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News 20111114 res


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News 20111114 res

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News 20111114 res

  1. 1. News November 10th, 2011 MET: Support scheme for renewable sources increase electricity price by a few euros Electricity price increase following the implementation of support scheme for renewable sources is not "a fantastic amount", is "a few euros," said Mircea Cotoşman on Monday, environmental adviser to the Ministry of Economy and Trade. "The price increase is a few euros, not fantastic sums. Now is the time to pay, after 200 years of pollution without knowing", said Cotoşman in a seminar on renewable energy. Companies that invest in energy production from renewable sources receive state aid as green certificates, granted for produced energy. Thus, an investor makes money from both the sale of energy and the green certificates traded on that market, because electricity suppliers are obliged to buy the annual quota. Supporting renewable energy will increase the final price of energy. According to calculations by the National Authority for Energy Regulation (ANRE), Romanias electricity consumers will pay €10 billion in addition to bills by 2020 to support investment in renewable energies.Eng. Paul Keisch Page 1
  2. 2. News November 10th, 2011 Support scheme through green certificates will be implemented by 2021. The biggest impact will be felt in 2016–2017, when consumers could end up paying for energy up to 30% more. In 2012 the price would rise by 2.5%, according to ANRE. Cotoşman said that Romania had a choice of several support systems and is bound by agreements with the European Union to provide support such investments. "Support Scheme is an obligation to the EU renewable energy targets. We had to choose between several systems to encourage these investments", said the official of the Ministry of Economy. Asked whether the investors in renewable energies are required to reinvest some profit in the local market, the counselor said "not everything can be produced in Romania". However, Cotoşman said representatives of several European countries have not taken seriously when he introduced the budget support scheme for renewable investment. "It is one of the most generous support schemes in Europe, if not the most generous. We believe that the essence of the scheme is good. Anecdotally speaking, all surrounding states, Albania and Serbia, spoke about millions of euro. When I told them that we give €9 billion, we seemed to be uncredited. I do not know if they took me seriously. It would be better for us also to produce equipment for wind, it would be ideal", said Cotoşman. Late last year, in Romania were installed wind electricity production units of 462 MW. Installed capacity of wind energy production could reach 1 GW at the end of this year and could double next year, allowing the supply of electricity to over 7.7 million consumers.Eng. Paul Keisch Page 2