Mobile Money Technology and Product Evolution


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Mobile Money Technology and Product Evolution

  1. 1. Mobile Money-Technology and Product Evolution
  2. 2. Mobile Money Technology Leadership Mobile Assets Innovation Framework Universal Payments Universal Access  New use cases quickly and  Master Transaction Account/ Consistent Experience efficiently Paypal model Mastered Security  Packaging  Link/transact to bank accounts,  Branding cards, payment networks Embedded in web and other applications  Processing Rules  Create multiple options for payment arbitrage Great User experience  Collaboration with external systems  Bridge Payment ecosystems and prepaid mobile account option Mass Market Drive volume/ Create Largest Offerings profitability Network Effect Like us on 2
  3. 3. Broad range of capabilities and directions eCommerce Check and Cash P2P Retail Payments mCommerce Replacement Domestic Money  Top up mobile  Bill Payment  Wireless Transfer and TV payments at P2P on social  Get Paid for SME retail (SME)  Mobile Tickets networks  transport & Taxi  Payment cards Card to Card entertainment  Subscription and  Virtual Cards Cash to Cash  Web checkout store collections with Pins at POS via mobile International  Home Delivery  mPOS (phone Remittance  Text to buy only) Obopay’s broad range of mobile payment services capabilities are positioned to address demand in any geography, market and customer segment 3
  4. 4. Product EvolutionClassic P2P Initial Obopay Advanced Obopay Mobile Payment Solutions Today Obopay Obopay Obopay User User User Prepaid Card Indirect Direct Wireless Internet Prepaid Payment Payment Banks Banks Carriers Internet Card Networks Processors Merchant ATM Business Government ATM Merchant Obopay Non- Obopay Non- Obopay User Obopay User Obopay User User User Follow us on 4
  5. 5. Differentiated, highly flexible platform USSD Casual P2PLoad, link or transact Commerce Transact or unload Bank Bank Cash Acct Card Obopay Retail (POS E/M Obopay Cash Acct Card and mPOS) Commerce Topup, Bill Pay Mobile Check Obopay has built a unique, hard to replicate platform and mobile technology to service payment transactions across use cases, markets and geographies Read our
  6. 6. Mobile and Branch Agents• Enables designated agents to enroll, perform KYC and register customers• Agents use modules for management of customer accounts, cash in & cash out transactions• Flexible commission, remuneration and settlement structures• Multiple –channel access including web, mobile web and WAP Updated Mobile wallet SVA Balance …. Join us on
  7. 7. Agent Framework for Extending ReachSupport for Multiple Distribution Networks MNO Regional Distributor MNO Stores Liquidity Management Features Registration Know Your Customer Cash – In Cash-Out Viral Cash-Out ATM Card Distribution Merchant Sign Up Liquidity Management Like us on
  8. 8. Sales Manager for Physical Cash Management Follow us on
  9. 9. Single Infrastructure –Multiple Countries External Operating MNO Internet Financial companies Systems Centralized Hosting site(DC) Secured Tunnel MSC over internet Firewalls Network BTS Node HLR Secured Tunnel over internet Country 1 Sub Secured Tunnel Network over internet – Node Secondary IP Card External Networks & MSC Systems Management Secured Tunnel system + over internet Switch BTS HLR Centralized Hosting site(DR) Secured Tunnel Country 2 over internet-Sub Secondary IP Secured Tunnel MSC Network over internet – Node Secondary IP Firewalls BTS HLR Country 3Sub
  10. 10. Concept : International Transaction Hub ATM CASH OUT Join us on
  11. 11. Thank You!/Obopay 11