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PCI Media Impact Health Note

  1. 1. Media For Health:As the world’s population surpasses seven billion, health issues have never beenmore important. Good health is a complex issue. It is dependent on our actions andchoices as well as our external environment and social factors, such as income, accessto health care services and education.PCI-Media Impact uses proven storytellingstrategies to create narratives and characters thataddress a broad range of health-related issues toreach into the hearts and minds of people. Thesestories catalyze individual and community behaviorchange that lead to positive outcomes.Our Media for Health programs promote healthybehaviors and social change and address healthissues relevant to population, including familyplanning and sexual health, teenage pregnancy,public sanitation and hygiene. We target vulnerablegroups in Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America andNorth America.PCI-Media Impact is a leader in Entertainment-Education. For over 25 years, we have empoweredcommunities worldwide to inspire enduring changethrough creative storytelling. Using our uniqueMy Community methodology, we are engagingcoalitions of individuals and organizationsaround the world to use serial dramas, interactivetalk shows and community action campaignsto address pressing global health issues. Ourprograms increase knowledge, change attitudesand facilitate behavior and culture change on thecritical health challenges of our time.Working with partners around the world, we haveproduced over 3,000 episodes of 75 productions.These programs have reached more than onebillion people in over 40 countries. Currently,we work in over 30 countries throughout LatinAmerica, the Caribbean, North America, Africa andAsia.“When I heard it from a doctor, Iwouldn’t really listen, but whenI heard it on the show, I was like,‘Wow, maybe there is somethingto this.’”– listener from Huntsville, AlabamaEntertainment-Education for HealthPromotion and Disease Prevention
  2. 2. Preventing and ManagingDisease in Alabama:Body Love, Staying Well in Camberwell & Promesas y TraicionesMajor health risk factors inthe United States includehypertension, elevatedcholesterol levels, alcoholconsumption, tobacco use, illicitdrug use and obesity. Theserisk factors are linked to serioushealth conditions, such as heartdisease, stroke, and diabetes.Many chronic diseases can beprevented through a healthylifestyle and responsible diseasemanagement can increase thelife expectancy of affectedpersons.Alabama has one of thehighest rates of diabetes inthe U.S. and 70 percent ofits population are consideredobese or overweight. To addressthis growing health problem,PCI-Media impact worked with local and nationalpartners to create three radio serial dramas:BodyLove, Staying Well in Camberwell, andPromesas y Traiciones (Promises and Betrayals).Each drama is geared towards a specificdemographic; Promesas y Traiciones, targeted atHispanic immigrants, won the Multimedia Awardfrom the American Public Health Association.Health issues are woven into the story includinggood nutrition, exercise, diabetes, stress,cardiovascular disease, drug and tobacco use, anddepression. Impact studies showed that frequentlisteners were more likely to discuss diabetes, gethealth screenings, increase their physical activity,and eat healthier.Partners on the projects include Media for Health,the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services,American Diabetes Association, the UAB School ofPublic Health, the Jefferson County Department ofHealth, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.“… I started monitoring myblood sugar. I started makingsure I took my medicine… I didthe whole nine yards… It wasextremely powerful to me…”– BodyLove Call-in Listener, Alabama
  3. 3. Promoting Health in New York:My School – My CommunityMiddle and high school students grapple with avariety of social and environmental issues thatrange from teenage pregnancy, bullying, and druguse to the cleanliness of their schools. In New YorkCity’s public school system, PCI-Media Impact’sMy School-My Community helps students identifyand solve the problems that affect them. Theprogram engages the students in conversationsfrom which they are normally excluded, anempowering approach that positively impactsacademic achievement and later civic involvement.Students become agents of change and plan,design, produce, broadcast and evaluate their owncompelling serial drama, a discussion platform toengage their school community, and a creativecommunity action campaign. Partners include theW.K. Kellogg Foundation and the Urban Assembly.Preventing TeenagePregnancy in California:Yo Soy tu NiñaMore than half of Latina teenagers get pregnantat least once before age 20. In California, Latinasaccount for 73 percent of all teen births which aresignificant contributors to high school drop-outrates among girls. Teenage pregnancy can beprevented by improving family communicationsabout the delicate topics of relationships, sexualhealth, and birth control. Working with partners,PCI-Media Impact developed Yo Soy tu Niña, a36-minute video mini-series that targets Latinofamilies to help parents have honest conversationswith their children about sex. Flor, is a 15-yearold teenage girl in Southern California from atraditional Latino home. When her father, Jesus,finds an inappropriate text on Flor’s phone fromher boyfriend, tensions escalate. Program partnersinclude Novelas Educativas, the National Campaignto Prevent Teen Pregnancy, and National Council ofLa Raza.
