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PCI Media Impact Brochure


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PCI Media Impact Brochure

  1. 1. empowers communities worldwide toinspire positive social and environmental changethrough storytelling and creative communications.
  2. 2. From the earliest humanexistence, stories havehelped us to understandour world and shareour experiences. Storiesinspire us, teach us, moveus and in so doing…they change the world.“Once Upon a Time...”
  3. 3. Entertainment-Education is the processof designing and delivering messagesvia television, radio and digitalplatforms that both entertain andeducate. The goal is to increase theaudience’s knowledge about an issue,shift attitudes and change behaviors.
  4. 4. PCI Media Impact is the worldleader in Entertainment-Education andcommunications for social change. Forover 25 years, our unique storytellingstrategies have impacted communitiesworldwide.Through our innovative My Communityapproach, we work with the mostvulnerable and disadvantagedpopulations to create sustainablechange.
  5. 5. Through radio, television, digitaland other media platforms, PCIMedia Impact addresses complexissues related to health, theenvironment and empowering themost vulnerable. With the invaluablesupport of our partners around theworld, we continue to expand ourthematic and geographic focus,reaching more people in innovativeways, one story at a time…5,000episodes100productions1 billionpeople45countries
  6. 6. As the world’s population surpasses seven billion,health issues have never been more important. Inresponse, PCI Media Impact’s programs addressissues relevant to population including familyplanning and sexual health, teenage pregnancy,public sanitation and hygiene, among others.Our program in Peru is emblematic of the healthwork PCI Media Impact undertakes, as populationand environmental pressures threaten health andwell-being. Water is not only in short supply there,but it is also poorly-distributed. PCI Media Impactis working with USAID and regional partnersto broadcast The Story of Our Water, raisingawareness about public sanitation, hygiene andwater resource management, in order to bring safedrinking water to the millions living throughout Peruwithout this basic human necessity.MEDIA FOR HEALTH
  7. 7. MEDIA FOR ENVIRONMENTOur natural world is growing increasingly vulnerable.To help protect our environment, PCI Media Impacthas launched programs to address critical issuessuch as climate change adaptation, tiger, gorillaand chimpanzee conservation, natural resourcemanagement, water sanitation and sustainablelivelihoods.Our radio drama Callaloo airs in 15 countries andreaches over 5.5 million listeners in the Caribbean.The 130-episode, Entertainment-Education dramapromotes a clear vision of what people can do tomitigate the damages of climate change. Supportedby mascots, school visits and musical performances,the drama is resulting in increased protection of theislands’ precious mangroves as well as the promotionof sustainable fishing and farming, garbage disposaland conservation-minded policies.
  8. 8. MEDIA FOR EMPOWERMENTStrengthening the roles of women and youthbrings lasting social change. PCI Media Impactincludes gender equality and youth-relatedstorylines in every drama we produce. Ourprograms help stop violence against women,support family planning, highlight indigenousrights and promote financial literacy, amongmany other issues.In the Mexican state of Chiapas, PCI MediaImpact worked with the local government toproduce a 36-episode telenovela entitled MuchoCorazón, which was broadcast on over 20stations in eight countries. The popular programweaves together themes of women’s rights,indigenous discrimination, and financial literacy.After the program aired, 64 percent of viewersreported that they had learned how to safelystand up for their own rights.
  9. 9. MEDIA FOR YOUR STORYIn today’s world, effective storytelling requires using andunderstanding a range of communications platforms,including radio, video, mobile and online media. PCIMedia Impact’s program success is built on our deeptechnical expertise and broad experience in producingmaterials that are tailored for target audiences andcontextualized within the local culture. Our approach ofworking with local organizations has perfected our skillsas mentors and producers.We offer our production services and strategic supportto organizations that can benefit from our expertise orwant to include Entertainment-Education methodologyin their initiatives. Examples of our services includemedia coverage and event support for United NationsFramework for the Convention of Climate Change,communications training for the United NationsCommission on the Status of Women, filming andproduction of a documentary for Women’s WorldBanking on microfinance, video production for UNDP,IUCN and The Nature Conservancy and an intensivecourse in Entertainment-Education at UCLA’s Art &Global Health Center.
