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Voluntary work and charity in people’s life in my hometown


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Voluntary work and charity in people’s life in my hometown

  1. 1. Проект: «Voluntary Work and Charity in People’s Life in my Hometown» УМК «English -7» Unit 3.”Can People Do Without You”? Авторы: Воронина Алёна 8 класс, Ларина Юлия 7 класс МБОУ Сергачская СОШ №2 Нижегородская область, город Сергач Учитель: Юрова Марина Владимировна
  2. 2. Voluntary Work and Charity in People’s Life in my Hometown
  3. 3. Schools in our town organise a lot of charity events. A lot of children are involved in voluntary. Cleaning up the nearest park or our school will be a nice present for making our town and our country a better place. We can get life experience, can make our contribution by planting trees and flowers.
  4. 4. We live in a town on the river Pjana. There are a lot of lakes in our hometown but rivers and lakes are polluted. We must keep our country tidy! A group of voluntreers helps to keep all water clean. They pick up litter on the banks of the rivers Pjana and Sergachka, the lake “Dolgoje”and “Plotina”. We rake leaves and litter in the school playground and in the streets of Sergach.
  5. 5. Project ”Eco-problems in my hometown” Aim: to find out what eco-problems are in my hometown and how we can save nature. A survey Mum Air pollution Dad Forests are cut down Andrew Destroying ozone Alex Some animals disappear Lisa Rivers are polluted
  6. 6. Mum Walk instead of going by car, plant trees and flowers, do not use chemicals if possible Dad Paper recycling saves a lot of trees, parks protect nature, limit using of wood Andrew We must use some chemicals, we should recycle garbage Alex Built parks for animals, wildlife ponds, not to disturb animals Lisa Don’t throw away garbage, don’t pollute water, save water Conclusion: We have some eco-problems. They are pollution, forests are cut down, destroying ozone, water pollution. They are dangerous for people and animals. Pollution spoils environment and damage the Earth. To save nature we must recycle litter, reduce energy use. Everyone can something to protect nature.
  7. 7. October 1st is International Day for the Elderly. We are involved in the celebrations every year. It is a terrific holiday to show how much we care about our parents and elderly relatives. It is also nice to provide them with our support and love.
  8. 8. An Ideal Volunteer This is what a volunteer should be like. Responsible - capable of responding to any reasonable claim, able to answer reasonably for one's conduct and obligations. Able to be trusted, reliable, trustworthy. Responsive - able to receive and respond to external stimuli. Susceptible to the feelings of others. Communicative - someone or something which tends to eagerly and effectively communicate. Courteous - showing regard or thought for others; especially, displaying good manners or etiquette. Organized - of a person, characterised by efficient organization. Hardy - having rugged physical strength, inured to fatigue or hardships. So, who can be a volunteer? In my opinion, everything depends on altruistic qualities of a person. It does not matter who you are and what you do. If you have no possibilities to do charity work, you can do voluntary work where it is needed. Time -Your extra time can brighten the day of a small child who needs a senior companion to talk to. Time is one of the most important things that you bring to volunteering. Experience - Your skills can make a world of difference to people around you. For example, if you had teaching experience in the past, you could share those skills by teaching a child how to read. Wisdom - Life knowledge is a wonderful gift to bring to volunteering, being able to understand what others are going through and being able to offer a lending hand or kind word can really make a difference in peoples' lives. Patience - Patience is a gift that few have, sitting with someone whom otherwise does not have someone willing to do so, which can greatly enhance the quality of life for someone who is isolated or ill.
  9. 9. Conclusion “The role of volunteering in our life” In my opinion, people should be involved in volunteer activities since school. Suppose this is not a global assistance, such as simply cleaning a park or a school yard. Children will have new friends, new skills and desire to help others, of course, if it is not mandatory.