  4. 4. Preventing HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean:CallalooCommunities across the Caribbean face multiplechallenges, including the spread of HIV/AIDSwhich is the leading cause of death among 25-44year-olds in the region. Contributing factorsto the epidemic include low HIV testing andtreatment, inconsistent condom usage, poverty,stigmatization, and gender inequalities.PCI-Media Impact’s My Island–My Communityprogram helps improve the health of thesecommunities by promoting safe sex practices,open discussions, HIV testing and treatment, andgender equity. The program uses an integratedapproach that addresses population, healthand environmental issues to deliver sustainableoutcomes for both human and ecosystem health.In the island community of Riverbend, DennisMcLaren struggles as a distracted and philanderingsingle father who runs a nightclub which bringshis children into contact with shady characters.The local and promiscuous police officer, GregorySingh, finds out that he is HIV positive and isterrified to tell his wife.Callaloo airs in 15 island nations and targets 3.8million islanders. In 2012, the 150-episode seriesreceived the Best Monitoring ad EvaluationMethodology Award from the Rainforest Alliance’sEco-Index. Callaloo works with 60 partnersincluding USAID, KfW, Options, The Secretariat ofthe Organization of Eastern Caribbean States, andPopulation Services International.“The very rich oral tradition of storytelling really brought in allthe issues, connected the world to me. I see the world not just asa place I live now; but as my house. And if I can have my houseclean, then I’ll be a better person. I’ll be a happier person. I’ll bemore tolerant.”– Wilfred (Willy) Noel, Broadcaster, Grenada
  5. 5. Sanitation, Hygiene, andWater Resource Management in Peru:My Community – My Water: The Story of Our WaterGlobally, inadequate access to safe water andsanitation kills or sickens thousands of childrenevery day, and leads to poverty and diminishedopportunities. In Peru, a country of 28 million, 24%of households — and as many as 60% in rural areas— do not have access to piped water; in addition,millions do not have access to safe drinking water.PCI-Media Impact is working with partnersUSAID, Kallpa (a local human rights and youthdevelopment NGO), Radio Cultivalu, and Calandria(Social Communication Association) to motivatesocial change to address this problem. MyCommunity-My Water/Sed de Ti Ti (Thirst forYou) consists of a national90-episode radio dramaand regionally-producedradio talk shows to dealwith sanitation, hygieneand water resourcemanagement. The programhelps listeners understandand support water andsanitation activities and shifts social norms aroundwater consumption and hygiene. It also addressesgender equality since women typically shoulderthe burden of ensuring their households havewater.Preventing HIV/AIDS in Jamaica:Blackburns of Royal Palm EstateIn Jamaica, PCI-Media Impact developed aninnovative partnership with Mediamix and wovemessages about HIV/AIDS in ten episodes ofJamaica’s favorite TV show, the serial dramaThe Blackburns of Royal Palm Estate. Story linespromoted consistent safe sex practices, openconversations about sex, HIV testing, and socialsupport. One character, Rochelle, who was rapedby her boss, is depressed because she fears shemay have HIV; but her friend, Michelle, educatesher about the disease and convinces her to gettested.Preventing Teenage Pregnancy in Peru:My Youth – My CommunityTeenage pregnancy is a virtual epidemic in Peru,one in five young women has been pregnant atleast twice before her 20th birthday. Adolescentuse of contraception is below 2.6% and illegalabortions are on the rise. PCI-Media Impact’sMy Youth–My Community program helps reduceteenage pregnancy and promotes reproductivehealth. Two radio serial dramas, When Love GrabsHold and Pages of Love, which aired in Ayachuchoand Ucayali, reached more than 59,000 younglisteners and 450,000 adults. The serial dramasand live talk shows are produced entirely by youngcommunity members who leverage social mediaplatforms such as Facebook. The goal is to buildand empower a community of students, parentsand decision-makers who believe that the youthshould have accessto sexual education,reproductive healthcare and rights.An impact studyfound an increasein knowledgeregarding local resources and sexual andreproductive rights. Partners include UNFPA(United Nations Population Fund), RegionalCouncil of Adolescents and Young People, andRegional Departments for Education and Health.The program was recognized as a UNFPA top fiveglobal practice for Adolescents and Youth andwon “Best Practice” for all of Latin America.
