Horse Riding


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Horse Riding

  1. 1. HORSE RIDINGBy Alina G-D
  2. 2. When horses were first around they were wild like a zebra istoday. Although they were first in North America, when peoplestarted adventuring around the world, horses were extinct inNorth America. The only horses were in central Asia, wherethey ate long grass and multiplied. They also ate native applesand carrots (thats why horses love apples and carrots eventoday!). At about 100 000 BC when people arrived first inCentral Asia, they killed horses for their meet and even moreso their skin, so they could make leather hides for their clothesand for tents and tools.
  3. 3. People in central Asia began to tame horses, todomesticate them, to eat them and to use then to carrythings at around 4000 BC. It was probably the Indo-Europeans who lived in Central Asia who tamed horses fortheir own use first. The first horses were too small forpeople to ride until they got bred bigger so then peoplecould ride them.
  4. 4. Barrel racing is a sport you do on horseback. It startedwhen women wanted to have an event that‟s was fair andchallenging but they wanted it to be competitive. Theythen had an idea for taking 3 55 gallon drums (we nowcall them 44s) and setting them up in clover leaf shapedpattern, with one right turn and to lefts. They all thengot their husbands roping horses a went through thecourse they were timed and the lady with the fastesttime would win.
  5. 5. Pole bending is a simple race all you need to do iscross the start/finish line and bend through six evenlyspaced poles starting with the first pole on your right,the second on your left, etc. When you reach the lastone you go right round and bend back down. The onlypenalty is when you knock a pole and that is 5 secondsadded.
  6. 6. Hacking is an event where you get judged on how wellyour horse is collected and how well you control it inall paces (Walk, trot, and canter.) and you might beasked to go from a halt to a canter an all the thingslike that to see how educated your horse is. You canbe judged on the ring or you can be given a set workout. There is one judge and a person that writes allthe results down.
  7. 7. Dressage competitions the rider and horse areexpected to do some “predetermined movements” orfigures just out of memory. They will compete in aflat rectangle arena , around the arena is a very lowrail with 12 letters symmetrically placed to showwere movements should start and finish or to showwhere you should change you place or lead.
  8. 8. The horse institution started a sub branch scheme inall different parts encouraging horse riding. Theyalso ran events for adults, some of them started toorganize and running gymkhanas for kids. This was apre-pony club. The earliest recorded gymkhana wasin 1928. Now we have pony club rally days,gymkhanas, pony camps, trail rides, horse sportsand the list goes on and on.
  9. 9. CROSS COUNTRYNo, cross country is not where you cross the countryon a horse. It’s where you go on a route with lots ofjumps of all kinds ( water jumps, walls, and log) theyare all usually high but it depends on the age group. Ittests you speed and also the riders knowledge ofpaces.
  10. 10. TENT PEGGINGTent pegging came around because of the war when they put upthe tents and it came a practise. Know there is all types of stuffyou can do like when you have a long stick with a sharp pointyspick at the end an you have to spear and pick up some sheetson card board, also you have to pop balloons with a gun shapedhandle with a spick on the end and you jump over smallclavately jumps, you hold a long spear and canter along andhook rings threw it that are hanging from a stand.
  11. 11. SHOW JUMPINGShow jumping is when you have 3-4 judges that have set out a course,which is lots of jumps and you have to jump over them in a set orderyou have a time limit and they ring the bell if you go over that or theywill ring the bell if your horses refuses more than three times. Theyoften decorate the jumps by putting trees, tyres etc. Beside the jumpsthis is to make it look good and to see if your horses is trained enoughto not shy.
  12. 12. BRIDLESBridles are usually made out of leather or they can be made outof plastic. They have a „bit‟ which goes in their mouth and youcan con troll then with the reins that are attached.SADDLESSaddles come in all different shapes and sizes and are made outof all different materials. A saddle has three main parts thestirrups which is where you put your feet, the seat where it ispadded and that‟s were you sit and the saddle flaps on eitherside.
  13. 13. PRESENTING YOUR HORSEPresenting your horse at a champion level is a lot of work.1. Washing, rugging and brushing-when you wash, rug and brush your horse it makes them shiny and their coat will be short soft and shiny.2. The main-the horses main can be done in many different ways the most popular is rosettes , the main is plated wound up and is sown together to keep it in place. Hair spray can also be used.3. Your saddle bridle etc.- Your saddle has to be a riding saddle not western it must as well as your bridle must be tidy.4. Hooves- you can paint the hooves black you can also paint the horses legs muzzle and eyes with horse make up, yep there is such a thing.5. The rump- you can put patterns and glitter on the horses rumps.
