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Mangroves Protect All Ah We


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Photo diary of the St Vincent community working together to protect the mangrove ecosystems that protect them as part of My Island-My Community -

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  • HI this is great - my only question is - how much mangrove is in St Vincent - it seems it is a very, very small amount - and that perhaps it would be good to expand this to include beaches, beach vegetation, and other coastal habitat - Ashton Lagoon in Union is the largest Mangrove system and the decision makers for southern Grenadines need to see this!
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Mangroves Protect All Ah We

  2. 2. Meet “Cuckoo”! He lives in the mangroves of St Vincent and the Grenadines
  3. 3. Cuckoo has been busy travelling all over St Vincent teaching kids about the importance of his mangrove home
  4. 4. The kids have been going crazy for Cuckoo!
  5. 5. “Mangroves stop tidal waves [by] reducing their strength… The mascot was fun!” Male student.
  6. 6. “I learnt that mangrove trees help protect the sea coast when tides are rising or when hurricanes are going to come. I also learnt that it’s a nursery for animals and fishes.”
  7. 7. “This is timely and very much needed to help students to appreciate and protect the environment.” School Principal.
  8. 8. Cuckoo also got out into the community
  9. 9. …to support a highly-energized street theater performance about a women desperately trying to save the Bright beach mangroves…
  10. 10. The fun didn’t stop there…
  11. 11. More than 70 secondary students joined together in cleaning-up mangroves at Canash/Blue Lagoon and Brighton beaches
  12. 12. Collecting more than 30 bags of trash…
  13. 13. Including cans, diapers, glass and PET bottles, snack packages and plastic bags
  14. 14. The clean up created a new set of environmental champions
  15. 15. Ready to take action to rehabilitate and protect their environment
  16. 16. with the generous funding support of This campaign is part of My Island My Community implemented by
  17. 17. The Campaign Activities were coordinated by: National Parks, Rivers and Beaches Authority with the support of: the Government of SVG’s Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Transformation, Industry, Forestry and Fisheries Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment [Environmental Management Department] The SVG National Trust Caribbean Youth Environment Network AVESCO Calliaqua Fisher Folk Co-operative Society Dive Shop Operators SVGHTA As well as a cadre of local volunteers all dedicated to the conservation and protection of St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ biodiversity.