PCI Media Impact Spring 2012 Newsletter


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PCI Media Impact Spring 2012 Newsletter

  1. 1. on air Putting Heart Spring 2012 Into Women’s Issues in ChiapasMove over Clark Kent. There’s a new Superwoman in town.On January 25th, a new 35-episode The television drama was born aftertelenovela, Mucho Corazón (A Lot the successful broadcast of a radioof Heart), to promote gender equality, drama, Corazón de Mujer (Thes u s t a i nable development and Heart of a Woman), last year. Theeducation of girls launched on Canal radio drama, originally created for10, the government-run television Chiapan audiences, has since beenchannel in Chiapas, Mexico. picked up on more than 50 stations in six countries. Similarly, the StateThe story features a young indigenous Government of Chiapas, which co-woman, Maruch, who suffers from produced both dramas with Mediaharassment, corruption, racial and Impact, has signed distributiongender discrimination and a lack agreement to make Mucho Corazónof opportunities because of her available for free rebroadcast insocial class. Determined to see her more than 20 countries, includingfather overcome alcoholism and to the United States and Canada. The story draws heavily from theimprove her own life, Maruch takes experiences and daily lives ofadvantage of government programs To see clips from Mucho Corazón, residents of Chiapas, as shown infor women and empowers others visit our website: this scene about new governmentin her community to start their own www.mediaimpact.org. programs to support farmers.tomato farm. Media Impact Given Four-Star Rating! In January 2012 Media Impact was awarded the highest rating attainable by the esteemed, independent ratings organization, Charity Navigator recommendation for our work and programs at: www.charitynavigator.org.The drama, which centers around a lovestory, was written by two famed Mexicantelenovela writers.
  2. 2. Mexico. This fall, we will expand this work to include up to 15 schools in New Faces, New Places NYC alone. NEW FACES: NEW PLACES: WEST AFRICA Media Impact is entering into a We are excited to welcome We are active in 30 partnership with USAID and the two new people to our team countries! U.S. Forest Service to launch a 2012 is proving to be a year of growth four-year, four-country program to Dr. Will Banham is Media Impact’s for Media Impact. We are currently promote climate change resilience,DR. WILL BANHAM n e w P r o g r a m s D i r e c t o r . Will working in 30 countries to empower sustainable forestry and improved joins Brenda Campos in running local communities to address local livelihoods. As part of this our Programs Department after local issues, including sexual program, the partners will create nearly eight years at the Wildlife and reproductive health, climate a 52-episode radio drama that will Conservation Society’s (WCS) change, biodiversity conservation, Global Conservation Program, empowerment of women and girls Liberia, Guinea, Ivory Coast and during which time he led a capacity and family planning. Sierra Leone. The drama will be building program and developed complemented by local radio call- approaches and partnerships to We are particularly excited about the in talk shows and community action implement innovative and effective following programs: c a mp a ig n s t o p ro m o t e l a s t i n g outreach and education within target changes in knowledge, attitude and audiences in and around WCS NEW YORK CITY behavior. landscapes and seascapes. that the W.K. Kellogg Foundation will support the expansion of our My School – My Community program in the fall. My School - My Community is a classroom-based program that teaches youth to use communications programs, including a serial drama, Marco Rodriguez joined the Media talk show and campaign, to foster “We all win when we protect nature.”MARCO RODRIGUEZ Impact team as Communications dialogue about problems in their Gaguie paraded the banner above Officer. Marco has extensive school. We are currently working with experience in graphic design and six teachers in four NYC classrooms, championship game. video editing, and has supported our work as an intern for the two teachers in St. Lucia and one in GABON In February, Media Impact supported past year. We are thrilled he has the organizing committee of the 2012 joined our team and look forward African Cup of Nations to help shape to sharing his multimedia projects the tournament mascot, Gaguie with you in the coming months. the Gorilla, into an ambassador for conservation. During the two weeks of Africa’s premier soccer tournament, we worked with local partners to produce and distribute My School-My Community Students more than 4,000 promotional t-shirts, produce give-away items that hats and stickers to Gaguie’s fans; underscore the drama’s messages. hosted ten conservation-themed Please join us in welcoming Will and discussions on Mbolo Gabon / Good Marco to our team! For more information about these programs, please visit our website (www.mediaimpact.org). Be sure to check your mailboxes and inboxes for more information about these programs.
