Ecological situation in moscow city


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Ecological situation in moscow city

  1. 1. «Ecological Situation in Moscow City» Mary Diumina Kate Golubeva school №265, Moscow, 2014.
  2. 2. Hey! Good day everyone! We are Mary and Kate. We love the English language and our city very much. We think a lot about our hometown ecology, that is why we want touch the theme of our city ecological problems. We believe that pure nature remains one of the global topics nowadays.
  3. 3. Ecological Situation in Moscow City The ecological situation of Moscow is influenced by western and northwest winds of the city. The quality of city water resources is better in the northwest part of the city, higher by the Moskva River current. The preservation and development of squares, parks and trees in the yards, which were injured in recent years from dot building is the most important factor of the city ecosystem improvement.
  4. 4. Environmental monitoring in Moscow is carried out by 39 automatic stationary stations. They control the content of 22 polluting substances in the air and its general level of pollution. High level of pollution of the air is noted near large highways and industrial zones; especially in the center, in east and southeast parts of the city.
  5. 5. The highest level of air pollution in Moscow is observed in such areas as Kapotnya, Kosino-Ukhtomsky and Maryino — because of the Moscow Oil Refinery Plant located within the city. Krylatskoye, Kurkino, Mitino, Strogino and Yasenevo are thought to be the most environmentally friendly districts in Moscow.
  6. 6. Motor transport gases are on the first place among the sources of pollution in Moscow. Air thermal power plants, other plants and factories, even evaporations of the heated asphalt also pollute the air.
  7. 7. About 5 million tons of wastes are annually formed in Moscow. However the effective system of collecting, transportation and recycling garbage isn't developed. Moscow underground is not the most useful place for health in the city. Chemical researches of the air taken from the tube showed the excess of maximum permissible concentration of nitrogen dioxide, oxide and carbon dioxide.
  8. 8. The condition of today green plantings of Moscow leaves much to be desired. The landscape of such sites has a characteristic appearance: old trees are against a grass no more than 2-3 cm high. And almost there is total absence of vegetation of the intermediate size. Green plantings and the woods of Moscow are exposed to intensive influences of technogenic and anthropogenous loadings.
  9. 9. Every being must be environmentally friendly!
  10. 10. Northeast district today… is one of the cleanest areas in Moscow.
  11. 11. The northern part of the district is cleaner than the southern. There are no industrial zones which can seriously influence the ecology of this territory.
  12. 12. Every year we take part in cleaning program of our city. We sweep the paths. We plant trees.
  13. 13. We did a couple of environmental posters.
  14. 14. Remember! Clean city begins with your help!
  15. 15. Boney M. Don't kill the world Don't let her down. Do not destroy basic ground. Don't kill the world Our means of life. Lend ear to nature's cry.
  16. 16. Thank you for your attention! See you soon!