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Property rural for sale


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Farmland for sale in Paraguay - South America

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Property rural for sale

  1. 1. RURAL PROPERTY FOR SALE CHACO - PARAGUAY - SOUTH AMERICA NAMED TENIENTE PICCO DISTRICT MARISCAL ESTIGARRIBIA DEPARTMENT BOQUERON 8.000 Hectareas - 19768acres 18748ft 95 % virgin forest 100% perimeter wiring Small improvements that he may dwell the caregiver - 50 acres was dismounted - he built a small house - has internal road to explore the property completely - have mensuration judiciary approved and registered by judged (this makes for very interesting, titles that are legitimate, georeferenced coordinates are correct in the land registry department is correct) - environmental license has approved by the Secretary of the Environment - has plan land use, to convert 50 hectares of forest to pasture, have permission to extract and market 26 000 palo santo trees per year that can be exported to Uruguay, all approved and resolution by the National Forestry Institute
  3. 3. Distance from Asuncion to Mariscal Estigarribia 525 km of asphalt Distance from property Mcal Estigarribia by dirt road number 106, are 80 km 8.000 HAS
  4. 4. EXPERT REPORT realized by topographer - Dimensions and landmarks study
  5. 5. Map approved by judged
  7. 7. The property is located on the Acuidero Yrenda the most important presence of fresh water for cattle
  8. 8. CONCLUSIÓN The Paraguayan Chaco is a very complex region is divided into ecoregions wet and dry, the Mariscal Estigarribia, Lt. Picco, are places of high meat production per hectare, is recommended throughout the Chaco buy in this area, not palmar sites, floodplains, where meat production per ha is very poor, recommend developing this forest, pasture implementing Gatton panic that performs very well in that area because the soils are rich in phosphorus and nitrogen, and the most important and key to this production below the aquifer Yrenda. Attached investment project developed exclusively for this property. Ing. Agr. Luis Aguilera Specialist rural economy & Agricultural landbanking Adviser and investment manager to farmland twitter @farmlandchacopy +595971346848 San Lorenzo - Paraguay - América del Sur Company specializing in direct investment in farmland and asset management. Investment in farmland and operate cattle and crops farms.