  14. 14. HORSE BREEDSThere are lots of breeds of horses, you get a differentbreed of horse when you cross some breedstogether. Stock horse Welsh pony Quarter horse Mountain pony Miniature pony Appaloosa Arab Shetland And many more
  15. 15. THE COLOUR OF A HORSEHorses can come in all different colours e.g. Chestnut Grey Palomino Dapple grey Paint Appaloosa Black Blue grey Roan PintoSome colours like ‘appaloosa’ can be a breed as well.
  16. 16. HORSE RIDERSJohn Whitakerhe is one of the best British riders. He rides in international showjumping. He has won medals at the Olympics, European and WORLDchampionships.Mary Kinga very good three day eventer (dressage jumping and cross country).She has won bronze, silver and gold medals in three day eventing.Kathy Stewart She is an instructor with Ken Faulkner and is a member of Australianatural horse man ship and she founds this organisation students comefrom all over seas and study natural horse handling.
  17. 17. FAMOUS HORSE Black CaviarBlack Caviar was undefeated in 24 races as of march this year,she is an Australian thoroughbred mare. For over 100 years hersuccess record has not been the same. She weighs 620kg,standing 1.65m. She is a very well known horse through outAustralia especially Brisbane where she was born
  18. 18. WAR HORSESThe most famous group of horses that went to war is called thelight horses and that’s were a group of soldiers had no hope atall so they all stood in a line and charged towards the firing gunsand grenades etc. About all of the horses and riders died or gotvery badly injured but it went down in history a killed a lot of theopposition.
  19. 19. TROPHIESThere are many kinds of trophies you can win for differentevents different horses and different age groups also there aredifferent ones for all the levels( beginner- Olympics standard)also when you do the school horses sports and gymkhanasthere are ribbons usually from first place to fifth place and thereare set colours for each which is pretty much the colours of othersports except third is white.
  20. 20. A horse stud is a sort of business where they breedhorses they can choose what breeds they want, andthen they can keep the good ones and train them upso they will sell for a lot more or they sell them straitaway they all have really good names. The mostpopular horse stud is scone there is so many studsthere.
  21. 21. HORSE SPORTSHorses sports is when a equestrian team from all schools cometogether and compete in hack and sporting events and getpoints for your school there sometimes is a best presentedschool where every school team where their school uniform andpresent their horses al very nicely they get jugged on that andget given a sash usually.
  22. 22. TRICK RIDINGTrick riding is most commonly seen at the circus it iswhere you do all the fun stuff on your horses likestand on it while its moving you also do stuff likearound the world and hang off the horse while itsgoing at a gallop. It is r3eally amazing to watch andthey always get dressed up in sparkly costumes.
  23. 23. At pony club standard there are 4 main paces halt, walk, trot, canter.But there is a hand gallop and a bol5t which is where you horse takesoff and goes really (very) fast. Halt- No movement at all. Walk-All four legs tread on the ground in regular succession in this sequence- left fore, right hind, right fore, left hind. This is called a four beat gait Trot-This is a two beat gait the diagonal feet fall at the exact same time, left fore with right hind and right fore with left hind.
  24. 24. HORSE GAITS CONTINUED Canter- At the canter the for leg (can be whatever side) leads while the other fore leg and the diagonal move together and the other hind leg moves by itself - a left fore lead) of right hind, then left hind with right fore, followed by left fore. This is a three beat gait. Gallop-At the gallop the stride is lengthened and the period when the horse is airborne is increased- with a left fore lead, right hind, followed by left hind slightly before right fore, followed by left fore. This is a four beat gait. Bolt-going flat out.
  25. 25.  Beginners.htm,Dressage/11732/0 ab&q=black+caviar&oq=black+ca&gs_l=hp.1.0.0i3j0l3.21758.33574.0.37629. 2112.6558.2-6j7-1j1j1.9.0...0.0...1c.1.7.psy- ab.5R0BFqUELQM&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.44158598,d.dGY&fp=4ff5f5d1 a8e50751&biw=1920&bih=985&safe=active