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Prolifics SAP Data Assessment


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Re-Establish trust with your data through a Prolifics Data Assessment

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Prolifics SAP Data Assessment

  1. 1. CONNECT WITH US: Running your business requires accurate operational data Improving your business requires trusted data for Predictive analytics All data based initiatives must proceed on a foundation of good, or known, data quality. Poor data quality is the primary reason for 40% of all business initiatives failing to achieve their targeted benefits. Data quality effects overall labor productivity by as much as 20% Re-Establish trust with your data through a Prolifics Data Assessment A Prolifics Data Assessment helps you: Identify the remediation steps necessary to avoid business interruption. Engage in an effective value- driven approach to data assessment and remediation. Reap the benefits of analytics and other data- related initiatives with confidence. Understand operational data quality and related issues Identify probable risks to operational process interruption and failure. Leverage asset library of 500+ reports along with targeted ad-hoc reporting to expose errors. You think your data quality is fine. Until... Have you lost trust in your data? Have confidence in your data. Enjoy a return to data confidence and trust. Processes, decisions, predictions disrupted. Fined for non-compliance. Without warning.