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CCXG Oct 2019 Article 6 Inside/Outside of NDC Scope - Sonam Tashi


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CCXG Oct 2019 Article 6 Inside/Outside of NDC Scope - Sonam Tashi

Published in: Environment
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CCXG Oct 2019 Article 6 Inside/Outside of NDC Scope - Sonam Tashi

  1. 1. Article 6 Inside/Outside of NDC Scope Sonam Tashi Policy and Planning Division Ministry of Economic Affairs
  2. 2. Considerations • Where we are? • Where do we want to go? • How do we get there?
  3. 3. NDCs Are required to: • Represent a progression from previous • Represent the highest possible ambition (and, whenever required, be adjusted for that purpose) • Include economy-wide emissions reduction targets (for developed countries)
  4. 4. NDCs • Move over time towards economy-wide emissions reduction or limitation targets (developing countries) • Be communicated every five years • Be informed by the outcomes of the global stocktake
  5. 5. NDCs • Be accounted for in order to promote environmental • Integrity, transparency; and • Ensure accuracy, completeness, comparability and • Consistency, and avoid double counting.
  6. 6. Diversity - content, scope, form, coverage • Mitigation • Adaptation • Financial support • Technology transfer • Capacity building • Transparency • Different metrics • Economy wide or specific sectors • Conditional and unconditional
  7. 7. Outside NDCs • Raising ambition • Moving towards economy wide targets • Constant change- COP 25 transportation ministers • Wide range of developed and developing country capacities to implement • Accurate, precise guidelines may impede universal participation in the Agreement- ITMOs and article 6,accounting, EI • Continuous improvement in methodologies and processes, technology
  8. 8. Outside NDCs • Flexibility mechanisms- not limited to LDCs • “If circumstances allow” • Dynamic Contribution Cycle- indicative NDC • Action by sub-national and non-state actors • Closing emissions gap 2030- adopting known and cost effective technologies • Capacity to implement- experiential learning
  9. 9. Accounting • Transfer from outside the scope of an NDC does not pose double counting issues as mitigation outcome should only be counted in the NDC of the acquiring country if transferred outside national boundaries • Becomes double counting if host party in next round of NDCs includes the sector. • Corresponding adjustments applied • Attracting private sector investment- certainty of NDC
  10. 10. Terminology • Inside • Outside • Beyond
  11. 11. Thank you