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Fall 2013

“ As a musician, I

have to use my
voice to carry my
message. And as a
man, I have to stand
up for the women
Water Management in Peru
Our board chair, Fred
Cohen, shares his
experience visiting our
team in Lima, Peru...
I returned ...
Reflections from Chiapas
Vanessa Crowley, one
of our EntertainmentEducation fellows, reflects
on her time in Chiapas,
More news from our community...
My School - My Community

We’re Hiring!

We have officially launched the fourth
year of ou...
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Fall Newsletter


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Published in: Education
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Fall Newsletter

  1. 1. Fall 2013 “ As a musician, I have to use my voice to carry my message. And as a man, I have to stand up for the women and the children. Rape needs to end so our country can move forward.r” - Takun J, Anti-Rape Ambassador Music for Change in Liberia In Liberia, a country that has already suffered two of the bloodiest civil wars during the past twenty years, a silent war wages on today against adolescent girls and women. Reports estimate that 70 percent to 92 percent of Liberian women have experienced some form of sexual violence. Through music, we aim to give Liberian women a voice to break the silence and question social attitudes that allow attacks to continue After fleeing the civil war, “Hip-Co” star Takun J, decided to come back to his home country and has dedicated his life to writing songs that will shape the political and social rebirth of this previously war-torn nation. In that spirit, we have been working For more on this project please visit our website: closely with Takun J to produce songs that bring anti-rape messages to Liberians. His songs and performances emphasize the need for punishment of rapists, better enforcement of anti-rape laws and for young men to stand up against violence. In countries shattered by war, the power of music to foster a national identity has been proven throughout history. Takun J’s popularity provides an opportunity to capture the attentions and emotions of listeners in a unique and powerful way. His socially relevant lyrics are reaching the youth, particularly young men, within the traditionally misogynistic, hiphop culture, encouraging them to keep women and girls safe. This program uses the power of music as both a therapeutic tool and motivator for social change. Using collaborative initiatives, we engage Liberian audiences in critical conversations about gender equality in order to shift the social norms that allow violence against women and girls to continue. Earlier this year we produced and released our first music video, featuring Takun J “Song for Hawa” tells the story of one young mother and survivor of sexual violence was able to persevere. As a result of this partnership, Takun J was recently named Anti-Rape Ambassador by Liberia’s Ministry of Gender and Development. Since then, we’ve joined forces with UNICEF to bring Takun J, and his powerful message of anti-violence, all across the country. While continuing to produce new songs and music videos, Takun J will give performances as well as host community forums to talk about these issues with even the most geographically displaced communities in Liberia.
  2. 2. Water Management in Peru Our board chair, Fred Cohen, shares his experience visiting our team in Lima, Peru... I returned to Peru earlier this past summer for the first time since 1972. While many visitors make quick visits to see Lima and Cusco, and do the mandatory trek to Machu Pichu, I had an additional mission: I wanted to meet the actors and actresses, and see the production of PCI Media Impact’s radio novella, Sed De Ti (The Thirst of You), largely funded by USAID. So after a late Saturday night flight into Lima, early the next morning Javier Ampuero, PCI Media Impact’s Regional Director for Latin America, met me at our hotel to take me to an episode recording at a local Lima studio. Actually it was a replacement studio, because our usual production venue had to be scrapped at the last minute due to a lack of electricity. Ever resourceful on a Sunday morning, our production team quickly located a vacant recording studio on the other side of town. Sed De Ti is an exciting radio novella which not only captivates and holds the listener’s attention, as any good entertainment series should- but most significantly it deals with important issues facing large populations in Peru: water and sanitation resource management, hygiene, gender roles in water and sanitation issues and environmental and climate challenges. In Peru, a country of 28 million, it is estimated that between 24 to 60 percent of rural households do not have access to piped water. In addition, millions more do not have access to safe drinking water. These are huge challenges - but through Sed De Ti’s creative writing, acting, and excellent production values, our series certainly delivers. The early feedback from our audiences and local partners in the target areas of Peru (Lima Norte, Piura, Cusco, and Iquitos) is extremely positive. We are indeed making an impact. Over the past thirty years, I have developed and worked with radio and television production teams around the world. But never have I seen more committed, enthusiastic, and professional individuals than our team creating Sed De Ti. Their dedication was memorable. Their impact hopefully lasting. After the taping, several of the musicians even serenaded us with a medley of their original Peruvian songs. Our team in Peru certainly captured my heart. I was “thirsty” for more - as are our audiences in Peru! “...I have developed and worked with radio & television production teams around the world. But never have I seen more committed, enthusiastic, & professional individuals than our team creating Sed De Ti. ” - Fred Cohen, Board Chair New Program Launching in Mozambique We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with UNICEF Mozambique to create a radio drama addressing child and maternal health issues as a part of UNICEF’s Facts for Life Communication Initiative. The program was developed as a key behavior change communication strategy that provides vital health messages and information for caregivers and community stakeholders to protect the lives of children. This initial pilot program will involve writing 40 episodes and producing 20 episodes of a drama in partnership with CMFD, a communication for development Production Company.
