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Ppt of final project viva voce

  1. 1. PRESENTED BY:PRASENJIT KUMAR ENR NO:DM1214260 SEC :- “G6” BATCH:- (2012-2014)
  2. 2. COMPANY INTRODUCTION COMPANY: BIHAR STATE CO-OPERATIVE MILK PRODUCERS FREDERATION LIMITED.   Year of Establishment :-1983  Business Type:- Exporter , Manufacturer , Supplier.  Capital in Rupees:- Rs. 10 crore  Export Percentage :- 20%  Sales Volume Rs.:- 500 crore  No of Staff :-750  Export Markets :-America, Britain, France, South East Asia, Russia and Gulf countries  Investment on Manufacturing Equipment:- Rs. 30 crore  Production Type :-Automatic  No of Engineers:-45
  3. 3. PRODUCTS               Sudha milk Sudha curd Sudha lassi Sudha kalakand Sudha rasagulla Sudha gulabjamun Sudha chease Sudha ghee Sudha butter Sudha cake Sudha misti dahi Sudha peda Sudha Rabri Sudha ice-cream 
  4. 4. SUDHA SECRET OF SUCCESS   Assured market.  Channel.  Packaging.  High quality product.  Looking back on the path traversed.  Technology.  Availability of raw material.  Staff of the village society.
  5. 5. OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY  The main objective of the study in this project we are going to study the following:  To investigate Market potential of Sudha Dairy Product in Gaya.  To know the preference of Customer and Retailer towards SUDHA milk.  To analyse the popularity and awareness level amongst the Customers and Retailer.
  6. 6. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY  For my project point of view, the method mainly used are: Survey by route ride:The survey method by route ride I usually went with Sudha van with salesman. I met the retailers from outlets to outlets. This survey method helps me a lot to Understand about the distribution system and to understand the problem of retailers and other people.  Personal interview by questionnaire technique:In this method the direct interaction of occurred with the retailers and I could collect the reliable information from them it has also cost disadvantage that’s why some were difficult to covered
  7. 7. SAMPLING TECHNIQUE:   Sampling unit: sampling unit consist of consumers & retailer, it mainly comprises of consumers in Gaya.  Sampling method: convenience sampling method. The sampling techniques involved in this project are convenience sampling technique. Convenience sampling is a type of nonprobability sampling in which people are sampled simply because they are "convenient" sources of data for researchers. The respondents were interviewed at various places like residence and outlet shop of milk products.  Sample size: It consists of 100 Consumers & 25 Retailers.
  8. 8. DATA COLLECTION METHODS   Primary Data:  In this method the various information are gathered for the very first time or we can say that it is a way of getting first-hand information. Primary data is gathered by interview, questionnaire. This primary data collection was major part of field survey.  SECONDARY DATA:  The information collection process and methodology which I followed secondary data with the help of Internal source (Life history, Letters, Diaries and Memory), External Sources (Book, Business Journals, Websites etc.) and other such modes of information generation.
  9. 9. METHODS OF ANALYSIS:   In order to analysis the data obtained from questionnaire various statistical tools were used like the percentage, charts were used.
  10. 10. Finding On the basis of survey, based on 100 respondents of customer and 25 retailers there are various findings given below:-  Customer:-   It was found that first 4 analyses show the potential of Sudha product in Gaya market.  It was found that analysis 5 to 7 show the customer preference and 8 to 10 show the popularity about Sudha milk. It shows the highly preferred brand is Sudha and it is most popular among customer.  It was found that analysis 11 to 12 show the customer awareness level about Sudha Milk and 13 to 15 show the customer satisfaction about Sudha. It shows that mostly customer aware the Sudha product through retailer.  Retailer: It was found that first 3 and 5 analyses show the market potential of Sudha product through customer visit on outlet It also show the popularity of Sudha milk.  It was found that analyses 4 to 8 show preference level retailers about Sudha milk.  It was found that analyses 9 &10 show the retailer’s satisfaction level about Sudha milk.
  11. 11. CONCLUSION  After Completing the Study Related to the project, We Draw Following Conclusion Customer: Among competitor the sale of Sudha’s is very high and Most of customer prefers Sudha’s product than other.  Sudha is top in the list among different brand in Gaya. Retailer: Retailers feel good on the profit margin being provided by the organization.  During our project, we find that the distribution channel of Sudha is not very good in Gaya region.  It was found that 80% retailers satisfied with the care taken by the organization in case of increase in demand while 20% are against it.  Retailers sell Sudha brand over other brands due High demand.
