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Israel's Startup and VC Ecosystem


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Israel's Startup and VC Ecosystem

  1. 1. Israel’s Startup and VC Ecosystem SOURCE  –  
  2. 2. SOURCE  –  Wikipedia,  Retrieved  12  Feb  2015   About Israel •  470 km long, 135km wide at its widest point •  Population ( at 2014) = $8.3M •  74.9% Jewish, 20.7% Arab, 4.3% Others
  3. 3. About Israel •  Standard of Living: •  1st in the Middle East •  5th in Asia •  13th Highest Life Expectancy in the World •  43rd Largest Economy in the World •  Israel invests 4.7% of its GDP in R&D à Highest in the World •  Highly educated workforce: Israel is ranked 2nd in the world for availability of qualified scientists and engineers •  Mandatory Army for girls (aged 18-20) and boys (aged 18-21).   SOURCE  –  Wikipedia,  Retrieved  12  Feb  2015  
  4. 4. 2nd Best Startup Ecosystem in the world $9.8bRaised by Companies that went Public $15b In Exits through M&As VC Deals closed 688 Israeli Startup Ecosystem in 2014 18Israeli Companies went Public SOURCE  –  Forbes,  Bloomberg  InnovaFon  Index     Raised in VC Funding $3.4b 39Companies raised more than $20M 5thMost Innovative Country
  5. 5. “If  you’re  going  to  the  Middle  East  to  look  for  oil,   you  can  skip  Israel.  If  you’re  looking  for  brains,  look   no  further”   —  WARREN  BUFFETT   SOURCE  –  TwiTer,  OurCrowd  Slideshare  PresentaFon   What Investors Are Saying
  6. 6. SCALE-UP NATION EXIT NATION TO   FROM   Israel’s Ecosystem is Evolving
  7. 7. Fundraising by Israeli High-Tech Startups – 2004 to 2013 SOURCE  –  IVC  Research  Center   “Scale-Up” Nation“Scale-Up” Nation
  8. 8. Fundraising by Israeli High-Tech Startups - 1st Week of Jan 2015 SOURCE  –   “Scale-Up” Nation
  9. 9. # of Exits and Exit Amounts in $B from 2005 to 2014 SOURCE  –  IVC  Research  Center   “Exit” Nation
  10. 10. 3rd Largest source of listings on NASDAQ after North America & China in 2013 SOURCE  –  Financial  Times   “Exit” Nation
  11. 11. All Israeli Technology Exits – 2004 to 2013 SOURCE  –  DeloiTe  Insights   “Exit” Nation
  12. 12. Startup Success Rate SOURCE  –  IVC  Research  Center   Success defined by Investors as a real positive rate of return on investments
  13. 13. •  NDS,  bought  by  Cisco  for  $5B   •  Chroma*s  Networks,  acquired  by  Alcatel  Lucent  for  $4.5B   •  Waze,  acquired  by  Google  for  $1B   •  Mobileye  raised  $890M  at  IPO   •  Trusteer,  acquired  by  IBM  for  $800M   •  Retalix,  acquired  by  NCR  for  $800M   •  Wix,  IPO  on  NASDAQ  and  currently  floaFng  around  $700M   •  Objet,  merged  with  Stratasys  for  $640M   •  MediaMind,  acquired  by  DG  for  $520M   •  Zoran,  acquired  by  CSR  for  $485M   •  XtremIO,  acquired  by  EMC  for  $450M   •  Omrix,  acquired  by  J&J  for  $440M   Most Successful Exits
  14. 14. •  Israeli Hi-Tech Ecosystem & Incubator Network •  High Rate of Commercialization of Research •  HotBed for R&D Innovation •  Proactive University Technology Transfer Offices •  The People •  Compulsory Army for Men & Women à Hands-on Leadership, Managerial and Technical Skills •  “Chutzpah” à Go-getting, Entrepreneurial, Challenge Status Quo •  Flat business structure à Informal but Professional style What Makes Israel “Different”?
  15. 15. Why  Israel?  
  16. 16. Technology Incubators Sector Breakdown of Technology Incubators in Israel in 2013 SOURCE  –  DeloiTe  Insights  
  17. 17. R&D Centres in Israel SOURCE  –  FinPro  Slideshare  PresentaFon  
  18. 18. PixVC’s Portfolio in Israel
  19. 19. Partner • Invest • X-it