen.
  43. 43. Holographic standA portable projection shop window where a logo or a product is displayed as a three-dimensional virtual object which can be setinto motion or made a part of a complex animation. The dancing 3D animation will catch the attention of everyone passing by.The holographic stand is an elegant presentation medium during events, as well as a spectacular item to be displayed in officespace. Besides rental options, we can also produce the stand according to your specified dimensions.
  44. 44. GADGETS
  45. 45. DraganflyerA remotely controlled mini-helicopter with a built-in camera which takes Full HD photos and videos from a bird’s eye view. Thanksto the state-of-the-art technologies, Draganflyer is capable of taking photos and videos both in flying and hanging position and canreturn exactly to a predefined photographing/filming position. One of the main advantages of Draganflyer is its safety. Even if oneof its six engines fails, the mini-helicopter will land smoothly and in a controlled manner. The mini-helicopter is electrically poweredand so its operation is extremely silent, which makes Draganflyer suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.
  46. 46. MobilemanSegway without handlebars. Thanks to a modified chassis you control the machine with your body, without using your hands.Mobileman can be also used as a supplementary activity for guests at events or as a ‘hi-tech host’ or as a mobile meansof distribution where having free hands is very useful. We will supply Mobileman along with drivers, who will be providedwith outfits matching the type and character of the event.
  47. 47. Robocop’Small but handy!’ or a miniature robotic assistant which can dance, present or moderate. Thanks to its size, Robocop is suitablefor smaller events, exhibitions and supplementary programs.
  48. 48. CONTACT INFO MR. QUIX QUIX, s.r.o.Prague, Czech RepublicWWW.QUIX.CZ