News 20111017 growth


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News 20111017 growth

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News 20111017 growth

  1. 1. News October 17th, 2011 Prizewinning Growth: wind turbines made in 9 months 10 times more energy and money than last year. Who are the winners? The amount of energy produced by wind farms in the first nine months of the year was over 10 times higher compared to same period in 2010, in the pockets of the owners of "windmills" entered more than €42 million of green certificates only, which is the instrument through which the Romanian government decided to support renewable energy from any source. Transelectrica Data, the national carrier of electricity, show that in the first nine months wind farms had more than 771,200 green certificates on behalf of a similar amount of electricity produced, a figure that is over ten times higher than the balance of 75,125 certificates the same period last year. The main explanation for this trend is the increase of installed capacity in wind farms that at the end of the first nine months was higher by about 60% of everything that was installed in 2010. The share of wind power has already begun to be felt in the national electricity production, the latest report of the National Authority for Energy Regulation (ANRE) shows that in July 1.2% of all energy produced in Romania came from this type of investment. Light for 500,000 households With this amount of energy could be fed for nine months about 500,000 households with average monthly consumption of 200 kWh. Theoretically, wind farms could provide energy needs of all households in cities between Constanţa and Tulcea within the analyzed period, which are the hottest areas for such investment. Detached leader of money made from wind is CEZ which by the park of 337.5 MW in Fântânele (Dobrogea area) has received in the analyzed period about €25 million of green certificates. Podium is completed by Energias de Portugal, the 90 MW wind farm owners from Peştera (Dobrogea), which in their accounts have come about €5 million, and Italys Enel, which won €4.2 million of green certificates with a park of 34 MW located in Valea Nucarilor of Tulcea.Eng. Paul Keisch Page 1
  2. 2. News October 17th, 2011 What are Green Certificates? Green certificates are the main instrument through which the Romanian government decided to support investments in renewable energy. Who made money of Green? The list of 10 biggest renewable energy producers and money gained of green certificates in the first nine months As an EU member, Romania has assumed under the Accession Treaty a series of targets for the share that will be green energy in electricity consumption at the end of 2020. Because such projects are more expensive compared to conventional energy to achieve targets, Romania had to come up with a plan of support for renewable energy to attract investors. Thus, the mechanism designed by the Romanian state is based on these green certificates. Currently, each green energy producer receives a certificate for each MWh produced. The price of this certificate varies between €27 to €55. Further, the instrument is sold to the electricity suppliers such as E.ON Moldova Supply, for example, who are obliged that energy stack provided to consumers should contain a certain percentage of renewable energy.Eng. Paul Keisch Page 2
  3. 3. News October 17th, 2011 Proof of this is just the number of mandatory quotas of purchased green certificates. But since this is a cost for supply companies, it will be sent in bills paid by households and companies, which will lead to price rises. Beyond the green certificate, companies can go out in the open market to sell the produced energy. Increasingly better But things will change radically during the next period because last week the Government approved an emergency ordinance to amend and supplement the support system for green energy. The ordinance fundamentally changing the current reward system with a single certificate regardless of the technology used. Thus, investors in wind energy will receive 2 green certificates until 2017, and those of solar energy by 6 green certificates. In total, the value of green certificates support scheme in 2020 will be worth over €10 billion, according to ANRE calculations. Although with the application of this ordinance, profile companies promise investment of €5 billion in green energy, the less good will be more expensive bills and possible problems for power system operation, especially because wind turbines. Two things are less good From 2012 energy bills would increase by 2.5%. However, because wind energy is uncontrollable control units are required as the €1 billion hydroelectric Tarniţa - Lăpuşteşti project, and with them and taking measures to stimulate consumption of electricity. In their absence, Transelectrica has recently announced that investors should take into account the risk that their "windmills" parks to be stopped when the safety system requires. Only hydro has decreased Not only wind energy had a good year so far, but all forms of electricity producing from green sources. The photovoltaic energy for instance, increased electricity production in the first nine months of the year compared with the similar period in 2011 was 178 times, the main explanation is that this year some major solar parks have been operational. In fact, many people say that solar energy market will be the new boom after the wind energy, especially given the large number of green certificates to be received. The biomass was a doubling in the analyzed period the amount of produced energy and money collected from investors. The only form of renewable energy which decreased in the first nine months of the year was done in small hydropower plants, one explanation is this years drought. Thus, the energy carried out in such units was 30% lower in the period under review.Eng. Paul Keisch Page 3