Project description fattening cattle


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Invesment in cattle fattening
investment in development to land virgin in ranchland productive

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Project description fattening cattle

  1. 1. Investment Opportunity in ranchland in Paraguay - South America Investment project for converting virgin forest to fattening ranch Extensive system of fattening cattle on pasture implanted The projected cattle establishment comprises a surface area of 9,600 acres., The grass species to implant is the Gatton panic, due to its adaptation to the soil and climate of the region. Taking into account the surface and the forage supply estimated is recommended that the livestock activity is the wintering the business is buying male calves and steers selling for fridges. The age of calves is an average of 7 months with an average weight of 250 kg and the sale of steers at an age of 22-25 months average weight of 460 kg. Fattening cycle is estimated at 18 months, sales starting with at 15 months and ending at 18 months.
  2. 2. LAND CLEARING The clearing authorized by SEAM (Ministry of Environment) and INFONA (Instito National Forest) is the snail type, we will use laminated type land clearing, then dredge technique Aradora and machinery leveling with despalitada to prepare 200 hectares of land to produce hay. Estimated production of hay: 4,000 bales of 400 kg., To be used in times of fodder shortage.
  3. 3. The disassemble was approved by the authorized entity is going to meet environmental standards lar establishing biological corridors forest reserves forest reserves for paleocauses forest strips is left between pastures
  4. 4. The without development land
  5. 5. So begins the development of the land, Roads, corrale, pastures, Australian tank, water reservoirs, location will be the home of adminitracion
  6. 6. Aerea sight looks like this after making the improvements
  7. 7. PASTURE The estimated burden that will withstand the pasture is 300 Kg / Ha. A full charge 4,000 cattle WATER The estimated water consumption of 60 liters. per head. With 4,000 head, the daily water need be 240,000 liters. WELLS ARTESIAN Because the farm is located on the aquifer Yrenda recommended drilling two artesian wells 180- 220 feet deep, more than 200 meters apart to prevent theft of flow between wells. With two wells would have a rate of 27,000 liters. time, enough to cover water demand 4,000 head. GENERATOR SET AND ELECTROPUMPS It will be necessary to have a generator set to provide electrical energy the two electropumps and housing. With two electric pumps are estimated volumetric pumping of 27,000 liters / hour. With 9 pm. cover pumping daily demand of 240,000 liters. WIRED Will be required approximately 135 km. Wiring for the division of the 4,000 hectares of pasture paddocks of 50 ha This amount will vary according to apotreramiento and alleys. STOCKYARDS Each paddock will have a yard for the management of the estate, each corral will have a sprue. CORRALS They built two corrals, one for each module of 2,000 hectares The main module is designated as Central and secondary module as Retiro.
  8. 8. HOUSING For Central is recommended building six semi-detached houses for foreman, female chef, two pawns, tractor driver, charged with maintaining water supply. A house with an office for the manager A home for the owners. A shed for machinery. Retirement two semi-detached houses for the retreat charge and a pawn. It is essential to water harvesting and storage cisterns. BOULDERS AND MACHINERY Pickup truck 4 x 4 for use of the General Manager Cuaciclón 4 x 4 for inspection sprue, reservoirs and pipes. It will be used by the maintenance man water supply. Tractor 4 x 4 of 110 HP, to construction of internal roads (approx. 80 km.) Preparation of 200 hectares of land Bale. Desalijo building material for wiring, corralones and corrals. Implements several indispensable for the tractor perform detailed above. Once we list the plot of bales will require the purchase of implements for producing bales (mower, rake and baler rake) OPERATING COST In the same details the estimated cost once the farm is completely developed and full load (4,000 cattle) For monthly operating costs were prorated veterinary costs and estimated an average fuel consumption. To get to the annual operating cost multiplied 12monthly costs and the Christmas bonus was added. Sale of steers the exporting firm of meat The estimated annual mortality of 3%. A price of 3.05 U.S. $ / kg per hook. (Chilean market price) Weight 460 kg meat Freight: to fridges of Asuncion.
  9. 9. ESTIMATION RESULTS As estimated fattening time is 18 months, it took that period of time and not 12 months to provide an estimate of results. The estimated Operating Income in 18 months, is US $ 585.000. Expected improvement in livestock prices, if you register the expected increase the Operating Income would have a significant improvement. RECOMMENDATION To be more confident in providing calf and get greater utility in the cattle business is recommended as a second step to form a breeding unit. Ing. Agr. Luis Aguilera Specialist rural economy & Agricultural landbanking Adviser and investment manager to farmland twitter @farmlandchacopy +595971346848 San Lorenzo - Paraguay - América del Sur DIRECTIVO GRUPO MERCANTIL PARAGUAYO S.A. Company specializing in direct investment in farmland and asset management. Investment in farmland and operate cattle and crops farms. +595 971 346 848 Santa Fe Nº 1335 - Barrio Miraflores San Lorenzo - Paraguay - América del Sur
  10. 10. Investment Project Agricultural Investment Company Our company is looking for private investors to purchase undeveloped land with potential ranchers in the area more productive of the Paraguayan Chaco The proposal deals with buy property with no or little improvement, to develop, add value and put into production, and then sell them at a higher value. We are interested in properties with low initial valuedue to the lack of improvements but with great potential livestock. It is noteworthy that fields were selected where you have plenty of water for livestock and after a programmed clearing and ecological forests respecting existing law, and the possibility of seeding pastures megatérmicas, to add value to the field and be prepared for the possibility of incorporating the project to fatten calves Objective of society Develop strategic property with basic investments and fundamental, to sell as armed ranches, or put it into production while making the process of selling and investment to add value and help fund the improvements with their own resources. The weakness and insecurity that currently have the financial markets make this proposal attractive to some groups that manage third-party funds. Where to find security and stability in their investment portfolio.