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Cadet album

  1. 1. Муниципальное бюджетное образовательное учреждение «Средняя общеобразовательная школа №90 п.Кулой» Вельского района Архангельской области
  2. 2. In our school there are several cadet formations, for example, “Nord” and “Cadet”. They include the students of different classes and ages. But in 2011 two cadet classes were set up in our school. At the beginning of the day cadets have ordinary subjects: Russian, Literature, Algebra, Geometry, English, Physics, Geography and so on. But then, after these lessons, special cadet disciplines begin. Cadet life is so unusual, interesting, but sometimes hard. It takes a lot of efforts and time. But we are proud of our cadet school life.
  3. 3.  Etiquette  History of the Armed Forces  History of the cadet movement  Choreography and ballroom dancing  Tourism  Drill training  Fire training  Medical training  Physical training  Safety of life activity  Army close fight
  4. 4.  Students and teachers like the ceremony when the cadets of different formations raise our national flag. Straight legs and clear steps… It is very impressive and exciting! At this moment everybody is proud of this school and, of course, our great country.
  5. 5.  Training games and competitions are regularly held on the territory of our school.
  6. 6.  Cadets are very athletic children. In the class there are many winners of various competitions not only in the school but also at the district and regional levels in such kinds of sport as football, basketball, volleyball. They enjoy close fight and learn the art of self-defence.
  7. 7.  Our teachers look at us with pride. We like to be the cadets because they differ from other students. Honor, conscience, discipline are not just words for us. We try to keep Russian traditions and to be the best.
  8. 8.  To be a cadet means to study well, to be disciplined, polite and patriotic, to be active and take part in school activities. A cadet in need is a cadet indeed!
  9. 9.  I believe that only honest, responsible and motivated students can be called cadets. They must defend the honor of the school and strive for the future victories and triumphs. I hope that the number of cadet classes in our school will grow. It is a good perspective for the next generations.
  10. 10. You know, there are a lot of talented and gifted students in school №90, which is the best school in Velsky district. Most of them are cadets. There was a ceremony of awarding the best cadets who achieved a lot, trained properly, studied well and set school records. They were given honorary ranks. There is a special “Board of Fame” with portraits and main achievements of the awarded cadets.
  11. 11.  We were happy to meet Mitlinov Nikolai Ivanovich, who was the participant of the Olympic torch relay in Arkhangelsk. He told interesting facts about the Olympic Games, let us hold the torch and make photos. It was really a great event for our school.
  12. 12.  We are cadets, brave and strong, Lazy? Stupid? It is wrong! Like to study, help, compete, We are real friends indeed.