  3. 3. Reflections from Chiapas Vanessa Crowley, one of our EntertainmentEducation fellows, reflects on her time in Chiapas, Mexico supporting our radio & television dramas... Interested in learning more about our EntertainmentEducation fellowship program? Check out our website for more information.. I am a few months away from receiving my masters in Human Rights from the University of Sussex in England. Before learning of this opportunity with PCI Media Impact, I, like most grad students in my class, had only a vague idea of what I wanted to write my thesis on. All I knew was that I wanted to work with marginalized populations somewhere in the world. After a bit of investigating, I came across the opportunity to be a PCI Media Impact fellow. The timing was perfect and I let it take me way off my radar, to a beautiful place- Chiapas, Mexico. And I am so happy that it did. PCI Media Impact asked me to produce a qualitative impact evaluation on their communication programs Mucho Corazon, a telenovela, and Corazon de Mujer, a radionovela. Through relatable stories and plot lines, the programs were designed to raise awareness of: women’s rights, health & gender equality, sending kids to schoolespecially girls, financial education and other themes. The goal was to reflect the reality of how these issues affect the indigenous peoples here in Chiapas and promote alternative attitudes and services available to confront them. The evaluation is hoped to enrich previous evaluations in gauging the effect these programs have had on the personal experiences of those involved in the process as well as viewers’ perspectives. For my first time conducting independent research, I cannot imagine how difficult the process would have been without the trusting support of PCI Media Impact and their partners here on the ground. I am amazed by the helpful attitudes of everyone that was involved in the project and their demonstrated devotion is a testament to the claims of many that this experience has had a surprising and lasting effect on them. To get an idea of how the programs influenced the audience I spent eight days living with a family of indigenous viewers/listeners, in a village called Zinacantan. I will never forget this beautiful and humbling experience and the color it has brought to my life. I also conducted five focus groups using participatory methods. I enjoyed my time here so much that I have decided to stay and look for work! I feel inspired and I thank PCI Media Impact for opening my eyes to a new reality. I would also like to recognize Debora Iturbe, the Executive Director of Sistema Chiapaneco at the time of broadast, for her untiring kindness, support and orientation during this process and to the Vazquez Hernandez family for hosting me.
  4. 4. More news from our community... My School - My Community We’re Hiring! We have officially launched the fourth year of our My School – My Community program in three New York City schools. We have spent the summer updating the curriculum to seamlessly align with Common Core State Standards, firmly cementing the program as a model for both effective social change and also the development of vital skills for college, careers and citizenship. This year, we have entered a more formalized partnership with Patalogos, a leading education consultancy group that has supported the program since its creation. With our combined expertise, we are thrilled to empower our students with the 21st century skills they need to succeed. We have a number of exciting job openings all around the world. For a complete list, please check out our website, under “career opportunities”. The Power of Radio SIMA 2014 PCI Media Impact is once again a proud partner of the Social Impact Media Awards. For more information and to submit an entry for their 2nd annual international documentary film and video completion, please check out our website. My Gorilla – My Community We are thrilled to report that Linda’s Joint, our radio drama addressing the conservation of the critically endangered Cross River gorilla in Nigeria and Cameroon, received a new grant from USFWS to ensure the continuation of our work and the development of a second season! We are currently working on the evaluation plan and design of a baseline survey, and will be meeting with in-country partners to design the next season of the drama. We anticipate developing low-cost campaign activities, and are exploring several funding opportunities for expanded campaign elements. PCI Media Impact presented our work using radio to end to violence against women at the 2013 Open Square Summit in Washington D.C. in early October. Hosted by our friends at Futures Without Violence, this day-long conference centered around the question “how can communications strategies and new technologies create the lasting change needed to bring an end to gender-based violence?” While many speakers presented on high-tech initiatives, our Executive Director Sean Southey spoke to the power of radio and how it’s simplicity has the power to touch the hearts and minds of billions, regardless of access or education level. The event was streamed live and cohosted by Senator Kristen Gillibrand and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi. Learn more, donate or get involved visit our website Like us on Follow us on Twitter @PCIMediaImpact For more information contact Director of Partnerships, Alex Cottin at PCI-Media Impact 777 United Nations Plaza, 5th Floor, New York, NY, 10017 USA T +1.212.687.3366