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  • Story 2 main outcomes Parasocial interaction
  • Saw the power of media and codified the methodology Connect to the audience in 2 levels: 1) Rational, 2) Emotional and 3) Instinct - so each episode needs to touch upon the 3 levels, and focus the educational piece during the EMOTIONAL scenes.
  • Pci media impact E-E Presentation

    1. 1. Tell a Story,Change the World mediaimpact.org twitter.com/mediaimpact ssouthey@mediaimpact.org
    2. 2. “Stories matter. Many storiesmatter. Stories have been usedto dispossess and to malign. Butstories can also be used toempower, and to humanize.” Chimamanda Adichie, Nigeria
    3. 3. We empower communities worldwide to inspire positive social and environmental change through storytelling and creative communications.What We Do
    4. 4. Entertainment (70%) attracts and holds the audience’s attention by engaging their emotions. Education (30%) improves the knowledge and skills of the audience to make informed decisions and change their behavior.Entertainment-Education
    5. 5. It all started with a LOVE story Simplemente Maria, Peru, 1969
    6. 6. Miguel Sabido The “father” of E-E
    7. 7. Albert Bandura Social Learning & Cognitive TheoryMedia Characters as role models
    8. 8. Diffusion Theory / Everett Rogers 100 90 80 Laggards 70% Adoption of Innovationn 60 50 The Early Majority 40 The Late Majority 30 Early Adopters 20 Innovators 10 0 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 Time (years)
    9. 9. Currently in 32 Countr Over 27 years: 100 serial dramas in over 45 countries, reaching over 1 Billion people. mediaimpact.orgWhere We Work twitter.com/mediaimpact person@mediaimpact.org
    10. 10. Media for Health
    11. 11. Media for Environment
    12. 12. Media for Empowerment
    13. 13. My Community
    14. 14. Capacity Building ability of local organizations to motivate long-term social change in Guatemala. The Intruder ultimatelyAs part of the program El Intruso (The Intruder), reached the lives ofin partnership with Asociación Comunicares,PCI-Media Impact hosted volunteer activitiesand workshops, to provide training on sexual andreproductive 35 issues 0 3 youth million young people What does success look like?
    15. 15. Community Building coalitions and constituencies to support priority community issues.What does success look like?
    16. 16. Change Increase knowledge and change attitudes and behaviors of key target audiences. For example, in certain villages in India, after exposure to the soap opera, Taru, and the sale of birth condom sales increased control pills increasedWhat does success look like?
    17. 17. Some Current Productions
    18. 18.  Corazon de Mujer: 45 radio episodes in 3 languages on 60 stations in 7 countries. Corazon de Mujer: Radio magazine shows. Mucho Corazon: 36 TV episodes on 22 stations in 6 countries. Mucho Corazon: TV magazine shows. Mucho Corazon: The Movie. Releasing in March. Vibra Radio: 80 1-hour radio magazines for youth. Vibra TV: 20 1-hour TV magazines for youth. Community Mobilization Activities Chiapas, Mexico
    19. 19. Strong Women, Strong VoicesAvon Foundation: Global Awardfor Excellence in CommunicationsThree programs- Bolivia, Peru &ColombiaAddresses violence againstwomen, promotes access to services
    20. 20. Callaloo Currently broadcast in 15Caribbean countries 60 partners130 episodesHIV/AIDS, BiodiversityConservation & Climate Change
    21. 21. Cameroon & Nigeria Cross River Gorillas WCS, USFWS, CR StateBroadcasting 26 episode radio drama/Pidgin “Linda’s Joint” airs in June 2013 Call-in shows in Nigeria/Cameroon Campaign activities in June 2013
    22. 22. Gabon Gaguie the Gorilla TV Drama: My Green Gabon WCS, USFWS, Parks-Gabon
    23. 23. Rwanda & Burundi Chimpanzees WCS, USFWS, Rwanda Dev Board Nyungwe National Park 26 episode radio drama Airs in June 2013 Campaign activities in June 2013
    24. 24. Liberia, Sierra Leone,Guinea and IvoryCoast STEWARD Program Western Lowland Chimpanzees USFS, USAID, Care, FFI, ThomasReuters, Auder 52 episode radio drama in 5languages Call-in shows & campaignactivities under design
    25. 25. Liberia “Eat Some – Keep Some” Flora and Fauna International 4 Episode mini-drama Forest management, REDD andconservation
    26. 26. Ghana Sustainable Fisheries 52 episodes/Fante language USAID, CRC/Maine Audience: 2.5-4 million Shama, Good News & AnkobraFM – broadcast & call-in Impact date coming in May
    27. 27. Recent Awards Avon Foundation for Women: Global Award for Excellence in Communication Award. United Nations: First place in Latin America and Top Five Global Practices, UNFPA Award for Best Practices in Adolescence and Youth Health. First Prize: Public Health Association for Promesas y Traiciones. Award for the Multimedia category of the Public Health Education and Health Promotion. Best Monitoring and Evaluation Methodology, Rainforest Alliance’s Eco-Index, for Callaloo.
    28. 28. Thanks! mediaimpact.org twitter.com/mediaimpact ssouthey@mediaimpact.org