  3. 3. Morning Gabon (Gabon’s primetimemorning TV show); and arranged radio stations selected from the original participants will help guide What Does Yourfor Gaguie and his dance troupe to Support Mean? new stations in the creation of radioparade a banner stating “We all win magazine shows and communitywhen we protect nature” around the action campaigns. We are excited about this program design because For youth in Peru, your supportthe tournament. Soon a series of it empowers former participants to means knowing about their sexual“Gaguie’s World” columns will be train their peers. (See page 4 for a and reproductive health andfeatured in both of Gabon’s national participant perspective.) knowing where to access youth-daily newspapers. Even though the friendly health services.tournament is over, Gaguie’s workis not. We look forward to keeping PERU Earlier this year, nearly 400 studentsGaguie and his messages alive with The new My Community – My Water ages 14-18 from six schools incommunity-based activities around Huamanga, Peru were surveyedGabon in the coming months. at training workshops around the about what they learned from the country. This three-year program, UNFPA and Media Impact Impact-produced executed in partnership with USAID, radio drama Cuando el Amor will address issues of water and Agarra (When Love Grabs Hold), sanitation, with a focus on the and the accompanying talk show impact of water issues on women. ZonAdolecentes. The results were The initiative centers around one impressive. centrally-produced soap opera, and Of the students surveyed: will train local coalitions of partners in four regions of Peru to produce - 84.6% said they had heard of talk-shows to give local context the Integrative Sexual Education to the issues. This on-air work is promoted in the drama, asPhase II of the Our Voices project complemented by community action compared to 64% of students in thelaunched with this broadcast in campaigns that encourage listeners baseline.Sucre. to take action. - Nearly 50% of students said they had heard of a regional initiative to create youth-friendly reproductiveBOLIVIA health services, most of whom (92.8%) heard of these servicesThe second phase of the Our Voices through the radio drama.program kicked-off at a training - 87% of students who knew aboutworkshop in February 2012. The youth-friendly health services were able to name a local health center,successful creation and broadcast of Huamanaga Hospital, as a place tothe Dark City radio drama in more access these services, and morethan 40 radio stations around the than half (65.2%) participated incountry. The second phase of the local health fairs.program is geared toward generating Students in Peru (see right) We are very proud of thesecommunity dialogue and action participated in community fairs accomplishments. You should bearound the topics of pluralism and where they learned about sexualdiversity, access to communication too. Stay tuned to hear more about health and took home prizes, like the lives around the world youand civic engagement. 25 mentor this shirt. change with your generous support.In the News…Media Impact has been making headlines this year! Since January, our work and Entertainment-Educationmethodology has been featured in several publications, including the World Bank Blog (http://blogs.worldbank.org/publicsphere/node/5887) and the New York Times “Fixes” blog (http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/01/26/steamy-plots-with-a-social-message/). In March, we were featured as a Solutions Partner for the Newsweek & TheDaily Beast-hosted Women in the World Summit.
  4. 4. Voices from the Field: AddressingDiversity through DialogueSandy Guillet is an Our Voices participant from Cochabamba, Bolivia.Our Voices is a national program to promote plurality and diversity,access to communications and information, and citizen participationfrom around the country hosted Entertainment-Education radio talkshows featuring the program’s radio drama thriller, Dark City. Nowin its second phase, the program is empowering even more stationsto create talk shows for the drama and to participate in a nationalcommunity action campaign to raise awareness about the issues.Sandy’s radio station, Radio CEPJA, introduced innovative Broadcasts in the central market promote audience interaction.program. By partnering with other radio stations, Radio CEPJAengaged school children in classrooms and youth at the city’s central Radio CEPRA -- decided to work together, to unite ourmarket in meaningful discussions about diversity and plurality and efforts, our ideas, our expectations, our hopes with regard to what we could accomplish in the communitySandy was selected from more than 30 applicants as one of six by working together to promote citizen participation,mentors for the new stations participating in the second phase of the the right to access communication and information,program (see page 3). Her goal is to help the new stations develop plurality and diversity.engaging talk shows to discuss the issues presented in the dramaand to help implement a national Our Voices campaign in her region. One project we did together with youth from several classrooms at schools from the southern and northern Our Voices zones of Cochabamba. The small encounter turnedprogram. into a huge forum for debate in which the youth and adolescents shared their stories about plurality and“The community mobilization component of the methodology was diversity, answering the question: “How do we feel invery important for us because we believed that the messages of the relation to others?” They said sometimes we excluderadio drama needed to go beyond the broadcast, that they should people because they are from the right or the left, tallgenerate an effect, a reaction in the listeners. Because of this, three or short, speak an indigenous language or one that isstations including ours -- Radio CEPJA, Radio Kancha Parlaspa and different from our own, or wear black or pink clothes. We had a nice experience because we worked with a group of people that is excluded from conversations about these questions, these issues – plurality and diversity. The youth were able to suppress their feelings from their own negative experiences to look for solutions to their problems. And the radio drama Dark City, which many people listened to, achieved, motivated, incentivized these youth to respond to another’s story by saying, “That also happened to me. If you propose a solutionCorrespondents gathered opinions from listeners to to this problem, I can follow your example, or I chooseincorporate in the broadcasts. another path, but let’s build solutions together.” DOUBLE YOUR GIFT Double the impact of your gift to PCI-Media Impact by participating in your employer’s matching gift program. Thank you for your support!PCI-Media Impact -- 777 United Nations Plaza, 5th Floor, New York, NY, 10017 USA -- 1.212.687.3366 -- www.mediaimpact.org