Equestrian sport.


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Equestrian sport.

  1. 1. Equestrian sport.
  2. 2. I`d like to tell you about equestrian sport because I do love horses.
  3. 3. In the history of civilization horses occupy a special place. Many centuries have been unthinkable without them. Thanks horses travelers have discovered the world, and merchants were transporting loads. In the XX century, horse and human relationships changed in many ways. Horse has become an equal participant sports.
  4. 4. Equestrian sport is included in the Summer Olympic Games since 1900.
  5. 5. Equestrian sport is one of the most entertaining sports! History of equestrian sport has more than 3,000 years. Development of equestrian sport continues in our time. Equestrian sport is always diverse, spectacular, impressive and interesting. Horses and horsemen are gorgeous to look at.
  6. 6. Things to control the horse. bridle martingale whip spurs korda scourge
  7. 7. Means of horse`s protection. horsecloth bandages Protection Boots rubber Cobourg
  8. 8. Outfit of rider. helmet shoes cragie breeches jacket gloves
  9. 9. Equestrian sports include such kinds as: Dressage; Jumping; Triathlon; Reining - a type of Western Sports; Driving; Runs; Vaulting; Lady riding; Polo; Bayga.
  10. 10. This sport is very interesting and exciting.
  11. 11. But it is also a very dangerous sport.
  12. 12. A variety of troubles can happen.
  13. 13. As for me I love horses and equestrian sports.