News 20111228 windmills


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News 20111228 windmills

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News 20111228 windmills

  1. 1. News December 28th, 2011 €300 million, Romanian bill paid in 2012 for windmills Next year, a massive increase is expected in electricity production from renewable sources, especially from the wind. But clean energy costs each of us more, because of state support for this sector, which is visible but the current bills. Total green certificates to be issued in 2012 amounts to 5.51 million units, according to estimates of Regulatory Authority (ANRE) published on its website (over 3 times comparing to 2011). In addition to Hidroelectrica production, was taken into account the amount of energy from renewable sources by producers who have already started deliveries (was taken into account the level of November 2011) and estimates for renewable energy producers who will start work next year. In addition, ANRE took into account when estimating the number of certificates for the following year and an increase in final consumption of electricity. Thus, it would grow by 5% compared to 2011, reaching 48.9 TWh. Therefore, ANRE expect a massive increase in energy production from renewable sources by 2012, given that this year, the estimated number of green certificates was established in December 2010, only 1.75 million units. It is true that the mechanism to support renewable electricity production was modified in favor of producers, increasing the number of certificates allocated for each MWh produced. Asked for a long time by producers, the mechanism helps especially owners of wind farms, where wind holds the largest share in "green" energy generation in Romania. They get now 2 green certificates for each MWh produced, compared to only 1 in the past. Green certificates are issued by Transelectrica and distributed to renewable energy producers. They sell them further to the suppliers, who are obliged to buy them proportionally to electricity taken, and their cost is passed by the suppliers on electricity bill to final consumers. Suppliers buy the green certificates in a special market, hosted by OPCOM, with minimum and maximum trading prices that are between €27 and €55. So, at a maximum price of €55 (at practice today) green certificates market this year could reach about €303 million. Green certificates are granted for electricity generated in HPP with an installed capacity up to 10 MW, wind, solar, biomass and biogas. According to earlier ANRE calculations, the total cost of the support scheme for renewable energy amounts to €10 billion by 2020, given the production of green energy targets assumed by Romania to the European Commission. Next year, the impact of green energy bill will be around 2.5%.Eng. Paul Keisch Page 1