  6. 6. Promoting Women’s Health in Mexico:Mucho Corazon, Corazon de Mujer & Vibra ChiapasThe Mexican state of Chiapas,home to the largest indigenouspopulation, is one of the pooreststates in Mexico and ranks nearthe bottom of numerous humandevelopment indicators. Thepeople of Chiapas, especiallythe women, face severeeconomic and health threats.PCI-Media Impact is workingwith local partners to developEntertainment-Education dramasto address a range of issuesthat affect these communities,including racial and genderdiscrimination and alcoholism.Corazon de Mujer( The Heart of aWoman), a 40-episode radio drama broadcast on51 radio stations in Hispanic countries, promoteswomen’s rights, supports the welfare of families,and helps improve access to health and advocacyservices. Effective community mobilizationactivities included giving 5,000 taxi drivers armsleeves with the drama’s logo to transform theminto advocates for the drama’s messages.The success of the radio drama led to MuchoCorazon ( A Lot of Heart), a 36-episode televisiondrama that promotes gender equality andimproved health, and encourages financial literacyand girls’ education. The drama also deals with thedifficult topics of alcoholism and breast cancer.The 30-minute episodes are broadcast on 23stations throughout Latin America as well as inthe U.S. and Canada. An impact study found that67% of respondents who watched Mucho Corazonreported being concerned about high levels ofalcoholism compared to 50% who didn’t watch it.Partners include the Chiapas State Government ofMexico, World Bank, and Women’s World Banking.In one story-line, Maruch and Candelaria, youngindigenous women from a rural community inChiapas, suffer from harassment, corruption,racial and gender discrimination and a lack ofopportunities due to their social class. Candelaria’smother dies from breast cancer and Maruchhelps her alcoholic father overcome his diseaseas the women in the communities learn to workcollectively to improve their lives.Another initiative, Vibra Chiapas, consists ofradio call-in shows (80), television shows (18),and large-scale events such as concerts (19) tocreate an open platform for participants. Theshows and events are designed by the youngpeople in the community and promote a varietyof issues, such as sexual and reproductive healthand rights, HIV/AIDS, gender equality, tolerance,and diversity. Vibras Chiapas also brings togetherlocal musicians, athletes and artists with thematicexperts to discuss these issues with the audience.During the events, over 2,000 HIV tests wereadministered and over 45,000 condoms weredistributed. Partners include Sistema Chapanecode Radio (governmental radio and televisionagency) and DIF Chiapas (System for FamilyDevelopment).An impact study found that 67%of respondents who watchedMucho Corazon reported beingconcerned about high levels ofalcoholism compared to 50%who didn’t watch it.
  7. 7. Ending Gender-based Violence in Liberia:Mobilize4Africa- LiberiaSexual violence is rampant in Liberia, a situationmade worse by a weak justice system andunwillingness to report the attacks. PCI-MediaImpact has partnered with the THINK home(Touching Humanity In Need of Kindness) toempower survivors of gender-based sexualviolence in Liberia through photography. Rangingfrom ages 13 to 24, half already mothers and mostbelow a fourth grade reading level all of girls atTHINK have been victims of sexual violence. Aftercamera training and storytelling workshops, thegirls each take a series of photos that explain whatthey believe it means to be a woman in Liberia.The presentation of these photos calls attentionto the larger social issue while the process of theproject encourages individual reflection of the girls’individual stories of perseverance and hope.This initiative also uses the healing andtransformative powers of music help galvanizesocial awareness and generate dialogue aboutsexual violence. PCI-Media Impact has partneredwith Takun J, the country’s premier “Hip Co” artist,to produce several anti-rape songs. Takun J drewinspiration from the girls at THINK when writing hishit “Song for Hawa” and the music video stars thegirls themselves, a production idea proposed byTakun J himself.“It is our responsibility to not just learn how to do other things, butalso to share with others... If other girls are going to change andhave different experiences in life, then they will have to learn fromour example.” – THINK Photovoice participant
  8. 8. For more information, contact PCI-Media ImpactAlex Cottin, Director of Partnerships acottin@mediaimpact.org : +1-646-326-8377Family Planning, Health andEnvironment in Ghana:Biribireba– Something isAbout to HappenGhana’s coastal areas are experiencing adverseenvironmental impacts due to overfishing, pollutionand erosion, problems that may get worse as thepopulation in this West African country is expectedto double in the next 20 years.Biribireba is a 52-episode radio soap opera thatreaches up to 2.5 million people in six coastaldistricts of the Western Region of Ghana.Listeners tune in to stories of intrigue, corruption,temptation, and love that simultaneously addresssocial and ecological issues, such as familyplanning and responsible parenting practices. Theprogram also conducts interactive talk shows andcommunity mobilization campaigns to turn up thevolume on the issues addressed in the show andmake it easier for listeners to adopt the behaviorchanges the characters role-model in the drama.The drama promotes Biribireba is part of a largersustainable development program, Hen Mpoano(Our Coast), a five-year program funded by USAIDimplemented in partnership with the CoastalResources Center of the University of Rhode Island,SustainaMetrix, Friends of the Nation Ghana andthe World Fish Center.