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Make a Wave - Branding Intro webinar - PatchworkPresent


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Our guest Olivia Knight, CEO of Patchwork Present on our latest Make a Wave Webinar went over all the crucial stuff that sums up your brand identity - your beliefs, your purpose, your product and what makes you different.
She encouraged the participants to "Not think too hard and stay succinct, really, really succinct.... and "Just be true, simple and human".
Here's the exercise she encouraged the Make a Wave fellows to go through, answering
WHY, WHO, then HOW and WHAT, about their business.

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Make a Wave - Branding Intro webinar - PatchworkPresent

  1. 1. Why  ?     Who  ?     How  ?     What  ?    
  2. 2. WHY?  
  3. 3. WHAT?  
  4. 4. HOW?  
  5. 5. WHO?  
  6. 6. Sum  up  your  business…   •  In  a  sentence     •  As  an  X  meets  Y   •  To  your  Nan   •  On  your  t-­‐shirt   •  As  a  tweet  
  7. 7. Patchwork  Present  brand  idenBty  summary     (then  answer  these  quesBons  for  your  own  business!)   How  do  you  sum  up  the  product  or  service?   CollecBve,  creaBve,  giving.   Why  would  people  use  it?   To  fund  one  thing  they  want.   Who  is  it  for?   People  with  more  imaginaBon  than  money   How  does  it  work?   Like  a  patchwork  -­‐  piece  by  piece   Sum  up  your  purpose?  What  are  you  for  or  what  are  you  against?     Want  not  Waste.   How  would  you  describe  what  you  do  to  your  Nan?   A  whip  round.   How  would  you  describe  it  using  'X  meets  Y'  li@  pitch  speak?   JustGiving  meets  Pinterest.    
  8. 8. This  is  all  the  crucial  stuff  that  sums  up  your   brand  idenBty  -­‐  your  beliefs,  your  purpose,  your   product  and  what  makes  you  different.     Don't  think  too  hard  and  don't  craT  it.     Just  be  true,  simple  and  human  
  9. 9.