  12. 12. SUGGESTION  by the company to every distributor  A complain Register should be provided in every route so that, retailers/customers can write their problems. The complaint register should be checked by consumer executive and depot in charge at time to time.  Facilities provided by the company should be increased. Facilities requirements should be fulfilled in all the rural and urban area properly after deeply study for various aspects or retailers by the help of company employee and depot in charge.  The company should improve the distribution policy.  Sudha Dairy should be provided it’s the rural area also.
  13. 13. BIBLIOGRAPHY  BOOK:  Kotler. Philip,& Armstrong. Gary ,( 2006), Principals of marketing 11thEdition.,publication Malhotra .Naresh K. ,(2007) , Marketing Research-An Applied Orientation, 5th Edition. WEBSITES:      www.COMPFED.co.in www.indiandairy.com/editoria www.business.fmcg.org www.sudha.com www.marketing.sudha.co.in Sudha wikipedia SEARCH ENGINES: Articles: www.google.com Competitors, www.yahoo.com Attractive features of the Company
  14. 14. QUESTIONNAIRE FOR CONSUMER (For the GAYA market survey of Sudha Dairy Product) NAME:______________________________________________________ ADDRESS:___________________________________________________ CONTACT NUMBER:__________________________________________ 1. What is the Occupation of consumers? A. House wives B. Student C. Self employed 2. How many members in your family? A. 2 to 4 B. 4 to 6 C. 6 to 8 D. Public sector E. Privet sector D. >=8 3. Are You regular user of packed milk or not? A. Yes B. No 4. How much milk you buy normally? A. 0-2 Ltr B. 2-3 Ltr 5. Which brand of milk do you prefer? A.Sudha B.Raj C.Amul C. 3-4 Ltr D.Paras 6. What is the reason of preferring any brand of milk? A.Quality B.Price C.Convenience D. >=4 Ltr E.Local Product D.Taste E.Brand
  15. 15. 7. In case of some event or festival or weekend which brand of milk is preferred by you. A.Sudha B.Raj C.Amul D.Paras E.Local Product 8. Do you use sudha’s milk product or something else on special occasions. A.Sudha B.Raj C.Amul D.Paras E.Local Product 9. How often do you purchase Sudha product ? A. Dailey B. Monthly C. Weekly D. Occasionally 10. Size of package mostly purchased by you. A. 1lit B. 500 ml C. Less than 500 ml 11. Do you aware of the varieties of Sudha milk ? A.Sudha gold B.Sudha Shakti C.Animals milk D.Sudha healthy 12. How you, comes to know about newly launched product of Sudha by? A. Print B. Electronic C. Hoarding D.Retailer 13. Sudha milk/milk product price is reasonable for you or not? A.Yes B. No 14. Are you satisfied with the quality and services of Sudha Product? A.Yes B. No If no, Why…………………………………………………………………… E.Sudha smart
  16. 16. 15. Would you expect something more from Sudha(in quality, variety and services)? ________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 16. Any suggestion by you for Sudha products. __________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________
  17. 17. QUESTIONNAIRE FOR RETAILERS (For the market survey of SUDHA Dairy Products in GAYA market) 1. How many customer visits on your outlet for Sudha milk in per day A. <=100 B.100 – 200 C.200 – 300 D. 300 – 400 2. Which brand kept by retailer to Sell? A. Sudha B. Local C . Amul 3. How much milk sell by Retailer per day? A. <=100 Ltr B. (100- 200) Ltr E. (400- 500) Ltr F. >=500 Ltr D. Raj F. Paras C. (200- 300) Ltr E.>=400 G. Other D. (300- 400) Ltr 4. In which preference level for selling of Sudha milk brand over other brands by you? A. Popularity B. Profit margin C. Demand 5. According to Retailer which brand milk product, has maximum sales? A. Sudha B. Raj C. Amul D. Paras E. Local 6. Level of consumption of customers during weekends or festive seasons increases or Not. A. Yes B. NO 7. Demand for milk increase is taken care by the organization or not. A. Yes B. NO 8. How retailers feel about level of existing distribution policy of organization? A. Very Good B. Good C. Better D. Bad E. Neither good nor bad
  18. 18. 9. How retailers feel about profit margin being provided by the organization? A. Very Good B. Good C. Better D. Bad E. Neither good nor bad 10. Are you satisfied with the current margins and services of Sudha brand? A. Yes B. No 11. Would you expect something more from Sudha (in quality, variety and services)? _____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ 12. Any suggestion or observation to increase the volume of sale of Sudha brand? ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________
  19. 19.  THANK YOU