  10. 10. Coalition Building & Formative ResearchWe host in-country workshops with the coalitionpartners. These workshops analyze the formativeresearch, provide training in Entertainment-Education and initiate the process of developing acomprehensive behavior change campaign.PHASE TWOOur “My Community ” ApproachWe identify and recruit a diverse group of coalitionmembers. They are familiar with the culture, languageand needs of targeted communities and driveformative research to understand the local context.PHASE ONETraining & Program Design
  11. 11. We mentor coalition partners. We help them developand produce the scripts and media materials, usingavailable radio, television and digital platforms.Mentoring & ProductionPHASE THREEWe provide both on-site and distance mentoring duringbroadcast and implementation of all components of theprogram. This support typically includes training, designand implementation of interactive radio and TV call-inshows, as well as community action campaigns.Broadcast & Community MobilizationPHASE FOUR
  12. 12. How We Tell Our Stories Radio or TV Call-In ShowsInteractive call-in shows are created so that the audience can engage inreal-time discussions about the issues presented in the drama as well asrelevant local resources and events. The shows use music, competitionsand prize giveaways to energize and inspire the audience.Community Mobilization CampaignsMobilization Campaigns provides an opportunityfor direct community action. Whether it’sthrough a community fair or a school visit, thiscritical phase leverages available resourcesand networks, seeking policy support andengagement of service providers to inspirelasting social change.Serial DramasThe core of each program is theproduction and broadcast of aserial drama which tackles sensitivesubjects in a non-threateningmanner. Using our Entertainment-Education methodology, keymessages are woven into aninformative and engaging story.
  13. 13. The My Community model values monitoring and evaluation,a process we call learning. As communicators, we focus onunderstanding the audience’s needs as it evolves and changesthroughout the program.We measure the success of our programs across three indicators:1. The capacity of our local partners to effectively usecommunications to catalyze change in their community.2. The size of the community that supports this work.3. The positive changes in audience knowledge, attitudesand behaviors around targeted social, health andenvironmental issues.
  14. 14. “In Liberia our parents didnot go to school. Only boyswent to school. Girls weretold to marry boys in orderto be taken care of. I don’twant to be like our parents,I want to learn to becomesomeone in order to changeour future.”Vistor, LiberiaMobilize4Africa Participant
  15. 15. “There are a lot of issues onthe street like homelessness,poverty, gang violence—withMy School-My Community, wediscuss them and figure outhow to make them better inorder to make a change inpeople’s lives.”Habib, NYCMy School-My Community Student
  16. 16. “If you teach a man to fish...”BE A PART OF THE STORYVisit our Website:www.mediaimpact.orgVisit our website, sign up for ournewsletter, like us on Facebook andjoin us on Twitter to get updatesabout all of our programs.Make a DonationYour contributions and our programstogether change the world.VolunteerJoin us to experience the differencewe make first-hand.At the heart of our methodology is capacity building. vvMedia Impact works with partners and empowers localcommunities to become self-sufficient. We provide ourpartners with the knowledge, tools and mentorship todevelop these programs and keep them flourishing afterwe’ve left.
  17. 17. Green Gabon (Gabon)Hen Mpoano/Our Coast (Ghana)Mobilize4Africa (Liberia)Mucho Corazon (Mexico)My Chimpanzee – My Community(Burundi and Rwanda)My Gorilla – My Community(Nigeria and Cameroon)My Island – My Community(Caribbean region)My School – My Community (USA)My Tiger – My Community (Laos)The Story of Our Water (Peru)My Western Chimpanzee – My Community(Sierra Leone and Liberia)My Wildlife-My Community (Tanzania)Not For Sale (Bolivia)STEWARD (Guinea, Ivory Coast, Liberia,Sierra Leone)Strong Voices-Strong Women(Peru, Colombia and Bolivia)Sustainable Fisheries (Belize)Voices in the Mist (Mexico)Young People Telling Stories (Peru)Our Current Programs
  18. 18. “The power of storytelling is exactly this:to bridge the gaps where everything else has crumbled.”PCI Media Impact – Headquarters777 United Nations Plaza – 5th FloorNew York, NY 10017, USAinfo@mediaimpact.orgTel: (212) 687 - 3366www.mediaimpact.orgShare our stories...– Paulo Coelho