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Team Contract for Classroom Group Projects


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This is a team contract assignment that I use in my university classes. It can be adapted and modified for your purposes. You can learn more about how I use this assignment via a blog series I wrote at titled "A Guide To Setting Up Classroom Groups for Success."

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Team Contract for Classroom Group Projects

  1. 1. Shepherd University · Dr. Matthew J. Kushin Group Contract & RamificationsGroup Contract & Ramifications The group contract’s intention is to promote academic integrity among all group members. This is similar to the career world – meet the contract or face the consequences decided upon by the group, and any established by the class. (i.e., in the syllabus) You will be held accountable to these standards. At end of semester, students will conduct the “Group Report Card,” a self-assessment of every individual’s participation in group. Recourse Against Unproductive Teammates 1) Students Who Miss A Lot of Class *Enforced!* - Your participation in your team is at the core of this class. Students who have 4 unexcused absences will receive a full grade reduction; students with 5 will fail the class. 2) Requesting Grade Reduction on Unproductive Teammates: *NEW* - If a majority of students in a group are dissatisfied with the commitment of a group member on a project but do not want to fire them from the group, the majority can request the teammate does not receive full credit. They can recommend % reduction. Ex: 50% off, No credit. The professor will consider their request and appropriate action will be taken. 3) Firing Team Members – Encouraged! - After a few weeks into the semester, the professor will allow teams to fire any members of their team who they feel are not fulfilling their obligation to the team. A member must be warned first before they can be fired (see “Issue a Team Warning” document). Fired members can either 1) form a new team with other members who have been fired from their team, 2) be forced to work on their own. Members fired from a team, will retain all grades they earned prior to being fired. They will, however, receive a reduction in their overall participation grade and will lose all credit on team evaluations for projects completed. For more info about rules and procedures for firing team members – see “Petition to Fire Team Member” document available on course website. With consultation with the professor, extreme circumstances of unproductive members may warrant the firing of a group member without a warning being filed first. Instructions Work as a group to complete the below tasks. Turn in your signed sheet. It will be photocopied. 1 for each member. 1 copy for me. There are 3 parts to the assignment: 1. Contact Info: Enter each group member’s name, email and phone #. 2. Availability: Discuss your schedules & identify common times your group is available to meet. 3. Expectations for group work: Identify 4-5 expectations for each group member, and any consequences. Samples expectations: .Sample 1 We agree to: 1. Make sure that when we miss class that we contact the others in our group. 2. That we will work on every group assignments collaboratively. 3. Group members have the right by consensus to approach a group member who is not participating and ask them to leave the group at his/her loss. 4. Everyone needs to be at every meeting. If you are not able to make it to a meeting, be sure to tell your group members ahead of time with the above contact information Sample 2 1. In the result that I am unable to attend class, I will make it my personal responsibility to et any and all notes from my group. 2. Under any and all circumstances, I will get what work I am allotted to do, done and turned in on time. 3. The time and place of group meetings shall be agreed upon unanimously within our group. 4. I will be in attendance and prompt for each and every group meeting. Should an emergency arise that prevents e from attending a group meeting, I will notify my group members immediately. 5. I will do my share of the group work, there will never be an occasion where one group member does all of the work nor will there be a time when a group member does none of the work.
  2. 2. Shepherd University · Dr. Matthew J. Kushin Group ContractGroup Contract Contact Info 1) __________________________________________________________________ _ 2) __________________________________________________________________ _ 3) __________________________________________________________________ _ 4) __________________________________________________________________ _ 5) __________________________________________________________________ _ We are all Available: Group Expectations We agree to adhere to the above group expectations. Failure to do so may result in penalty decided upon by the group, and any established by the class in the course, syllabus. Signatures 1) ________________________________________ date: _________________ 2) ________________________________________ date: _________________ 3) ________________________________________ date: _________________
  3. 3. Shepherd University · Dr. Matthew J. Kushin 4) ________________________________________ date: _________________ 5) ________________________________________ date: _________________