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Good practice nagypáli2

  1. 1. GOOD PRACTICE TEMPLATETitle of the measure/initiative: Innovations Eco-centre of Renewable EnergyName of the organisation: Municipality of NagypáliStatus of the organisation: Municipality of NagypáliAddress: 26 Arany János Street, Nagypáli 8912Contact person: Tibor Köcse (Mayor)Phone: 3692-564-041- Fax: 3692-564040E-mail: nagypali-onkormanyzat@zelkanet.huWeb site : http://www.nagypali.euTopic (multiple answers are possible) x Public Sector  Private Sector  Large Industrial Buildings  Solar Plants  District Heating  Wind  Biomass  Geothermal energy x Energy saving  Energy efficiency  Energy concepts  Other, please specify ___________________________________________Stakeholders (multiple answers are possible) x Citizens  Households x Property owners  Policymakers x Local and regional authorities  Energy service company (ESCO’s)  Architects and engineers  Other, please specify ____________________________________________
  2. 2. BACKGROUNDHungary is currently very low compared to neighboring countries in use of renewable energysources. The improvement of this estate is not only our country’s interest, but also expectationof the EU. In Hungary, the local governments, companies, individuals don’t know about thetechniques, technologies, and the benefits of the renewable energy sources. In order to changethis situation, it is necessary to establish a promotion-centre, which introduces throughAustrian and Hungarian model projects, training courses, and practical advice, how can weachieve results by using certain technologies and describing the project implementationarrangements.OBJECTIVESThe local governments have financial difficulties, they can only reduce their costs by cuttingdown their energy expenses. The inclusion of the renewable energy improves not only thesituation of the local governments, but also the competitiveness of firms, what increase theireffectiveness. The use of renewable energy investments for private individuals, family housesalso contribute to lower energy costs. Realization of the investment is not only theexpenditure side reduced, but also generated additional revenue, since the results of theinvestments will take over the utilities, such as improvements to materialize. The project is areality in the long term access to the region will depend less on fossil fuel imports, whichpromotes the energy aims of the European Union.PROCESSCreating the Innovations Eco-centre of Renewable Energy, 6 enterprise introductions(Austria, Hungary)Best Practise publications, preparation of Guidelines for implementation of the INTERREGIIIA projects implemented in the area of eligibility (biomass, biogas, solar, wind, geothermalenergy, for energy), which include certain projects, as the most important data.Know-how of the Hungarian energy to keep training for professionals, artists from Austria,and show practical applications. Target group: mayors, energy experts, consulting firms.Themes: biomass, biogas, solar energy, wind energy, energy plantation. Syllabus for eachtopic: general knowledge, practical examples, homework evaluation (each participant willdevelop a task to each subject), Total: 15 daysRegional Development Plan for the development and energy-concept: Zalaegerszeg,Szombathely and Sopron hold a conference presenting the project, a survey to substantiate.Conferences, workshops, awareness raising campaigns in the settlement of the beneficiaries,the experts. Drawing competition for students. School lectures on renewable energy, wastemanagement.FINANCIAL RESOURCES AND PARTNERSThe development costs for 173 903 388 Forint, to which the European Union and theRepublic of Hungary with 90% support for the Hungary-Austria INTERREG III AProgramme. If the targets become a reality, the Innovations Eco-centre of Renewable Energygenerated by the delivery of projects within the 5th Year after year produce 4,574 millionforints worth of energy generated by renewable energy, replacing fossil fuel with such adegree, contributing to a cleaner environment and sustainable development.
  3. 3. RESULTSThe project is built as a result of activities carried out during the Renewable Energy SourcesEco-centre in Nagypáli, where six renewable energy companies engaged in providing adviceon areas of expertise. In the eco-centre will not merely advisory activity, but training will alsobe implemented. The project will be held 3 conferences (2 and 1 inter-regional) in the targetgroup members to promote the use of renewable energy sources. The conferences arefollowed by a 15-day training, where visitors can master a deeper knowledge of the biomass,biogas, solar energy, wind energy, for energy issues.LESSONS LEARNED AND REPEATABILTYThe project is carried out during the survey of supply and demand is created the old greenbook of the region and the 5-year development plan includes energy conception, which ifimplemented, tens of thousands of kW power for the region, and ensure conditions for thedevelopment of new jobs and additional income to the regions governments, businesses,residents. A renewable energy-based model project that contains best practice books takeplace during the project, which will be distributed to all regional governments and theinterested companies.PHOTOS: (please include up to 3 photos)